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History of Middle Creek Baptist Church

Middle Creek Baptist Church

On September 9, 1859 the United Baptist Church of Middle Creek was organized by Elder E. W. Overstreet. Services were held at the Middle Creek School building located at the west end of the cemetery. It was called Middle Creek because it was located between two creeks.

On August 30, 1870 Henry & Angeline Damon deeded one acre of ground to Pleasant Cross, William Lowery and Martin E Williams who were the trustees of Middle Creek Church

The carpenter was Leonard Oliver and the men of the community donated their labor. Team and wagon brought the material for the church building from Phillips Town about five miles east of Carmi, IL. The church was completed a few years later.

Theodore Tolley built the belfry about thirty years later.

Middle Creek hosted the annual Associational meetings in 1864, 1903, 1925, 1956 and 1998.

In August 1881 the church elected three men to serve as messengers to the Baptist Southern Association.

January 1889 the pastor resigned and the church was closed until all debts were paid. Mr Myers, Mr. Tolley, and Mr Cross were appointed on a finance committe. Six months later the Baptist Church at Middle Creek called a special meeting and J.C.Elliott wWas called as pastor for $60.00 per year.

Ole Allen was ordained to the ministry on July 1906 and Virgil Barr was ordained to ministry on October 6, 1950.

August 1980 the church voted to build an addition on the east side of building to be used as classrooms and fellowship hall, with two bathrooms. Ron Gibbs was the carpenter. Dale and Gladys Brookman donated everything for the second bathroom. Dedication services for fellowship/classroom was September 10, 1981.

On Christmas day 1996, the building was completely destroyed by fire. Friday evening of that week the members held a meeting and decided to rebuild the church building at the original site. Also it was decided to hold worship at Jerry and Marie Barrís home until the new building was complete.

Middle Creek Missionary Baptist Church
Middle Creek Missionary Baptist Church

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in April 1997. Dave Clugston Construction built the church building. Ron Gibbs of Dahlgren Building Center supplied the building materials. Rex Daily dug the basement. Gordon Voliva and crew built the basement, and Belman Concrete supplied the concrete and rock. The baptistery and steeple came from Henderson Texas. The pews and furniture from National Church Suppliers, carpet and tile from Mt Vernon, IL. We purchased a digital piano for the sanctuary and regular piano for the basement. Noel Smith of Mt Vernon, IL painted the picture in the baptistery.

Middle Creek Missionary Baptist Church
Middle Creek Missionary Baptist Church

The new building has an auditorium that will seat one hundred and sixty, a baptistery, five classrooms, two changing rooms, a pastorís study, two bathrooms, kitchen/fellowship hall and a utility room. The fire cracked the bell, but we have it on a pole outside the building. With the help of the Lord, churches, friends and neighbors near and far we now have a beautiful new building to worship in. A very sad christmas day was turned into a very happy day when we held our first services in our new building October 16, 1997.
Our dedication service was November 23,1997.

Homecoming services are held each year on the fourth Sunday in July.

E. W. Overstreet - Sept 1859
Calvin Y Allen - Jan. 1881,Jan 1885 & Aug. 1895
J.A. Dulaney - Aug. 1883 & Dec 1897
Joab H. Voliva - Oct. 1886, Aug. 1905 & Nov. 1916
Labium Estes - Sept. 1887
J. C. Elliott - July 1889
Peter Prince - Mar. 1890
J. H. Allen - Aug 1891, May 1905 & Sept. 1917
K. Ingram - Mar. 1893
William Standerfer - Sept. 1897
H. P. Cravens - June 1898 & Jan. 1903
G. R Henson - April 1902
J. H. Summers - Mar. 1904
Bro. Rohder - Jan. 1907
Ole Allen - Nov. 1907, April 1909, Oct. 1913, May 1940 & May 1945
Arthur Bell - Oct. 1908
John Maulding - April 1910
L. Estes - Oct. 1910
Joe Allen - Dec. 1912 & Nov. 1921
J. B. Hall - 1915
Cyrus Maulding - Sept 1924
J. O. Finn - Sept. 1924
Bert Denbo - July 1925
Roy Richardson - Sept. 1925
J. P. Richarson - Sept. 1930
W. H. Gloyd - Aug. 1932
Otto Catlin - Aug. 1936, & Sept 1948
H. A. Meyers - Sept 1938
G. E. Walden - Sept. 1941
David Goddard - Aug. 1942
L. A. Adams - Aug. 1945
R. L. Schlag - Oct. 1947
Floyd Dulaney - Aug. 1956
Alfred Haile - Sept. 1960 to Aug 1964 & Dec. 1974 to Aug. 1976
Jess Risley - Aug. 1964 to Aug 1970
Walter Chance - Aug. 1965 to Aug. 1970
Earl Harris - Aug. 1970 to Sept. 1974
Garlin Burris - Feb. 1977 to Oct 1978 & April 2003 to June 2005
Dale Brookman - Feb. 1979 to July 1983
Raymond Clark - Mar. 1984 to Aug 1985
Ballard Depew - Nov 1985 to Feb. 1990
Jerry Brown, Interim May 1990 to Aug 1990
Ralph Wilton - Nov. 1990 to Feb. 1994
William Miller - April 1995 to Nov 1998
Paul Orrick - Sept. 1999 to Feb. 2002
David Armstrong - Oct. 2005 (Current Pastor)


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