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Historical Tid-Bits Newspaper Gleanings

"An Account of the Jails and Poor Houses" - by. D. L. Dix
Greene County Jail at Carrollton, is built of stone, contains the prison and dwelling of the Keeper, and is very badly planned for all uses as a prison. It has three stories and a basement; the latter being always very damp. In the rear of this is a division where the visitor is shown three dark, damp, dreary cells, so very unfit for use that the "Keeper" prefers the risk of confining his prisoners in the upper and less secure room, to killing them by slow degrees through confinement in the dungeons. Through the wall of the main building opposite these are four apertures five inches by fifteen. the area is about three feet wide. The dungeons are four feet by nine, and six and a half feet high; they are whitewashed, and are now covered with a plank flooring elevated nine inches, "to keep off the wet ground." The upper prison or debtor's room, is guarded by bands of iron crossing the plank which lines the room; staples in the floor for connecting chains for such prisoners as require this additional constraint. Prison not cleanly kept - prisoners supplied with food in sufficient quantities. Heard while at Carrollton of two painful cases of insanity in private families; both are dangerous and one is hoicidal. A communication from Mr. Carson affords the following facts in relation to the poor. "The county commissioners have purchased a farm six miles west of Carrollton, containing one hundred acres for the accommodation of the poor and afflicted. The average cost for board, clothing and medical care of the poor per annum is nine hundred forty-five dollars fifty cents - cost for care and attention to one idiot in the poor house, is paid seventy-two dollars a year, and this is included in the above. In July last, the numbr of poor at the poor's farm was nine; the number averages from that to fifteen"
[Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections - Sangamo Journal - Illinois State Journal - 22 April 1847 - Transcribed by KP]

Calendar of Illinois History
October 7, 1832 - Emigrants from Addison and Chittenden Counties, Vermont, passed thru Springfield, Illinois, on their way to Greene County, Illinois. There were fifty in the company.
[Free Trader-Journal., October 06, 1917, Page Four - Transcribed by KP]

Texas Cattle
Bowan, Brown & Keach have now in their pastures in the Illinois bottom, in Greene County, 1,100 head of Texas Cattle, which cost them about $2.25 per 100 lbs gross weight.
[Chicago Tribune., November 06, 1871, Page 4 - Transcribed by KP]

White Girl Kidnapped by Cheyenne Indians
Mr. Achner (Indian Trader - who reported to an Agent of the U. S. Express Company at Jefferson City)
excerpt from article -- Mr. Achner reports that he saw a white girl, about nine years of age, in the camp of the Cheyennes. She was dressed as an Indian. She represented to him that her parents from Greene County, Illinois, and that she was stolen from them by the Indians when the train of emigrants was crossing the plains - but that she did not know whether her parents were living or dead. Mr. Achner was unable to rescue here by force, or to purchase her, her captor being absent on a hunt, but he was quite confident of being able to do so on his next expedition among the Indians.
[The Ottawa free trader., January 23, 1858 - Transcribed by KP]

Greene County Fair
The Greeen County Fair will be held at Carrollton on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th of October. Fifteen Hundred dollars will be paid out in premiums. A citizen's purse of one hundred dollars has been put up for speed in the ring. Competition open to all.
[Chicago Daily Tribune., September 21, 1863 - Transcribed by KP]