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Christine will do look-ups in the following book:
Corn, Commerce and Country Living - A History of Henry County


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Website Updates:

December 2014:

MARRIAGE NOTICES: Allen-Comstock, Brandenburg-Graham, Brown-Barnes, Cady-Bartlett, Cederburg-Crown, Colburn-Martin, Comstock-Terpenning, Cramer-Hunt, Denison-Baxter, Duncan-Brown, Dunham-Loring, Faxon-Olds, Finch-Meer, Flint-Smith, Fox-Thomas, Gildea-Loftus, Gish-Capron, Glenn-Reynolds, Gorton-Olden, Hanaman-Davenport, Hanna-Fiedler, Hawley-Bishop, Hume-Stewart, Huntoon-Glenn, Kimball-Smith, Lloyd-Davenport, Lyon-Nowers, Marshall-Carnagia, Mccarn-Dixon, Moore-Hearkness, Newton-Hodges, Nicholson-Huntoon, Nowers-Wright, Otis-Johnson, Penney-Farber, Peterson-Emanuel, Pettit-Coldy, Ricker-Brown, Salter-Wells, Smith-Hawley, Warner-Washburn, Weinel-Pierce, Whiting-Laughery, Whitman-Hopkins - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander

MARRIAGE NOTICES: Pratt - Johnston, Light - Wick, Meyer - Matson, Stevens-Lundburg, Peterson - Nelson, Himes-Heaton, Emery - Carter, Omark - Palm, Larson-Lindbloom, Buffum - Jones, Duncan-Westberg, Hanson-Matteson, Noyd-Lonn, Johnson-Larson, Smith-Cardiff, Liljeroot-Appell, Yates-Munson, Keim-Williams, White-Snider - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

OBITUARIES: Mrs. Jane Barge, William Bartlett, George B. Bolmer, Clarissa E. Bonar, James Bowie, John Brich, Joshua Browning, Rufus Buck, Florence Crampton, Robert Crane, Margaret Eliza Dean, Jonas Eastberg, Oliver H. Edwards, Guy Farrell, Thomas French, Phil Goetz, Ben Graham, Maria F. Hanna, Thomas Hodges, R. J. Humphrey, Mary Moore, Joh Olson, Mr. Peterson, Caleb Pillsbury, Ithamar Pillsbury, Child of Charles Potts, C. W. Preston, W. H. Ransford, Matlida F. Remson Sleight, Susan L. Wells, Harrison Whitehead, Jacob P. Williamson - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander

OBITUARIES: Fred Swan, Robert McMillen, Kermcie (child), Costain (child), Lillie Alfreda Johnson, Leona N. (Furgeson) Olson, John Rosene, James Kelley, Laura Spencer Ford, Wymore and Sadie Swanson, Charles Cole, Emma Louise Larson, Effie Swan , Freeman Barlow, Sarah Robinson (Smith) Nance, Mary (Haskall) Kenaston, Helen Peterson, John Person, M. Larson, Nettie Frances (Doran) McDavitt, Rollin Garfield Emery, Charles Amlon Butters, Jennie K. Peterson - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTICES: Timothy D. Cady, James Cherry, Charles W. Davenport, William Dillin, Charles Eddy, Rufus Edwards, Henry Embeil, Erastus D. Harris, J. T. Kismith, Stephen Marshall, William Maxwell, Elias Minshall, John Ogden, Jonathan Smith, Jonas Stone, Robert Taylor, V. S. Terry, Samuel Terry, Huntington Wells, Neely Withrow, Selah M. Wright - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander

DIVORCE NEWS: Cole, Green, Sheehey - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander

ACCIDENT NEWS: Lathorn Killed by Lightning, O'Brian Daughter Injured - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander

ACCIDENT NEWS: Nelson Jepson Killed in Accident, Charles Butters, Rollin Emery, of Galva, and Maggie Keesler, Bertha Harding of Kewanee Instantly Killed, Katie Kneale Shot Dies From Accidental Gunshot, Vallie Swanson Accidently Shot - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

MISC NEWS: Marvin Needham Notice, John Turner Notice, Party Leaves for Washington Territory - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander

MISC NEWS: Fight Starts at Dance, Peter Mortenson Meets a Friend and Loses a Five Dollar Note, B.F. Nance's Ewes Give Birth to Multiple Lambs, Nels Anderson Loses Horse After Train Trip, Mrs. Havens Awakes Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

NEWS-ANNIVERSARIES AND PARTIES: Mr. and Mrs. Chas Jones, Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson, Miss Minnie Bussey - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

NEWS-BIRTHS: Nance, Swanson, Lovgren - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

Oct 2013:  1883 Pensioners
Apr 2013: bio for OLSON
Oct 2012: bio for WERTH, DAILEY
Aug 2012: HICKS, MCMANUS, BEARD obits
Mar 2012: HEPNER obit, drowning deaths of MELIN, BROOKS
Jan 2012: MAES, LOFGREN obits
Dec 2011: MCNEILL obit
June 2011: SPECHT obit
Apr 2011:
History of Cambridge

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