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Henderson County, Illinois
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Jan 2016:  obits for BUTLER, MARSHALL, CAMERON; bios for WHEATLEY, CHARD, LANT
Jan 2015: bios, county officials, obits, Soldiers of the Black Hawk War

Dec 2014: bio for PRATHER
Feb 2014: obit for BELL
Oct 2013: 1883 Pensioners
Feb 2013: obit for NORTHRUP
Jan 2013: obit for WORLEY

Previous Updates:
Obits for SUMMERS, BOWN, MANIFOLD; Sick List News, Birth Announcements for PERRY, MILLER, NEGLEY, BURKETT
Obit for PAUL, LOGAN, EDMUNDS, BABCOOK; Sick List news for LOGAN; Anniversary Party news for LOGAN; Pioneer Stories - LOGAN, BARNES; Bio of LOGAN.
1850 Mortality Census; 1854 Business Directory; Old Settlers' Meeting of 1881


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