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Henry County
History & Genealogy

Galva Cemetery,
Galva, Knox/Henry County, IL

©May 2006 - Transcribed by Candi Horton, all rights reserved

This Cemetery is in Great Condition. It sits on HWY US34.

When a surname starts out the listing it means that those names are on the same stone.

? means can't read

There is only one Private Family Mausoleum located in section 16. It is for the SOPER family.
I was able to see inside. It's a six vaulted mausoleum but only has three burials.

Wilbur Daniel Soper 1866-1924
Jennie E. Soper 1864-1933
Elizabeth R. Moran 1875-1960

Homer Milton Pryor 1898-1982
Helen Lindley Pryor 1900-1982

John H. Rosander 1858-1916
h/w Sophia L. 1860-1915

small white next to the above stone: son of S.R. and J.H. Rosander

John J. Merlin, b. June 10, 1849 - d. June 10, 1904

Olive McBride 1854 -1914 (sign next to it: Women's Relief Corps 1883 Corp 19 W.R.C.)
Henry A. McBride Co. M. 16 Kas. Cav.

John Looney, Native of Isle of Man, 1840-1908

Evelyn Scaffer, w/o John T. Wark 1892-1941
John T. Wark 1877-1957

Maxine H. Lord "My Heart is made of laughter of tears and what comes after." May 30,1910 - June 14,2001
Joseph J. Lord ENS US Navy WWI Dec. 30, 1896 - April 20, 1975

William Walker 1845-1908, Civil War Vet. GAR 1861 1865
Priscilla Walker 1850-1937

Pauline L. Dack w/o W.E. Emery 1876-1907

Inside a rod iron fence. It's the only headstone in it. However the space is big enough for 8 graves.
Thomas D. Guthrie 1842-1922
Annie E. Wife 1853-1940
small metal sign: MWA listed on it

Isaac B. Seely b. June 22, 1825 Mihisink, Organge Co., NY - d. May 10, 1879 in Galva, IL
Annie w/o I.B. Seely 1838-1911
Whitfield W. s/o I.B. & A.?? Seely d. Aug. 25, 1893 16yrs 10ms 15dys
Cenotaph, Joel W. Seely, no dates

Milchrist (The old Stone)
Mabel d. Aug. 4, 1875 1y2m4ds
Agnes d. July 8,1878 1yr10m16d
c/o T.E. & L.P. Milchrist

These are all new and each one is seperate.
Thomas E. Milchrist 1837-1933
Lottie P. Ayres 1843-1907
Agnes 1876-1878
Mabel 1874-1876

Benjamin S. Eldridge b. Mar. 22,1827 d Dec. 24,1916 In his 90th year of his age
Ellen C. 2nd wife of B.S. Eldridge b. April 18, 1844 d. July 14,1909
Nancie A. w/o B.S. Eldridge d. Dec. 5, 1874 in the 44th year of her age
Charles E. Eldridge 1861-1923

Jennie M. Teagarden 1875-1937
Grant E. Teagarden 1867-1958

Davis/ Billings/Burt/Willard
John H. Davis b.n. Rockingham Vermont Aug. 30,1797 d. at Gall(yrall) Ohio June 18, 1861
Susan Billings w/o J. H. Davis b.n. Gordon, Mass. May 2, 1865 d. at Galesburg, IL July 30,1879
Sophia Billings w/o Geo. P. Burt d. July 25, 1860 in the 44th year of her age.
Geo P. Burt b. Dec. 18, 1808 d. April 17, 1896
Frances Willard w/o Geo P. Burt b.n. ??? June 15, 1830 d. Galva, IL Oct. 10, 1906

Elizabeth Rehenard w/o D. Craver d. Feb. 24, 1881 60y11m22d
David Craver d. Dec. 27, 1869 Age 49y7m22ds
Rachell R. d/o D. and E. Craver d. Sept. 9, 1877 2?y10m12d
Henry Craver b. Sept. 7, 1856 d. July 18,1898

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