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Hancock County, Illinois
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Jan 2015
Bios: John Durbin
Bios: Appanoose tp
- Amos Davis, Samuel T. Egan, Samuel V. Elliott, James Green, John Haigh, James Hammond, John Hobbs, L.A. Hobbs, Hugh Jackson, Robert Jackson, William Jackson, John Kennedy, James Lindsay Jr., James A. Ollis, Chauncy Robison, Lewis Sleight, James Webb, John Zingree
Bios: St. Alban's tp-Garrett Bean, Jesse W. Brown, N.R. Butler, Henry Clark, Dr. V.B. Corey, Francis Egbers, William H. Felgar, F.L. Fulmer, J.J. Guthrie, Green Harding, John Hicks, Henry Hinkle, Elliott S. Hoffman, Geo. M. Jones, Charles H.G. Kessler, Joseph R. Kinny, John M. Kittel, G.W. Linn,
Births: compiled list
: Fountain Green Cemetery
: 1865 State Census, Hancock, Hancock County, 
Church Histories: By township
: Augusta, Appanooese, Bear Creek, Carthage, Chili, Prairie, St. Alban's,  Durham, Fountain Green, Hancock, Harmony, Pontoosuc-Dallas,  La Harpe, Pilot Grove, Rock Creek, Rocky Run
County HistoryTownship Histories: Appanoose, Augusta, Bear Creek, Carthage, Chili, Nauvoo, Prairie, St. Albans, Durham, Fountain Green, Hancock, Harmony, Pontoosuc-Dallas, La Harpe, Pilot Grove, Rock Creek, Rocky Run; Early Newspapers, Directories-Townships: Appanoose, Augusta, Carthage, Hancock, Sonora, Wilcox, and City of Carthage
: compiled list
Marriages: compiled list
Marriage Notices: Newcomb-Arthusa, Union of a Man and Wife after a Separation of 47 Years, 
: U.S. Civil War Draft Registrations Records 1863-1865, Application for Headstone-Lowell A. Cline
News: Birthday, Anniversary and Reunion Parties
News: Cour
t: Had No Lights, Garwood Refuses to Make Answer, King Abraham's Edicts
News: Crime: Robt, Inghram, Esq, Backenstos, the Mormon sheriff of Hancock county, Illinois, recently tried under an indictment for the murder of a man during the troubles in that county, has been pronounced by the Jury not Guilty., BEHNE MAY FACE CHARGES IN LEE
News: Fires, Accidents: Heavy Damage From the Storm, Suicide of Col. J.B. Backenstos
News: Misc: An ancient coin believed to be Greek, has been found in one of the "mounds" of the prehistoric Americans, in Hancock county, Illinois, Lye for Trees, Anna B. Rogers of Hancock county, Illinois, has bought of H.K. Rogers of the same place, a quarter section of land in Jackson township,
News: Morman-related News Items: The Original Mormons
News: Weather
: Deep Snow 1830-31, Storm of 1836, Tornado-June 1838, High Waters 1836, The Basco Tornado-1873 YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS....AMAZING STORIES, July 1873, Winter of 1836-7, Many Bridges Gone-Story Blown Off a Block-Watermelons Float Down Creek
: Martha A.M. Foster Bray, James Henry Clampitt, David Clark,  George Bert Matthews, Verdilia Miller, Overman, Laura Berry Pratt, Isabel Kerr Puntenney, Elthier Richards, Mary Pomeroy, P.C. Ward, John F. Scott, Hebe Andrus, Ashford H. Perry, Jesse E. Eidson, Mary Catherine Yenawine, Mark Aldrich,
Wills/Legal Records: Petition of George Backster, Clairborn Wilson, Sidney Rigdon, Joseph Stanton, Anthony Barkman, Notice, Will of Minneapolis Woman Leaves $3,000 to Be Used in Hancock County, Illinois, JOHN HAY'S WILL, MISS DEVIER'S REQUEST

Nov2014:  ARMSTRONG-BORRIDGE,  LEWIS-KELLY,RHEINBERGER-WALTHER marriage announcements;  Mormonnewsstory; crime news story for KOECHLE
Aug 2014: War of 1812 pension application for HALL.  Bio forBANKS;  Mormon news
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