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Obituaries and Death Notices for Henry County, Illinois

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[All submitted by K. Torp]

Treman, W.W., of Aurora, died Thursday at a hotel in Kewanee, Henry Co. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 6 May 1870)

Turner, Joseph, who lives near Colona, Henry Co., died 19 Nov. 1869 near Colona aged 59y. He was an old settler and a farmer by profession. He had raised a family of grown sons and daughters who live in Henry and adjoining counties. He came to this county in 1837 and has lived in this region ever since. He was buried last Sunday. (RI Evening Argus, Tuesday, 23 Nov. 1869)

Vincent, (--?--), a baby of Mrs. Kirk Vincent of Cambridge, Henry Co., was killed at the Oakley Station train accident yesterday, aged 8w. Her husband in the Davenport, Iowa, jail for killing Claiborne Showers, his cousin. The baby was buried at Cambridge. (RI Argus, Thursday, 11 July 1867)

Shumway, Mr., who lives in or near Galva, Henry Co., died recently. (From Cambridge Chronicle of 19 Feb. 1868 as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 21 Feb. 1868)

Spencer, Willie A., son of John C. and Mary E. Spencer, died 19 Apr. 1870 at Geneseo, Henry Co., aged 9m. The funeral was today. (RI Daily Union, Thursday, 21 Apr. 1870)

Stickney, Mr., and family were accompanying the remains of Mrs. Wier to a burying ground and while traveling Friday at Woodhull, Ill., were involved in an accident which killed Mr. Stickney. One of his children died 19 Nov. (From the Cambridge Chronicle as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 23 Nov. 1866)

Stimpson, Moses of Geneseo, Henry Co., died Monday on the train at Cordova, Rock Island Co., aged 60y. He was a brother of Liberty Stimpson who last winter married Miss Hannah Reynolds, but otherwise has no family. The funeral will be at Geneseo. (RI Evening Argus, Wednesday, 30 Dec. 1868)

Townly, Miss, daughter of the postmaster at Sharon, Whiteside Co., died Tuesday at Geneseo, Henry Co. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 17 Dec. 1869)

Pope, Esau, a young man, was found dead in a field belonging to John F. Bonham last Monday. The funeral was Tuesday in the Methodist Church. (From the Galva Chief of 22 Apr. 1868 as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 24 Apr. 1868)

Porter, Franklin, a brakeman on the Chicago and Rock Island railroad, died recently at the Island City Hotel in Rock Island, after being injured Thursday in Moline. His parents live in Henry Co. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 11 Jan. 1865) He is a son of Ira Porter, a farmer living between Geneseo and Atkinson. They came from Ohio about 6-7 years ago. The deceased was aged 23y. (RI Argus, Thursday, 5 Jan. 1865) Francis Marion Porter, son of Ira Porter of Henry Co. and formerly of Huron Co., died today at the Island City Hotel in Rock Island, aged 20y. He was a brakeman on a freight line. His mother and sister were present with him when he died. The body will be taken "home" for burial. Norwalk, Ohio, papers please copy. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 6 Jan. 1865)

Sadler, Mrs. R.H., of Cambridge, Henry Co., died 8 Aug. 1869 and was buried at Orion, Henry Co. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 13 Aug. 1869)

Schmidt, Mrs. Elahard, died at Lynn, Henry Co., on Tuesday, from the heat (RI Daily Union, Friday, 5 Aug. 1870)

Scott, Miss Rachel, aged 18y, drowned 15 July 1868 in the Green River at Green River Station, Henry Co. (RI Evening Argus, Thursday, 16 July 1868) Miss Scott was a former resident of Moline, Rock Island Co. but at the time of her death she was living at Oakley. She was aged ca. 17y. Her step-father, Wm. G. Davis, resides on the bluffs near Moline. "Her body was brught (sic) down (to Moline?) Last eve" and immediately buried. (RI Union, Friday, 17 July 1868)

Sharp, Henietta (sic), died 21 Apr. 1867 aged 59 y 5m 1d. She was the wife of Jacob Sharp and was born in Tennessee. She came with her husband and three children to Adams Co., Ill., in 1833. They moved to Henry Co., Ill., in 1851 and to the prairies of Colona, 14 miles cast of Rock Island, where she died. She joined the M.E. Church when she was 13 years old. She is survived by her husband, seven children and 25 grandchildren. (RI Argus, Wednesday, 8 May 1867)

McKelvey, Dr. John M., died last 11 Aug. 1870 at Orion, Henry Co., aged 28y. (RI Daily Union, Wednesday, 9 Nov. 1870)

Miller, Robert E., son of T. and D. Miller died 12 Oct. 1870 at Colona, Henry Co., aged 8m. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 14 Oct. 1870)

Patterson, James, an Englishman and a miner by occupation, died 17 Apr. 1867 at his residence near the coal banks at Minersville, Henry Co., aged ca. 60y. His wife left him about one year ago. He wished to be buried on the top of a high hill near Minersville. (RI Argus, Tuesday, 16 Apr. 1867) John Patterson, a resident of Minersville, which is 4 miles south of Colona, was aged ca. 58y. (RI Argus, Tuesday, 16 Apr. 1867) Patterson came to Rock Island last summer from Kansas. He has two sons. In his will he left his possessions to Thomas Sackfield. (RI Union, Wednesday, 17 Apr. 1867)

Pershing, (--?--), an only child of Wm. Pershing, a merchant of Green River, Henry Co., burned to death last Friday at their home, aged 14m. (RI Daily Union, Monday, 9 Nov. 1868)

Pike, William, formerly a merchant in Woodhull, Henry Co., but lately a resident of Galesburg, Knox Co., was killed last 16 July in Woodhull Twp. by Mrs. Dr. (Mary) Ferris. Pike was aged ca. 40y. (RI Evening Argus, Thursday, 27 Apr. 1865)

Plehn, Mrs. Elizabeth, died 29 Sept. 1870 at the residence of her son, Godfrey Plehn on the corner of Rock River and Main Streets in Rock Island, aged 75 y. Burial will be tomorrow at Geneseo, Henry Co. (RI Evening Argus, Thursday, 29 Sept 1870)

Pomeroy, Don A., son of M.K. Pomeroy, died on the 12th inst. at Annawan, Henry Co., aged 14 y. (RI Daily Union, Wednesday, 16 Jan. 1867)

Hodges, Capt. Thomas, was killed by Indians on the Stillwater on 2 Aug. 1867, according to a telegram from Virginia City, Mont. It is believed that Capt. Hodges is a son of Thomas Hodges of Minersville, Henry Co., one of the oldest settlers of that region. His son has been in the mountains for the past 8 years, driving government teams to New Mexico. He was a private with the 2nd Colo. Volunteers. He is survived by his wife and 2 little daughters, who are now living with her father at Westport, Jackson Co., Mo. (RI Argus, Wednesday, 16 Oct. 1867) Capt. Hodges, who was killed, was not the son of Mr. Hodges of Minersville (RI Argus, Thursday, 21 Nov. 1867)

Holst, Peter, who was injured in a robbery at Orion, Henry Co., on 9 Nov. 1867, died last Sunday. He was formerly with the 112th Ill. Volunteers. James B. Hamilton of Crawford Co. has been charged with assault. Holst was a Swede. (RI Argus, Wednesday, 20 Nov. 1867)

Jack, Capt. Charles, father-in-law of Edward Burrall Jr. of Rock Island and of B.D. Ellett of Keithsburg, Mercer Co., and of Charles M. Harris of Oquawka, Ill., died last Monday at his residence in Atkinson, Henry Co. He was a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, and graduated from Kings' College. He was a captain in the British Army at the battle of Waterloo. Not long ago, he came to this country and lived in Illinois. Before the war, he went to Texas. His widow still lived in Atkinson. (RI Argus, Thursday, 22 Aug. 1867) Capt. Jack owned land in Chicago. (From the Mercer Co. Press as reported in the RI Argus, Thursday, 19 Aug. 1867)

Jackson, George His body was found in the river below Pekin, Ill. He had recently bought a farm about 7 miles west of Geneseo, Henry Co., on which his family now resides. He had lived for several years at Pekin previously. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 8 Nov. 1865)

Janeson, (--?--), the son of Mr. Janeson of Henry Co., who was taken prisoner in Tennessee, died recently in the Andersonville prison. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 15 Feb. 1865)

Jones, (--?--), a little son of Thomas Jones, living at Crane's coal shaft in Osco, Henry Co., was scalded to death on 26 Nov. 1869, aged 3y. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 3 Dec. 1869)

Kendall, Solon, of Geneseo, Henry Co., died last Monday. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 29 Oct. 1869)

Laugdon, Seth E., of Co. I, 8th Kan. Regiment, from Spring Hill, Henry Co., was killed during the battle of Nashville on 8-10 Dec. 1864. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 18 Jan. 1865)

Larkin, (--?--), a daughter of E.J. Larkin, an immigrant from LaSalle Co., Ill., to Macon City, Mo., was killed by the train near Galva, Henry Co., recently aged 18y. Two smaller children were injured. (RI Daily Union, Monday, 14 Dec. 1868)

Lininger, (--?--), a daughter of Mr. Lininger of Geneseo, Henry Co., died there recently. (From the Geneseo Republic, as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 8 May 1868)

Macbeth, (--?--), a harness maker, was killed Saturday near Annawan, Henry Co., by the train. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 23 Sept. 1870)

Frank, Charles, son of Jacob Frank of Geneseo, Henry Co., was killed Wednesday near Spring Creek by a horse. Charles is aged ca. 12y. (From Geneseo Republic as reported in the RI Argus, Friday, 25 Oct. 1867)

Gran, Jonas P., a Swede who lived a short distance west of Andover, Henry Co., died a week ago at his home. He was a widower and lived alone. (RI Evening Argus, Saturday, 20 Nov. 1869)

Grove, (--?--), a child of E. Grove of Hanna Twp., Henry Co., was scalded to death recently. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 24 Dec. 1869)

Hall, George, of the southern part of Cambridge Twp., Henry Co., died 8 Sept. 1869 after being kicked by a horse. He was aged 45y. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 10 Sept. 1869)

Hards, Ebenezer, a farmer in Burns, Henry Co., died after being kicked by a horse last week. (From Cambridge Chronicle of 6 May 1868 as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 8 May 1868)

Harrington, Clara P., only daughter of Capt. R. Harrington of Geneseo, Henry Co., died on the 8th inst., aged 13y. The funeral was Tuesday. She was a member of the Methodist Church. (RI Geneseo Republic, as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 3 Jan. 1868)

Hart, John, a Swede who lived near Deanington, Henry Co., was found dead in a wagon near the residence of Mr. Hoit in Edford, by Mr. Taylor, who lives with Spencer Taylor. (From Geneseo Republic, as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Friday, 3 Jan. 1868)

Haverly, Mr. died 7 Sept. 1869 in a runaway accident at Annawan, Henry Co. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 10 Sept. 1869)

Henderson, James, died 23 May 1867 at his residence in Orion, Henry Co., aged 42y 10m. He was born in Westmoreland Co., Ohio and came to Ill. in 1854. He joined the Christian Church in 1859. (RI Daily Union, Saturday, 15 June 1867)

Hodges, Mrs. Mary, mother of Mrs. Dr. Magill of Rock Island, died 12 Sept. 1869 at Anawan, Henry Co., aged 63y. (RI Evening Argus, Monday, 13 Sept. 1869)

Chamberlin, Add. F., formerly of Geneseo, Henry Co., who kept a drug store in Moline for a number of years, died at the LaClede House in St. Louis and was buried last Saturday. (RI Evening Argus, Monday, 7 Mar. 1870) Chamberlin died at Geneseo (RI Union, Monday, 7 Mar. 1870) A.F. "Ad" Chamberlin attempted suicide at the LaClede Hotel in St. Louis last Sunday. He is well known in Moline and has a wife and three children. (RI Union, Friday, 25 Feb. 1870)
Clement, Annie, aged 9y daughter of T. Clements, the railroad agent at Green River, drowned 15 July in the Green River at Green River Station. Burial will be tomorrow at Geneseo. (RI Evening Argus, Thursday, 16 July 1868)

Cooper, Mr., of East Cambridge, Henry Co., died there last week (RI Daily Union, Friday, 26 April 1867)

Crouse, Alexander, aged 18y, died at the jail in Cambridge, Henry Co., on Tuesday. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 29 July 1870)

Dopler, Martin, was killed a few days ago while driving a span of colts near Geneseo, Henry Co., near the residence of P.K. Hanna. He was aged 14y. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 13 Aug. 1869)

Doran, Thomas, of Geneseo, Henry Co., died last week at Oquawka, Henderson Co. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 28 May 1869)

Dunn, Mr., died 3 March 1869 on the same day that his wife and a daughter, who had died several years ago. A son of theirs also died on 3 March a few years before that. Mr. Dunn was buried 6 March, his birthday. (From Cambridge Chronicle, as reported in the RI Evening Argus, Saturday, 20 Mar. 1869)

Eckhart, Barnhart, living 5 miles north of Geneseo, Henry Co., was killed in a wagon accident last Sunday. (RI Argus, Friday, 1 Nov. 1867)

Bacon, Prof. H., of Geneseo, Henry Co., who graduated from the Boston Academy of Muscatine, Iowa, died Thursday while teaching at Port Byron, Rock Island Co., aged ca 50y. The remains were taken to Geneseo. He died 20 Feb. He was one of the old settlers on Geneseo. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 21 Feb. 1868, and Saturday, 22 Feb. 1868)

Bell, Maria Laird, only daughter of E. and S.J. Bell, died 27 June 1868 near Orion, Henry Co., aged 15m. The funeral was at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Orion. (RI Daily Union, Monday, 6 July 1868)

Berry, (--?--), a daughter of Isaac Berry of Galva, Henry Co., was burned to death last Friday, aged 12y, when a stove caught her clothes on fire. (RI & Moline Daily Union, Friday, 12 Nov. 1869)

Bidwell, A.W., who formerly ran a business on Mechanic St. in Geneseo, Henry Co., died Wednesday. He was about to return to Connecticut with his family. (From Geneseo Republic as reported in the RI Argus, Monday, 28 Oct. 1867)

Binkerhoff, John W., of Kewanee, Henry Co., died one week ago. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 17 Dec. 1869)

Blackfan, Edward, died on the 20th inst. near Orion, Henry Co., aged ca. 55y. (RI Daily Union, Wednesday, 22 Jan. 1868)

Blodgett, E.T., died 14 Feb. 1870 in Western, Henry Co. (RI Daily Union, Tuesday, 15 Feb. 1870)

Bollman, A.J., died 16 June 1870 at the residence of his father in Morristown, Henry Co., aged 22y 9m 16d. (RI Evening Argus, Tuesday, 21 June 1870)

Braim, Louis, broke into the house of Mrs. Julia Pershing in Hanna Twp., Henry Co., on 1 Dec. 1869. She sent her daughter to a neighbor, E. Knorr, for help. Braim was killed in the ensuing scuffle. (RI & Moline Daily Union, Saturday, 11 Dec. 1869) Louis Brains, a Belgian, was recently killed at Edford, Henry Co., by Mr. Knorr. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 17 Dec. 1869)

Brewer, Rowland, of Co. I, 8th Kansas Regiment, from Spring Hill, Henry Co., Ill., was killed in the Battle of Nashville, 8-10 Dec. 1864. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 18 Jan. 1865)

Buckley, Frank, of Pleasant Hill, Cambridge Twp., Henry Co., died 27 April 1869 and was buried 30 April at Galva. He was a Civil War veteran, having served with the 112th Ill. Regiment and was wounded at the Battle of Franklin. He leaves a family. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 7 May 1869)

Grubbs - Died near Kewanee, May 3, Mrs. Amanda, aged 40 years, wife of Collin A. Grubbs, and sister of A. M. Powell. Henry News Republican, Henry, IL [May 8, 1873 - Contributed by Nancy Piper]

Obermier, Freidrich a relative of the Peterson's. who are merchants in davenport Iowa, drowned Sunday in the Green River at Geneseo, Henry Co., Illinois aged 25 years. He had lived in Davenport for 3 years. The funeral will be today from the home of H.F. Petersen in Davenport. (Rock Island Daily Argus, Monday 4 June 1877)

Chrisop, Kenneth
Geneseo – Kenneth Thomas Chrisop, 85, of Geneseo, died Nov. 10, 1992, at Hammond Henry Hospital, Geneseo. Funeral services will be 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Wright Chapel of the Stackhouse-Moore Funeral Home, Geneseo. Burial will be at Oakwood Cemetery, Geneseo. Visitation will be 608 p.m. today at the funeral home. A memorial has been established. Mr. Chrisop was born March 16, 1907, the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Gerstner) Chrisop. He married Viola C. Gernant Jan. 16, 1929, in Geneseo. He farmed in the Hooppole and Geneseo area until retiring in 1970. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. William (Karen) Rice of Geneseo; three grandchildren; four great grandchildren; and one sister, Margaret Johnson of Tampico. He was preceded in death by one son and two brothers.
[Nov 12, 1992 Sterling Gazette, submitted by Christine Walters]

Nancy Ann Wilson Huddleston

MOUNT STERLING - Nancy Ann Huddleston, 53, of Mount Sterling died at 9:45 p.m. Saturday, July 25, 1998, at the home of her parents in Rushville.
Born May 22, 1945, in Kewanee to Raliegh and Betty Jackson Wilson, she married Arthur Huddleston on Nov. 21, 1992, in Mount Sterling. He survives.
Also surviving are her mother and stepfather, Betty and Henry Dober of Rushville; one son, Steven Hughes of Memphis, Tenn.; one stepdaughter, Theresa Orr of Hersman; one brother, Earl Wilson of Rushville; three sisters, Lavena Lewellen and Alice Jones, both of Jacksonville, and Marna Dober of Springfield; and two stepgrandsons.
Her father preceded her in death.
She attended beauty college in Macomb.
She first worked at Heritage Manor Nursing Home in Beardstown as a nurse's aide. She later worked at Excel Corp. in Beardstown as a meat packer. She last worked as a packer at Zeta Manufacturing in Macomb.
She attended Sugar Grove United Methodist Church south of Rushville.
Services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday at Wood-Roby Funeral Chapel in Rushville. The Rev. Roger Simpson will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral chapel. Burial will be in Green Cemetery in Bluffs.
Memorials may be made to Cass-Schuyler Area Hospice.
[Peoria Journal Star, July 27, 1998 - submitted by Sara Hemp]

Franklin Wayne Jackson
died: October 12, 1996

KEWANEE - Franklin Wayne Jackson, 63, of Kewanee, formerly of Versailles, died Saturday in Kewanee Hospital.
Survivors: wife, Barbara; two daughters, Mrs. Gary (Frances) Petty and Mrs. Leslie (Ethel) Murphy, both of Kewanee; nine grandchildren; father and stepmother, Nicholas and Mary Jackson of Versailles; four brothers, Roland, Sam and Gilbert Jackson, all of Kewanee, and Jerry Jackson of Springfield; six sisters, Hazel Fingel of Virginia, Mrs. Henry (Betty) Dober and Mrs. Fred (Coralene) Lashbrook, both of Rushville, Mrs. Bob (Norma) McCann of Milton, Mrs. Steve (Irma) Brandhall of Nampa, Idaho and Mrs. George (Charlotte) Plasencia of San Jose Calif.; a half brother, Nicholas Jackson Jr. of East St. Louis; a stepbrother, James Jackson of Versailles; several nieces and nephews.
Services: 2 p.m. Tuesday at Hendricker Funeral Home, Mount Sterling. Burial: Hall Cemetery, near Versailles.
[State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL, October 14, 1996 - submitted by Sara Hemp]

Rolland Jackson
KEWANEE - Rolland L. Jackson, 79, of Kewanee died at 5:35 p.m. Friday, March 18, 2005, at his home.
Born Jan. 23, 1926, in Chatham to Nicholas and Ethyl Inskip Jackson, he married Armenta V. Widger on April 11, 1980, in Kewanee. She died Jan. 2, 1994.
He also was preceded in death by two sisters, one half sister and four brothers.
Surviving are two brothers, Samuel (and Shirley) and Gilbert, both of Kewanee; one half brother, Nicholas Jr. of Pontoon Beach; one stepbrother, James (and Sara) of Versailles; five sisters, Norma (and Richard) Dyer of Pittsville, Hazel Fengle of Virginia, Ill., Coralene (and Fred) Lashbrook of Rushville, and Irma Bramhill and Charlotte Joy, both of California.
He was preceded in death by two sisters, one half sister and four brothers.
He was an assembler at Pines Trailer before retiring.
Cremation has been accorded. There will be no services or visitation. Private burial of ashes will be in Pleasant View Cemetery at a later date. Rux Funeral Home in Kewanee is in charge of arrangements.
Memorials may be made to any charity. [Peoria Journal Star, March 23, 2005 - submitted by Sara Hemp]

Evelyn E. Gustafson
KEWANEE - Evelyn E. Gustafson, 86, of 200 Goodrich St. died Monday, Oct. 21, 1991, at her residence. She was born April 22, 1905, in Kewanee to Charles and Christine Stam Gustafson. Surviving are one brother, Harry of North Hollywood, Calif.; and several nieces and nephews. Two brothers preceded her in death.
She worked in the core room at Kewanee Works Walworth Co. for more than 30 years, retiring in 1965.
Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Cavanagh & Schueneman Funeral Home, Kewanee, the Rev. David Eadie officiating. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. Burial will be in Pleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee. [Journal Star (Peoria, IL), October 23, 1991 - submitted by C. Horton]

Carl E. Yocum
Carl Yocum Meets Death In Fall; Funeral Rites To Be In Galva Tuesday

Carl E. Yocum, 22, was killed Friday afternoon when he slipped on wet paint while working on a water tower, falling 65 feet to the roof of a building belonging to the United States Rubber Co., Mishawaka, Indiana. Yocum was an employe of the Universal Construction Co., of Indianapolis, Ind.
Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Gill-Johnston-Schuster Chapel of Galva. Friends may call Monday evening at the chapel. Burial will be in the Galva Cemetery. Rev. Leo C. Ewing of First Methodist Church of Galva will conduct the burial.
Yocum was born in Kewanee, July 16, 1937, one of three children of Marvin and Eva Yocum. He was educated in the Galva schools. He was united in marriage to Darlene Druien on June 26, 1959, in Dixon. He is survived by his wife, Darlene Yocum of Rock Falls; his mother, Eva Akers of Indianpolis, Indiana; one sister, Mrs. John Fisher of Galva; and a half-sister, Mrs. Myra Stevens of Galesburg. He was preceded in death by his father and one brother. [The Daily Gazette, Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois, May 23, 1960 - Monday, pg 2 col 1, Submitted by Melva Taylor]

Samuel Leroy Mendel

Samuel Leroy Mendel, who was the oldest American veteran and one of two surviving vets of the Spanish-American War era, died Wednesday at his home. He was 104.
Mr. Mendel, past commander-in-chief of the Spanish-American War Veterans Association, died in his sleep, said a friend, Jim Phillips. Mr. Mendel had been a vaudeville performer, lumberjack, sanitation officer, furniture salesman and preacher. He retired in 1952 after moving to this town of 3,200 people. In Galva, he was known for his charity work and his gardening column in the local newspaper, the Galva News. A native of Ft. Worth, Mr. Mendel was 17 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1901. His patriotic fire had been sparked by the sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine on June 23, 1898, in Havana Harbor in Cuba, which then was under Spanish rule. But he was only 14 at the time and unable to enlist. The war that liberated Cuba ended that same year. But fighting on Guam and in Puerto Rico and the Philippines continued for several years, and when Mr. Mendel joined the Army he still was hoping to see combat, he recalled in a 1983 interview. Instead of carrying a gun onto the battlefield, Mr. Mendel spent his 3- year military career carrying a football on the athletic fields at Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. In 1902, he was cited as the Army's best athlete. Mr. Mendel outlasted all but one of the 392,000 Americans who served during the 1898-1902 era. The last known veteran of the Spanish-American War era is Nathan E. Cook, 102, of Tempe, Ariz., a former Navy man with 44 years of military service. Mr. Mendel became the oldest living American vet when Jasper Garrison of Marion, Ill., died on June 5, 1987, at age 107. A widower, Mr. Mendel is survived by a son, Robert L. of Brookfield; a daughter, Fern Varley of San Francisco; two grandsons, and a great-granddaughter. Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday in the Bishop Hill Cemetery near Galva. [Chicago Tribune (IL) - July 14, 1988 - submitted by Sara Hemp] (NOTE: View other Spanish American War Veterans obits at our main site at