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Feb. 2018 Updates

Christy Smith Biography

Coronor Report - Darr, George William

Jan. 2018 Updates

4 Generations of Darr Obituaries
George Whitley, George William, Wesley Claudious & Ralph Herman Darr

Certified Pioneers

Dec 2017 Updates

Hodge - Ranson - Marriage Announcement

Sept 2017 Updates

Two Men Killed by the Cars

June 2017 Updates

Deaths - 1916-1950

Deaths - Pre-1916

Early Birth Records

May 23, 2017

"An Account of the Jails and Poor Houses"

May 18, 2017

Historical Tidbits

Convicted Illinois Murderer Re-Arrested

Gen. Jacob Fry

War News - Oldest Enlisted Private

Sick List News

April 2017

Celebrate 50 Yrs of Marriage - Preston

Obituary - Preston, Rachel E.

Obituary - Preston, Walter E.

January 2017

Obituaries for the following:
Ralph Foiles, Anna Altheda Foiles, Raymond L. Foiles, George Albert Foiles, Phoebe Blair, Jesse Urlas Lee, Sarah McClusky, Brigadier General William Passmore Carlin, Robert Wood, Winchester Lorton


Mrs. Bertha King Seeks Divorce

Real Estate News

Perdan - Relieke - Marriage Announcement

Celebrate 50 Yrs of Marriage - Williams

Randolph, Greene County, Illinois

Added: 12-25-2016

(Community Crime News) Stillwell, Logan W.

Added: 11-27-2016

Haven, W. W.

Early Newspapers

Added: 11-24-16

Duncan, Mrs. John Quincy Obit

Holmes, Mrs. Mary Obit

July 2016

Korean War Casualties: (2/13/1950 - 12/31/1953)

Biography - SMITH, Judge Clement L.

Biography - PIPER, Israel

Biography - DARR, George William

Vandaveer Cemetery

Abbott Cemetery

Death Records - Index - A

June 2016

obits for JEFFERIES, bios for WELLS, HEWITT, BRENT

Jan 2016

death notice and crime news for RATHBERGER, ROWE




June 2015

obits for DAWDY

Feb 2015 - bio for LANE

Jan 2015 - 1879 county directory, bios, township histories, early settlers, Greene County War Record

Nov 2014 - Early pioneers and settlers; GREEN obit

Aug 2014 - obit for KELLER

Oct 2013 - obits for FRY, SHIPLEY; Rev. war soldiers buried in the county

Sept 2013 - obit for MARTIN

May 2013 - Ahern, Allen, Azbell, Becker, Binstead, Bridgewater, Broadhead, Brooks, Camden, Caselton, Clanton, Connors, Copley, Coraor, Costello, Cox, Crocker, Cross, Cunningham, Davis, Dawdy, Day, Dech, Denny, Elliott, Fisher, Ford, Goben, Gound, Griffin, Hall, Hardwick, Hartman, Henderson, Housmann, Jouett, Joyce, Keller, King, Kuhnline, Lee, Lewellen, Little, Martin, Mathews, McCartney, Morgan, Morris, Morrow, Newman, Northcutt, Ornellas, Page, Painter, Pfleger, Phillips, Pollard, Postel, Powell, Prough, Pruiett, Quinn, Raabe, Retherford, Reynolds, Ridings, Robinson, Sanson, Scott, Selman, Settles, Sexton, Sheets, Snyder Staples, Steele, Stone, Strang, Strickland, Strowmatt, Strowmatt, Sumpter, Thaxton, Tillery, Valstad, Varble, Weaver, Whited, Williams, Wright

Oct 2012 - bio for CRANFILL

June 2012 - 1880 Mortality Schedule

Mar 2012 - Crime news for COX; Register of Legally Qualified Physicians

Feb 2012 - Pioneers

Jan 2012 - bio for LINK

Dec 2011 - obits for COATES, WALTON; Gold Rush news story; Bios for BATES, BOWMAN