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Starkey-Lasater - BOOK A PAGE 268

Know all men by these persons that I Lindsey A. Starkey of Hamilton County, State of Illinois in consideration of six hundred dollars paid to A. A. Lasater of Hamilton County, Illinois, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby bargain, sell and deliver unto the said A. A. Lasater One hundred and sixty Cords of Staves Bolts now and heretofore delivered at the stave factory of A. A. Lasater & Co., near Digbytown in Hamilton County, Illinois.

To have and hold the said goods and chattels unto the said A. A. Lasater, his executors, administrators and assigns to his own proper use and benefit forever.

And I, the said Lindsey A. Stark do avouch myself to be the true and lawful owner of said goods and chattels; that I have full power, good sight and lawful authority to dispose of said goods and chattels unto the said A. A. Lasater, executors, administrators, and assigns from and again the lawful claims and demands of all persons.

In witness whereof I, the said Lindsey A. Stark, have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixth day of August in the year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-four.

Executed and delivered in presence of T. B. Stelle

L. A. Stark  (Seal)
State of Illinois, Hamilton County ss. 

I, T. B. Stelle a notary public, in and for said county do hereby certify that the instrument was duly acknowledged before me by the above named Lindsey A. Stark this sixth day of August A. D. 1874 ?
(Notary Seal) 
T. B. Stelle, Notary Public

--- Filed for record August 7th A. D. 1874?

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