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At intervals we have startling instances of suspended animation, and the frequent development of the fact of the burial of persons who are not dead. The latest case is noted at Carthage, Illinois. A young girl who had been very ill with typhoid fever apparently died, and an undertaker prepared the body for interment. Prior to the funeral the watchers noticed signs of returning life about the face of the girl, and soon the muscles of the face began to move. In a few moments more the girl opened her eyes and stared about her in amazement. Physicians were called and restoratives administered, whereupon the girl gained strength, and is now fast regaining her normal state of health. This is only one of the many instances of suspended animation which bears the semblance of death. Many cases have been discovered where bodies have been exhumed and evidences disclosed that the persons were buried alive. Some instances are recorded in our own city.
[Themis (California), 17 Mar 1894 - submitted by K. Torp]

A very pretty scandal is being unearthed by the Central Illinois Methodist Conference, at Carthage, Ill. The testimony is pretty direct against the offender, and it looks as if here might be a case where pastoral calls had nothing to do with the matter. The accused minister is taking the advice of Tony Weller, and is striving manfully to prove an alibi, which, for the sake of decency, we hope he will do.
[Inter Ocean, 18 Sept 1874 - submitted by K. Torp]

Illinois Colored Camp Meetings
Special to the Republic
Carthage, Ill, July 28 -- The colored people of Hancock, Adams, Henderson, McDonough and Schuyler counties have been holding a camp meeting at Laharpe for some days past. Rev. James Thomas of Quincy and other noted colored divines are conducting the meetings. There was an immense attendance today. This morning there was a representation of "The Ten Virgins" and "The marriage of Cana of Galilee" and at noon there was a vivid portrayal of "The Prodigal Son". The fatted calf was killed, cooked and distributed to the multitude. [29 Jul 1889; St. Louis Republic - submitted by K. Torp]

Early Spring in Illinois
Carthage, Ill., March 22 - Hancock county farmers have commenced sowing oats and an unusually large crop will be covered. Wheat has passed the winter nicely and the crop will be large. Orchardists report apple trees in good condition.
[23 March 1889; Philadelphia Inquirer- submitted by K. Torp]

Rev. A.B. Shrader, Secretary of the Carthage College of Illinois, who is visiting in this city, delivered a sermon last evening at the Grace Lutheran Church. [14 Feb 1896; San Jose Mercury News (California) - submitted by K. Torp]

CARTHAGE. Ill.. March 29.óBecause of historical associations, the members of the Mormon church have purchased for $4000 the old jail here where the first prophet and the founder of the faith met a tragic death at the hands of a mob. The old structure was not worth over $1500. It is proposed to establish a mission church in the building. In this connection announcement that the Mormons are coming back to Illinois after the lapse of half a century and are to establish three new churches has caused comment. The fact that the church is to make Carthage a headquarters in Illinois may be followed by public action in opposition.
[29 March 1905; "Salt Lake Telegram" - submitted by K. Torp]

Represents Carthage
J.C. Helms, an attorney of this city has been asked to represent Carthage college, of Carthage, Illinois, at the inaugural ceremonies of President Stratton D. Brooks of Oklahoma University in Norman next week. Mr. Helms was graduated from Carthage, in 1907, and the request to represent Carthage was received Tuesday from President Hoover of that institution. Mr. Helms received his A.B. degree at Carthage and his L.L.D. from the University of michigan.
[16 Oct 1912; Daily Oklahoman - submitted by K. Torp]

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