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Harry Whitehead, 97, a former slave and a veteran of the Civil War, who resides in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, has applied for divorce from his wife, Anna, 84 years old, also a former slave.

Jonesboro Gazette, Friday, 25 Jun 1937; transcribed and submitted by Darrel Dexter.


Elizabethtown, Ill., Sept. 8--A terrific rainstorm broke this afternoon and tension was lessened, as all roads to the hillsides where 800 armed miners were reported encamped were rendered impassable and it was regarded as almost impossible for the miners to make any movement.

Early tonight reports came into Elizabethtown that the miners were returning to their homes.  A party of 26 was reported to have gone north last night through Karber's Ridge.

All was quiet here today.  Four machine guns were mounted on trucks and 60,000 rounds of ammunition was ready for use.  Four more machine guns were due to arrive here tonight.  Sheriff Cox telegraphed today to Governor Small declaring that false stories have been circulated in Williamson and Saline county to the effect that men had been killed and women and children beaten in Rosiclare, with the purpose of inflaming the coal miners.  Outlying farmers and travelers on the roads are being threatened and held prisoners by the miners, the sheriff told the Governor, and he asked that the sheriffs of Saline, Franklin and Williamson be ordered to prevent further invasion of Hardin county.  The mayors of Rosiclare and Elizabethtown sent similar telegrams to the Governor, advising him that unless the invaders are turned back heavy firing with serious loss of life will follow.

The main body of miners is believed to be encamped in the wooded hills of the Furnaceland forest, six miles from Elizabethtown.  Scouts sent out last night reported their campfires in a clearing near an old stone furnace used in pre-Civil War days to melt iron ore.

Outposts from Elizabethtown, who penetrated the hills half way to the miners camp reported no sign of the men who yesterday told an Associate Press correspondent whom they halted on the road that they intended attacking Rosiclare today.  The defending forces at Rosiclare and Elizabethtown were augmented today when additional Kentuckians rowed across the river and volunteered to join men who had arrived from the Blue Grass state last night.  The Kentuckians are all well armed.

Source:  09 Sept 1921 Baltimore American

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