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 The Geneseo Republican, Geneseo IL , February 27, 1880
Galva Items

Collector Olson has taken in nearly $6,000 up to the present day. Last Monday the receipts were nearly $1,000.
Isaac Grant, our meat market man, has just received six cars of ice from Milan.
The Idle Hour Club gave another of their club dances at Temperance Hall on last Friday evening, a large crowd being in attendance.
Christine Johnson, the young Swede girl sent to Cambridge jail for stealing female apparel, is almost a raving maniac it is reported.
Mr. L. P. Ek, one of our druggists (we have only three now) has sold his drug store to Norling Bros., of Bishop Hill. The latter have also a drug store at Bishop Hill.
Editor Phelps of the Toulon Herald, passed through this place last week as also did Smithe, of the Chronicle, with wife and daughter on their way to Chicago to attend the Press Association Meeting. Miss Etta Elsele, our prima donna, is giving concerts in neighboring towns, assisted by Prof. Jeliffe of Oneida. She had quite a large house at Woodhull and was highly praised. She gives a concert at Kewanee Friday evening and at Toulon the preceding evening.
One day last week as Mr. Eber Wentworth was standing on a step ladder in the meat market, it slipped and he fell, striking the back of his head on one of the butcher blocks and making him unconscious. He was alone at the time and had not someone arrived soon he would in all probability have died. Medical aid was summoned and he is now doing well.

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