List of applicants for Pensions, Increase, Etc., from Illinois whose Claims were allowed as of October 10, 1890

Source: "The Daily Inter Ocean - Illinois"
Date: Oct. 11, 1890

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We've re-transcribed this piece and corrected the errors of the previous transcriber

Washington, Oct. 10 - Special Telegram - The following pensions have been granted:

G. Senour, Olmstead
M. B. Hutchison, Metropolis City
James Powers, Quincy
John Daughterty, Tennessee
John A. Garrett, Potomac
John Wadleigh, Rutland
Dios C. Hagle, Flora
Andrew Lefever, Oblong
David Hedding, Oakley
Lewis McLemurry, Mound Junction.

Geo. L. Peeler, Crystal Lake
Shedrack Rawlings, Calhoun
David Peat, Springfield
Isaac Gage, Winslow
John Gibson, Mt. Vernon
James Kearnes, Chicago
Ebon C. Sanders, Carmi
John Herzing, Breeze
Isaac Crow, Princeville
John L. Hays, Wichita
Benj. R. Miller, Paris
Harris Winterringer, Mason
Isham D. Womack, Mitchellsville
Wm. A. Snyder, Bonfield
Thomas Bennett, Hampshire
Jas. B. Lant, Olena
Jos. F. Crosby, Catlin
Alex. McBride, Norwood
Lewis Batley, Bluffs
Robert Neil, Sparta
Patrick O'Mars, Chicago
Jesse D. Smith, Pawnee
Stephen Kincaid, Hord
John Myers, Hoyleton
Andrew Tailor, Lacon
James G. Rising, Ottawa
William R. Tillman, Prairie City
Joseph H. Livingston, Chicago
John D. Fralig, Odin
Elijah Long, Seymour
William Perkins, Unionville
David A. Craddick, Pana
James McWilliams, Cloverdale
Harmon W. Gentry, Enfield
Jacob Routson, Lincoln
Abner L. Ward, Bethany
Ivory P. Weed, Canton
Thomas McAllister, Waukegan
William Witte, Fosterburg
William J. Blair, Cave-in-Rock.

Leander Stewart, Sparta
Nicholas Robinson, Oblong
Joseph Mills, Rock Island
Calvin Covert, Bushnell

Fredericka, widow of Frederick Seeberger, Edwardsville.

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Submitted by K. Torp

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