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The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Atkinson News
Here we are again and here we hope to stay for some time to come.
The Atkinson schools opened up with renewed vigor on last Monday.
We learn that Mrs. Rev. Z. Welch had a bad fall on Wednesday of last week, from which she received severe bruises. The fall was down a stairway.
Mrs. F. Stiner is sick.
Mr. Gresser, one of our enterprising merchants, received a Christmas present from his wife, over which we will wager he feels prouder than a gobbler in April. The gift was no more nor less than a fine girl baby.
There will be a Teachers' Institute in the school building here next Saturday. Teachers from neighboring towns and districts are invited.
Mr. Ed. Neal, section boss and his men, were up all Sunday night, keeping the track clear of debris, and warning trains to run slow over the railroad bridge at Spring Creek. The rain of Saturday caused a flood, which for volume and force remains unequalled by any ordinary freshet which has ever preceded it.
Week of prayer is observed by the good people here by holding meetings every evening alternately between the two Protestant churches.
We believe the George Bros. have not been around yet to pay their fine, imposed upon them for pummeling Mr. G. Benedict. No we believe not.
S. R. K.
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Atkinson News
Mrs. John Trekell is off on a six weeks visit to Peoria.
Mr. Daniel Wonderly has returned from Nebraska.
Geo. Seybert Esq., who has been in the employ of Mr. Lamont at Anawan has returned to Atkinson. He contemplates making a visit to his old home in Pa., soon.
Dr. Smiley and wife of Kewanee were recent visitors to our town. They were looking after their son who practices medicine here. They found our doctor doing a good business.
Miss Abbie Whiting of Kewanee was visiting at Mr. Machesney's recently.
Noyce Alger has so far recovered from his severe illness as to be able to walk about the streets a very little. It will be some time ere he is as strong as before his tussle with the typhoid.
Rev. Terrell, a F. M. brother of some note, preached several very able sermons Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.
H. R. Dunbar is as badly afflicted as old Job - whose history is pathetically told by himself - having a carbuncle on his left arm as big as a Kewanee girl's heel and as red as a political nose. It is indeed a sore one and the father of several more, which makes the matter more serious. We hope they will soon disappear.
A juvenile leap year party was enjoyed by the young folks at the hospitable home of Mr. James Pierson on Wednesday evening.
Mr. Babbitt Sr. had been unwell several weeks; but is getting about again. Glad of it.
Mr. Isaac Callendar, one of the jolliest stock purchasers in the State, is doing a thriving business for so muddy a time. He ships porkers from this point every week.
S. R. K.
 The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, IL, Feb 5, 1880
Atkinson News
Mr. Abrani Seybert, a former pupil of the public school here, will teach the coming spring in Little's district west of town.
The roads have been so bad for the past week that Mr. Hull, the genial mail carrier between here and Galva, was obliged on several occasions to get out of his wagon and punch around with a stick to find his mules.
John Wolf Esq., and Mr. Daniel Wonderly have purchased land in Neb., and will go in a few weeks to commence plowing at their new home. Success to them.
The raffle at Everett's hall has been dated for Monday eve., Feb. 9th.
Mrs. Sammons, who has been sick for over a year, is gradually failing. She is very weak and may not live through the winter.
Mrs. C. Thayer of Geneseo, daughter of Mr. Boomer living west of town is reported dangerously sick.
Mr. Z. Welch, our ice man, is harvesting ice three inches thick, and glad to get it too.
Vic McCulloh, a young man living near Annwan, was followed home one day last week by James Pierson Esq., our constable. Jim rode fast, and Vic, and two young men with hime drove fast too, so that Jim, despite all his efforts to the contrary did not overhaul the gents till they drove into McCulloh's yard. Then Jim accused them of abstracting a valuable silk handkerchief from the store belonging to Mr. E. Everett, without paying for it and proposed to search the crowd ere he left. At this Vic, produced the handkerchief; but Jim told him it was not the wipe he wanted, but pay for it, and his trouble. So Vic ruefully produced $2.50 and handed it over and Jim rode home.
Miss Hattie Boyden of Tiskilwa, arrived in town Monday eve., to visit her sister, Mrs. Welch.
Mr. Alston, father of a Mr. Alston employed by Richmond Bros., of Geneseo and residing here, arrived from the east Tuesday morning. It was a surprise as no one was expecting him.
Mr. John Rodema and Miss Martha M. Porter, all of Cornwall, were united in the holy bands of matrimony by Rev. Stouffer, Jan. 28. We wish them, reportorially, success in the future.
Mr. Lyman Green has been sick for a few weeks but we are happy to state that he is nearly able to fill orders for coal as gracefully as of yore.
The friends of Miss Lou Lyon, and they are many, will be glad to hear that from a private letter, the President of the institution she is attending speaks very highly of her musical capacities.

The Henry County News,Geneseo, IL, February 12, 1880
Atkinson News

Mrs. J. W. Smith and daughter Lou, were suddenly called to Clarence, Iowa, Monday evening by the serious illness of a niece and cousin. They will remain till a change for the better takes place, or they follow her remains to their last repose.
Mrs. Mayer and daughter, who have been visiting in Iowa for the past five weeks, returned home last Wednesday evening to the great satisfaction of Mr. Mayer.
Mr. Otis Clough of Peoria has been visiting friends here during the past week.
A party of young people met at the residence of Mr. Thos. Trekell on Friday evening to have a good time and they had it. The party was gotten up for Willie, youngest son of Mr. Trekell. One of those present, took us aside on Monday evening and said, with the water trickling out of each corner of his mouth, "Kiner, that was the best supper, Mrs. Trekell got up for us I ever - oh my." And we have no doubt about it at all.
Mr. Seybert has rented Mr. John Welch's family have experienced much sickness during the past few months. We wish for them all a speedy return to health.
One of the most enjoyable partied of the season was held at the hospitable home of that prince of good fellows, Mr. H. L. Lyons on Thursday evening. Hank was at his best, and his genial, and sociable wife did much to make the evening pleasant. All present were satisfied in mind and stomach.
Geo. Fitzkee, a sixteen year old son of John Fitzkee Esq., accidentally shot himself through the left hand Sunday morning through the careless manipulation of a revolver. The wound is doing well.
Mossie Boheart, sixteen years old, tripped and fell while going to school Tuesday noon, fracturing her arm just above the wrist joint. Doctor Smily set the bone, and she will no doubt, soon be around again.

The Henry County News,Geneseo, IL, February 19, 1880
Atkinson News

Considerable sickness is reported by our physicians, especially among the aged and middle aged.
Seymour Gifford is in Rock Falls, looking up old friends. Seymour used to be partner in a hotel over there.
Mrs. Jennie Chamberlin, of Geneseo, was visiting friends in town and vicinity this week.
Mrs. M. B. Smith is quite sick at the present writing. She had a serious attack of quinsy, from which she had nearly recovered, when an exposure led to a relapse.
Mr. John Lattimer met with a serious accident on Thursday of last week. He was chopping, when through some mishap the ax slipped and was buried in the top of his left foot, making an ugly and dangerous wound. Dr. Pillsbury is doing all he can for the relief of the sufferer.
John Wolf and family, W. D. Wonderley and family, and several others started for Neb. Tuesday.
Mr. John Bloom's family have just recovered from a severe sickness. Mrs. Bloom was first sick, then the children. All are now convalescing.
S. R. Kiner

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL , February 26, 1880
Atkinson News
The sick: Mrs. Ogen, Lou Smith, Ross Kiner, Miss Grubbs, Will Welch, Ruby Trekell, Willie Milar, Dr. Pillsbury, Frank Selis, Dr. P. is out again.
Wm. Mussey has been appointed Township Treasurer.
Byran Lloyd will remove west.
A long string of interesting Atkinson items must be suppressed this week, owing to lack of space [Ed News]

Henry County News - March 4, 1880. Contributed by Nancy Piper.
Atkinson News

The union meetings still continue, conducted by Revs. Stouffer and Todd.
Mr. Summons has a brother visiting with him. He is from Chicago.
Mrs. Cole, formerly a resident of Cornwall, now living in Malcom, Ia., is here visiting former friends.
Many will be surprised to hear of the marriage in Iowa, of our old friend Mr. Charles CoxHe was married some time ago, but it will still be news to many.
Mr. Dean Mankin started for Neb., on the nine o'clock train Tuesday morning. He will make his future home in that State.
McBride, who has been a resident of this town some time, loaded a car and started for the west Tuesday evening.
Daniel Porter got a fall from a horse Tuesday. It will cripple him for a few days.
Luther Hull, Esq., who recently married E. Everett's sister, moved into the country today, Tuesday.  Success to them.

Henry County News - March 25, 1880. Contributed by Nancy Piper
Atkinson News

Old Mr. Armstrong has been quite sick for some time.
Miss Fannie Gifford is laid low with that dread disease typhoid fever.
Mr. Earl of Geneseo tried to sell some glassware, etc. etc., at auction here last week. He will never try it again. He first night he talked, roared, panted, sung, swore, persuaded and sweat for two mortal hours and didn't sell enough to buy his breakfast. Not because his wares were poor, but people didn't want to buy.
Willie Gifford was home on a visit a few days last week.
Miss Lou Lyons returned home on last Saturday. She took everyone by surprise. His residence in Ohio has made but liitle change in her. She is just as sociale and as winsome as before.
Zach Welch, Seymour Gifford, E.J. Comp and Geo. Seyberts, started on a big duck hunt Monday.
Mr. John Whitted has done his share toward the census. It is a girl, and came to hand last Sunday night.

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