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List of Pensions Granted for Illinois Applicants from the week of July 27 1888
Transcribed by K. Torp

As reported in the Inter Ocean Newspaper on 28 Jul 1888

Washington, July 27, Special Telegram. The following pensions have been granted:

J.B. Sialey, Millersburgh
H. McDonnell, Sterling
J.W. Miles, Spark's Hill
G.S. Kellogg, Paxton
J. Campbell, Allen Sprgs
S. Van Vleck, Chicago
P. Carroll, Vara
H. Brandmeier, Belleville
J.E. McConnell, Fountain Green
G.W. Waltman, Bushnell
J.F. Richerson, Frankfort
W.C. Torrance, Civer
H. Cockrum, Brayfield
J. Reck, Mount Carmel
F.M. Heath Calhoun
J.T. Nexbitt, Griggsville
A.O. Daniell, Centralia
W.Stubbs, Vermillion
J.T. Biggle, Danville
D. May, Walkerville
T.H. Maxwell, Martinsville
J.Cooper, Sumner
C.H. Nichols, Chicago
J. Galloway, Aledo
J. Skelcher, Carbondale
W.A. Phillips, Chicago
E.S. FUlkerson, Carmi

J. Odear, Coatsburg
I.S. Henderson, Metropolis
W. Haarstick (dec'd) Raymond
E.T. Clark, Little Rock
J.E. SMith Moscow
J.L. Tiner, Carbondale

Sarah A., widow of S.B. Sanford, Chicago

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