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Church History in Greene County

The Restoration Movement in Illinois: Greene County
Text from Nathaniel S. Haynes, History of the Disciples in Illinois 1819-1914, pages 210 - 211.
This online edition 1997, James L. McMillan.

Present membership, 75; Bible-school enrollment, 60.

Organized 1832, by Barton W. Stone, present membership, 90; value of property, including parsonage, $4,500; Bible-school enrollment, 70.
The church grew for several years, coming to number 120 members. Then it waned through deaths and removals. In 1841 a second start was made with twenty-eight members. Its life has moved like the tides. All of the early pioneer preachers of that section served here more or less. Col. E. D. Baker became a Christian here. Many fine people have had their homes in this church.

Present membership, 100 (conservative).

Organized 1890, by H. G. Van Dervoort; present membership, 138; value of property, $7,400; Bible-school began 1890; present enrollment, 100. Among the charter members there were Mrs. R. A. Young, Samuel and Sarah Long, Mrs. M. E. Briggs and Mrs. Wm. Heaton. The house was built in 1894.

Union (Greenfield).
Organized 1854, by John S. Sweeney; present membership, 40; value of property, $1,500, no Bible-school.
This is in the northeast part of the county. Among the charter members there were E. T. Venderveer, John Barnett, Benjamin Scott, Sr. and Jr., and Edward Prather and wife. J. S. Sweeney held a series of meetings here in 1857, adding one hundred. In 1868, Min. E. P. Bellche debated John Hughes, Universalist, in this chapel. Leroy Pippin is the correspondent.

White Hall.
Organized 1883, by W. S. Jermane and J. J. W. Miller; present membership, 230; value of property, $6,500; Bible school began 1884; present enrollment, 170. There were twenty-two charter members. A small chapel was bought of the Free Methodists and used till 1903, when the present brick edifice was finished. The present elders are Francis Fowler, W. H. Teter and G. J. Harris.