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Revolutionary War Soldier George Nixon
G.G.G. Grandfather of President Richard M. Nixon

Many thanks to Carol Evans for contributing this information on the only Revolutionary War soldier "from" Henry County

Excerpt From: “The Nixons - An American Family” by Edwin P. Hoyt:

"In 1842, George and Francis's widow, Ann and the children lived on a farm on the banks of the Rock River. George Nixon was now ninety years old, and although he was spry enough to repair fences and ride herd on the stock, he did not buy another property, but rented a house from Anthony Hunt. With the help of the elder children he looked after the farm until he died that year and was buried in Glennwood Cemetery. Francis's widow soon moved away to another county, and the grave lay neglected for many years, until 1925, when two great-granddaughters from Freeport, Illinois, Mrs. Emma Richardson and Miss Mabel Nixon, found it once again. The Henry county chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution then erected a monument to the old man's memory, since he was the only bonafide Revolutionary hero to be buried in Henry County. At the dedication there was music and tribute, and a veteran of the Spanish American War gave an address: "The Life of Lieutenant George N. Nixon" while members of the Genesco and Cambridge posts of the American Legion stood at attention. The chairman of the Henry county board of supervisors made a little speech presenting the monument and the great-granddaughters proudly unveiled it. A hundred people stood in the rain as Mrs. Harry Ainsworth of the Moline chapter of the DAR paid tribute to old George.”

George Nixon is buried in Glennwood Cemetery in Colona Township next to his son Francis.

Glenwood Cemetery
Entrance to Glennwood Cemetery

George Nixon headstone

Near here lies
Born 1752, Newcastle Co., De.
Died 1842, Henry Co., IL.
Ensign Dec. 10, 1776 - Mar. 16, 1777
and Aug. 25, 1777 - Oct. 6, 1777.
Captain Evan's Co. Col. Duff's Del. regt.
In both Battles of
Trenton and Battles of Princeton and Brandywine.
Lieutenant Oct. 15, 1777 - July 15, 1778.
Captain McKee's Delaware Spy Co.
Preventing Tory aid to British.

Erected to this Patriot and
Pioneer by Henry County and
dedicated by the D.A.R.

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