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1 JANUARY 1857

Original Source: Reports made to the General Assembly of Illinois at its 20th Session Convened January 5, 1857.
Additional information not abstracted includes: term of sentence, date received at prison and date term is to expire.

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton from an ISGS publication, though we've sorted this by county rather than alpha order






Baker, Elijah L. 30 Adams Larceny Illinois
Burns, Harrison 21 Adams Rape Kentucky
Hatch, Samuel 32 Adams Larceny and forgery Maine
McClosky, James 29 Adams Larceny Ireland
Marshall, William 32 Adams Larceny Kentucky
Ward, Albert 22 Adams Larceny Connecticut
Bass, Matthew 48 Alexander Assault to murder North Carolina
Gile, Rufus 36 Boone Manslaughter New York
Hartwell, Samuel 33 Boone Larceny New York
Needles, George 17 Boone Larceny New York
Powers, Margaret 19 Boone Larceny Ireland
Dennis, Joseph 26 Brown Larceny Germany
Cable, John 57 Bureau Larceny New York
Ferguson, Woodson 18 Cass Larceny Tennessee
McElavy, James 32 Cass Larceny England
Nichols, Williams H 26 Cass Larceny Illinois
Barrett, Edward 25 Champaign Murder Ireland
High, George 28 Champaign Larceny Ohio
Lyster, Samuel D 20 Champaign Larceny Indiana
Yakel, Jacob 28 Champaign Larceny Germany
Rhodes, Joel Y. 53 Clay Cohabitating with daughter Virginia
Shephard, James 23 Clay Burglary Indiana
York, John 24 Clay Burglary Tennessee
Groseman, Francis 28 Clinton Larceny Germany
Peterson, William 23 Coles Grand Larceny Virginia
Gorman, James 23 Cook Manslaughter England
Landen, James S. 23 Cook Having counterfeit money to pass Ohio
Anderson, James D 21 Cook Rape Ohio
Anderson, John R. 30 Cook Having counterfeit money to pass Vermont
Aurbach, Soloman 32 Cook Burglary Prussia
Bales, Charles 28 Cook Larceny Germany
Barbydt, Vedder 38 Cook Larceny New York
Barnes, William 18 Cook Larceny New York
Barry, Andrew 18 Cook Larceny Ireland
Bassett, Oscar L. 20 Cook Larceny New York
Bayliss, Cyrus 22 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
Beede, Elzaphan 19 Cook Larceny New Hampshire
Beesenach, Joseph 22 Cook Larceny Canada
Bennett, Boler C. 27 Cook Robbery Virginia
Berberick, Michael 22 Cook Larceny Germany
Borkart, William 25 Cook Larceny Germany
Brady, Alexander 37 Cook Larceny England
Brennan, Peter 21 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
Brooks, Martin 22 Cook Robbery Ms (sic)
Brown, Charles 21 Cook Robbery Vermont
Brown, Henry L 23 Cook Counterfeiting New York
Bruce, Charles 37 Cook Robbery Pennsylvania
Buckridge, Wm 21 Cook Administering poison New York
Carroll, James 25 Cook Larceny Ireland
Carter, John 34 Cook Larceny Germany
Clark, George 38 Cook Having bad coin Ireland
Clemens, George 28 Cook Vagrancy Kentucky
Colin, Joseph 25 Cook Burglery France
Conder, Leo 25 Cook Murder Switzerland
Cox, William 29 Cook Larceny England
Cromey, Patrick 24 Cook Assault to murder Ireland
Curtis, George 26 Cook Larceny Canada
Dalmadge, Wm. 21 Cook Burglary Canada
Daniels, George 24 Cook Larceny Massachusetts
Darley, Henry 23 Cook Larceny Canada
Davis, Henry 20 Cook Larceny Ohio
Dean, Charles W. 36 Cook Larceny North Carolina
Dendon, Augustus 20 Cook Larceny Germany
Dexter, Ira 24 Cook Counterfeiting New York
Dolson, John 20 Cook Larceny France
Donnelly, John 40 Cook Larceny Ireland
Donnelly, Patrick 18 Cook Larceny New York
Douglas, William 34 Cook Assault to murder Scotland
Fagan, John 39 Cook Rape Ireland
Flannery, Patrick 20 Cook Manslaughter Ireland
Geary, Patrick 18 Cook Robbery Canada
Gerhard, John T. 35 Cook Larceny Germany
German, Richard 23 Cook Larceny Kentucky
Goodwin, George W. 36 Cook Larceny & receipt stolen goods Michigan
Grogan, James 42 Cook Counterfeiting Vermont
Hanchel, Charles 21 Cook Larceny Germany
Hays, James 21 Cook Larceny Scotland
Heister, Henry 40 Cook Larceny Germany
Henry, James 27 Cook Larceny Ireland
Herrington, Alexander 23 Cook Having bad coin Canada
Herrington, Samuel 57 Cook Perjury New York
Hirsche, Charles 30 Cook Larceny Germany
Jackson, William 29 Cook Larceny New York
Johnson, Charles 25 Cook Vagrancy New York
Johnson, Thomas 29 Cook Larceny Canada
Johnson, William 28 Cook Larceny Canada
Jones, Oliver 18 Cook Rape Kentucky
Jones, Thomas 28 Cook Larceny Canada
Kane, Hugh 25 Cook Larceny Ireland
Kennedy, Austin 20 Cook Assault to rape Canada
Lamar, Eugene 25 Cook Robbery France
Leonard, Daniel 27 Cook Rape New York
McCarthy, Ellen 38 Cook Larceny Ireland
McDonold, Daniel 22 Cook Manslaughter Canada
McGill, Milton 29 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
McKinley, James B 18 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
McLaughlin, John 31 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
McMahon, James 46 Cook Assault to kill New York
McMurray, James A 19 Cook Larceny Ireland
Madden, Geo. J. 23 Cook Robbery ?
Madden, Michael 24 Cook Robbery Ireland
Mahoney, Eugene 27 Cook Larceny New York
Mann, Seth 19 Cook Robbery New York
Markson, Marcus 19 Cook Larceny Germany
Massaich, Theodore 42 Cook Burglary Maryland
Mente, Leopold 37 Cook Larceny Germany
Moffitt, Charles 49 Cook Burglary New York
Moran, James M. 18 Cook Larceny Kentucky
Murphy, Michael 46 Cook Larceny Illinois
Nash, Levi 20 Cook Larceny New York
Nelson, Edward 20 Cook Burglary Scotland
Nelson, John 20 Cook Robbery Ireland
Norval, Lewis 29 Cook Larceny Canada
O'Brien, William 21 Cook Counterfeiting New York
O'Connor, Patrick 19 Cook Larceny Ireland
O'Neal, Barni 26 Cook Larceny Ireland
Parker, Edward 22 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
Parmilee, Paul 43 Cook Larceny Germany
Phillips, Geo. W. 21 Cook Larceny England
Phillips, William 19 Cook Larceny New York
Postel, Henry 19 Cook Robbery New York
Putnam, Edwin 38 Cook having a bad coin Pennsylvania
Rainford, John 27 Cook Robbery Ireland
Rawling, Wm. D. 23 Cook Larceny Indiana
Recks, Ezra 23 Cook Counterfeiting Canada
Rees, William 27 Cook Larceny New York
Reynolds, Edward 49 Cook Larceny New York
Rich, George 33 Cook Larceny New York
Riley, Patrick 23 Cook Robbery Kentucky
Ritter, Josiah 28 Cook Counterfeiting Pennsylvania
Robinson, Philip P 48 Cook Assault to murder England
Robinson, Thomas H.L. 25 Cook Larceny New York
Rockwell, Derastus B 46 Cook Larceny Vermont
Roger, Alfred 24 Cook Burglary France
Ryan, John 45 Cook Larceny Ireland
Ryan, John 26 Cook Larceny Ireland
Shaffer, Frederic 51 Cook Larceny Germany
Sharp, Delaney 28 Cook Larceny New York
Smith, Henry 21 Cook Larceny Germany
Smith, Joseph 21 Cook Larceny England
Smith, Richard F 38 Cook Having bad coin England
Smith, William 23 Cook Larceny New York
Sprague, Batus 31 Cook Larceny New York
Staylor, Geo. 50 Cook Burglery New York
Stoltz, William 21 Cook Larceny Germany
Terry, George 26 Cook Larceny Belgium
Thomas, John 25 Cook Burglery New York
Thompson, Barrett 37 Cook Larceny Pennsylvania
Tulley, James 21 Cook Larceny Ireland
Valleby, John 31 Cook Larceny Ireland
Wagon, George 30 Cook Larceny England
Wallenski, Carl ?? Cook Larceny Poland
Walsh, George W. 24 Cook Larceny Vermont
Ward, John 25 Cook Larceny England
Ward, Patrick 21 Cook Larceny Ireland
Welch, Wm. 20 Cook Larceny Ireland
Weldon, Richard 17 Cook Larceny Ireland
Wentworth, Elisha W. 23 Cook Counterfeiting New York
Wilkinson, Thomas 22 Cook Burglary Pennsylvania
Williams, Alfred 25 Cook Larceny England
Williams, James 25 Cook Larceny Ohio
Williams, John 26 Cook Larceny Vermont
Williams, Wm. 23 Cook Robbery England
Wilson, Charles 30 Cook Larceny Delaware
Winters, Henry 24 Cook Larceny Germany
Wood, Charles 30 Cook Larceny England
Smith, William 34 Cook Vagrancy Tennessee
Weston, Philander 20 DeKalb Larceny New York
Cox, Andrew J. 22 DeWitt Larceny Indiana
Young, George 22 DeWitt Larceny Pennsylvania
Young, William 21 DeWitt Larceny Pennsylvania
Chapman, Harmon C. 22 DuPage Forgery New York
Elsner, George W. 29 DuPage Larceny Germany
Forbes, Abner 32 DuPage Larceny Ohio
Herschleb, John C. 23 DuPage Forgery Germany
Shafer, Nicholas 54 DuPage Larceny New Jersey
Harrison, William H 21 Edgar Larceny Maryland
Hill, James 22 Edgar Larceny Kentucky
Lewis, John 30 Edgar Larceny Louisiana
Snyder, John 52 Edgar Larceny France
Young, John H. 32 Edgar Forgery Connecticut
Lewis, Oliver 24 Edwards Larceny Kentucky
Eldridge, Richards 24 Fayette Larceny Illinois
Redburn, Newton 22 Franklin Larceny Illinois
Bennett, John 27 Fulton Larceny Ohio
Dye, Rebecca 32 Fulton Murder Pennsylvania
O'Connor, John 42 Fulton Assault to rape Kentucky
Banyard, Joseph 21 Gallatin Manslaughter Illinois
Booten, William 24 Gallatin Burglery Illinois
Bradway, Ebenezer 27 Gallatin Assault to murder Louisiana
Harpool, Hardy K 25 Gallatin Larceny Tennessee
Hogan, Isaac 35 Gallatin Larceny New York
Joiner, Wiley 19 Gallatin Larceny Missouri
Keith, Jerome 19 Gallatin Larceny Illinois
Purcell, Joseph 22 Gallatin Assault to murder Ohio
Romines, Nicholas 67 Gallatin Incest E. Tennessee
Simms, Isaac 30 Gallatin Grand Larceny Illinois
Armstrong, Joseph 24 Greene Larceny ?
Pierson, Thomas 43 Greene Murder Tennessee
Fitch, Harmon 29 Hamilton Larceny France
Hand, Charles 17 Hamilton Forgery Illinois
Purcell, Thomas 43 Hamilton Larceny England
Droomay, Simon 25 Hancock Murder Ireland
Smith, Frank 33 Hancock Larceny Ireland
Keenan, James 25 Henderson Assault to rape Ireland
Taylor, Wm. 20 Henderson Larceny New York
Robinson, Isaac 22 Jackson Larceny Tennessee
Mitchell, James 16 Jefferson Larceny Tennessee
Williamson, Lafayette 23 Jefferson Burglary Kentucky
Bickford, Charles 22 Jersey Larceny Maine
Bradley, John 48 Jersey Larceny Ireland
Brady, James 36 Jersey Larceny Ireland
Gordon, John 25 Jersey Robbery Ohio
Beach, George 24 Jo Daviess Larceny Ohio
Bradley, John 23 Jo Daviess Assault to murder England
Campbell, John 26 Jo Daviess Robbery Scotland
Cooper, John 23 Jo Daviess Murder Ireland
Cox, Edward 25 Jo Daviess Larceny Ireland
Ford, James 24 Jo Daviess Robbery Ireland
Gleason, Michael 29 Jo Daviess Larceny Ireland
Green, John 22 Jo Daviess Larceny New Jersey
Greenway, John 30 Jo Daviess Larceny England
Hill, John 38 Jo Daviess Larceny Scotland
Howe, Bartholomew 25 Jo Daviess Murder Ireland
Hueston, Philip 30 Jo Daviess Larceny Ireland
Kazabeer, Joseph 19 Jo Daviess Larceny and robbery Ohio
Littig, George 30 Jo Daviess Robbery Germany
McGinty, Francis 33 Jo Daviess Larceny Ireland
Peart, Joseph 42 Jo Daviess Larceny England
Rising, Josiah 44 Jo Daviess Larceny Vermont
Ryan, John 30 Jo Daviess Larceny Ireland
Schwartz, George 27 Jo Daviess Larceny France
Shick, Charles 44 Jo Daviess Larceny Pennsylvania
Shields, James 48 Jo Daviess Larceny Ireland
Vasey, Hugh 23 Jo Daviess Assault to murder Ireland
Wagner, Charles A. 60 Jo Daviess Assault to kill and murder Germany
Watrons, Ezra C. 47 Jo Daviess Perjury New York
Watson, William 40 Jo Daviess Larceny Pennsylvania
Wending, John 51 Jo Daviess Murder Germany
Wright, Elijah 46 Jo Daviess Larceny New York
Young, Geo. W. 40 Jo Daviess Larceny Canada
Bectale, Samuel 44 Johnson Larceny Pennsylvania
Pattson, Misidreth 19 Johnson Larceny Tennessee
Rose, Andrew J. 33 Johnson Assault to murder S. Carolina
Alden, Daniel C 20 Kane Larceny New York
Brennan, Kern 25 Kane Murder Ireland
Brown, Ranson 36 Kane Assault to murder New Jersey
Hough, Edward 20 Kane Larceny Canada
Knight, David 21 Kane Larceny New York
Reinal, John F.A. 24 Kane Burglary and larceny Germany
Rigsby, Joseph 20 Kane Burglary and larceny England
Smith, Stephen 34 Kane Larceny Kentucky
Stevens, Alonzo 23 Kane Larceny New York
Stevens, Hiram 29 Kane Larceny New York
Taylor, John 25 Kane Larceny Canada
Tewey, James 33 Kane Murder Ireland
Tewey, Michael 25 Kane Murder Ireland
Young, George 35 Kane Larceny Pennsylvania
Fisher, Lewis 20 Kankakee Larceny Germany
Stickler, Alpheaus 27 Kendall Larceny Virginia
Cashman, Cornelius 33 Knox Assault to murder Ireland
Ferris, Charles 23 Knox Larceny New York
Kinser, Joseph 20 Knox Larceny Indiana
Lanford, George 46 Knox Larceny England
Lewis, Samuel 55 Knox Larceny Pennsylvania
Boos, Henry 25 Lake Larceny Prussia
Castle, Alexander 24 Lake Larceny New York
Craves, Henry 58 Lake Assault to murder Kentucky
Cunningham, Patrick 22 Lake Larceny Ireland
Ryan, John B. 24 Lake Larceny Ireland
Tallman, Richard 36 Lake Murder Vermont
Guest, Charles 30 LaSalle Counterfeiting Ohio
Allen, James 37 LaSalle Larceny Pennsylvania
Bell, thomas 21 LaSalle Burglary Ireland
Bush, Philander 28 LaSalle Larceny Virginia
Campbell, John 28 LaSalle Burglary Ireland
Charles, George 21 LaSalle Larceny France
Cummens, John 23 LaSalle Larceny Ireland
Henry, John 20 LaSalle Burglary New York
Imhaff, Charles 21 LaSalle Larceny France
Lynch, Timothy 22 LaSalle Larceny Ireland
McGinnis, John 45 LaSalle Burglary Scotland
McLaughlin, Michael 28 LaSalle Murder Ireland
Price, Eben I 31 LaSalle Having burglar's tools Pennsylvania
Scanton, William 65 LaSalle Murder Ireland
Alliman, Charles 17 Lawrence Larceny New York
Meyers, John 23 Logan Larceny Germany
Moore, Samuel 31 Logan Larceny Tennessee
Parrish, Cornelius 25 Logan Larceny Ohio
Connelly, Michael 60 Macon Grand Larceny Ireland
Alexander, Richard 53 Macoupin Larceny New Hampshire
Besch, Barni 23 Macoupin Burglary and larceny Germany
Hayes, William 36 Macoupin Larceny Pennsylvania
Randolph, John 24 Macoupin Assault to kill Virginia
Behne, Fredrick 18 Madison Larceny Germany
Campbell, John 36 Madison Larceny Vermont
Diamond, Samuel 21 Madison Larceny Illinois
Hayne, David 60 Madison Larceny S. Carolina
Hughes, Henry 18 Madison passing counterfeit money New York
Johnson, Wm. 18 Madison Larceny Alabama
Jones, William 39 Madison Burglary Dist. Columbia
Kelly, James 23 Madison Larceny Kentucky
Knipshield, John 25 Madison Larceny Germany
Meyer, John 35 Madison Larceny Germany
Mitchen, William 21 Madison Manslaughter England
Preston, James 25 Madison Larceny Massachusetts
Roach, John 45 Madison Larceny Ireland
Seaward, Charles 23 Madison Larceny New York
Smith, William 29 Madison Assault to murder Germany
Stanch, Samuel 21 Madison Larceny Germany
Thorn, William 25 Madison Larceny Virginia
Grooms, Thomas J. 26 Marion Forgery Virginia
Hanger, Ferdinand 27 Marion Larceny Germany
Riley, John 24 Marion Larceny Ireland
Scullen, Patrick 27 Marion Assault to murder Ireland
Swisher, Jacob 22 Marion Larceny Virginia
Thayer, Carl 25 Marion Larceny Germany
Shinn, James 24 Marshall Manslaughter Virginia
Wallace, James 21 Marshall Rape Ohio
Dew, Wiley 30 Mason Assault to murder Tennessee
Barnes, William 22 Massac Larceny Kentucky
Goodson, George W. 18 Massac Larceny Indiana
Jarrett, Daniel 37 Massac Larceny Kentucky
Kuster, John J. 30 McHenry Larceny Prussia
McLean, William 60 McHenry Robbery Ireland
Morris, William 21 McHenry Larceny New York
Johnson, Henry 23 McLean Larceny Ohio
Williams, William 21 McLean Larceny Tennessee
Benny, Wm. 21 Mercer Larceny Scotland
Brown, Joseph 35 Monroe Larceny Maine
Conner, Charles 22 Monroe Larceny Illinois
Ryan, Thomas 32 Monroe Larceny Ireland
Shawers, James 20 Monroe Assault to rape Illinois
Weaver, John 42 Monroe Larceny Germany
Willow, Charles 32 Monroe Larceny New York
Francis, Henry 38 Montgomery Larceny Prussia
Shaver, Calvin 37 Montgomery Larceny New York
Chapley, Seymour 18 Ogle Larceny Michigan
Downs, Patrick ?? Ogle Larceny Ireland
Huntley, William 29 Ogle Larceny Massachusetts
Hurst, James 20 Ogle Larceny New York
Jones, John 24 Ogle Larceny Canada
Allen, Richard 22 Peoria Larceny New York
Applegate, Ezekiel 40 Peoria Murder Pennsylvania
Dall, Matthew 37 Peoria Rape Germany
French, Lafayette 25 Peoria Larceny Vermont
Gallager, John 21 Peoria Larceny Ireland
Gilbert, Lewis 36 Peoria Murder Ohio
Iverson, Joseph 29 Peoria larceny England
Johnson, Henry 34 Peoria Larceny England
Jordan, Thomas 26 Peoria Robbery Ireland
Little, John 38 Peoria Larceny Canada
Oldfield, James 30 Peoria Larceny Virginia
Read, Daniel 31 Peoria Larceny Pennsylvania
Richville, Robert 21 Peoria Larceny Illinois
Schroop, Joseph 42 Peoria Larceny Germany
Smith, William 33 Peoria Larceny Pennsylvania
Sterling, Henry 24 Peoria Larceny Ohio
Veich, James 32 Peoria Larceny Ireland
Devoe, Samuel 21 Pike Larceny Virginia
Fahrenhurtz, Henry 35 Pike Larceny Germany
O'Connor, James 36 Pike possession of counterfeit money
with intent to pass
Stewart, George 25 Pike Burglary Iowa
Griffith, John 22 Pope Larceny Georgia
Cooper, Ephraim H. 36 Pulaski Murder Illinois
Pumper, Fredrick 23 Pulaski Larceny Germany
Smith, Christopher C. 28 Pulaski Larceny Kentucky
Vebert, William 19 Pulaski Larceny Kentucky
Johnson, Wm. ?? Putnam Larceny Germany
Showman, Fredrick 23 Putnam Larceny Germany
Williams, William W. 21 Putnam Murder Vermont
Best, Philip 61 Randolph Murder Germany
Combs, David 28 Randolph Burglery and Larceny Rhode Island
Howell, Wm. 33 Randolph Murder Virginia
Kane, Florence 19 Randolph Larceny Germany
O'Brien, Matthew 21 Randolph Larceny Ireland
Bradley, Philip 25 Rock Island Larceny Ireland
Curtis, John 33 Rock Island Larceny Ireland
Davis, John 28 Rock Island Assault to rape New York
Guyer, John 22 Rock Island Larceny Virginia
Haines, Webster 20 Rock Island Larceny Ohio
Holdridge, James 26 Rock Island Larceny New York
McCartney, Hugh 24 Rock Island Murder Kentucky
Meyers, Fredrick 18 Rock Island Larceny New York
Miller, William 20 Rock Island Larceny Pennsylvania
Morrison, David 20 Rock Island Burglary England
Potter, James 39 Rock Island Rape England
Collins, Thomas 33 Sangamon Having and passing counterfeit money Missouri
Gerrard, Thomas 39 Sangamon Larceny Ireland
Hibbs, John 29 Sangamon Manslaughter Ohio
Lloyd, Alexander 21 Sangamon Having and passing counterfeit Illinois
Meyer, Frederick 32 Sangamon Larceny Germany
Miller, John 26 Sangamon Larceny Ohio
Morris, John 28 Sangamon Murder Illinois
O'Donald, James 31 Sangamon Larceny Pennsylvania
Smith, Peter 27 Sangamon Larceny Germany
Richardson, John 31 Scott Burglary and larceny Scotland
West, John 23 Scott Burglary New York
Spore, L.S. 48 Shelby Larceny New York
Corter, John 31 St. Clair Attempt to rape Ireland
Daunley, Thomas 21 St. Clair Larceny England
Davis, David 24 St. Clair Larceny Wales
Edwards, Thomas 26 St. Clair Larceny Wales
Engle, Robert 30 St. Clair Larceny France
Fahay, Patrick 26 St. Clair Manslaughter Ireland
Gunnells, John 25 St. Clair Larceny Kentucky
Hellguen, James 26 St. Clair Larceny Norway
Johnson, William ?? St. Clair Larceny ?
Klingzinger, Henry 22 St. Clair Larceny Switzerland
Porter, John 29 St. Clair Larceny Ohio
Rawling, Joseph 18 St. Clair Larceny Germany
Seckelman, Henry 26 St. Clair Larceny Germany
Slaven, John 22 St. Clair Larceny Kentucky
Smith, George D. 48 St. Clair Larceny Maryland
Wilson, John E. 21 St. Clair Larceny New Jersey
Countryman, Adam 35 Stephenson Larceny New York
Crosson, John 33 Stephenson Murder Ireland
Gould, George 47 Stephenson Forgery New York
Lake, John 23 Stephenson Larceny England
Lepman, Lewis 20 Stephenson Larceny France
Linch, James 27 Stephenson Larceny Ireland
McConnell, James 21 Stephenson Larceny New Jersey
Peoples, William 30 Stephenson Larceny Ohio
Sutton, William 22 Stephenson Larceny New York
Delmy, Thomas 40 Tazewell Assault to rape Ireland
Flannagan, John 23 Tazewell Assault to rape New York
Ballard, George 17 U.S. dist court Stealing from mail Tennessee
Bigg, Frederick 27 U.S. dist court Stealing letters England
Brashar, Basil 20 U.S. dist court Stealing mail Ohio
Curtis, Samuel 43 U.S. dist court violating the mail Maine
Deniston, Theodore F. 22 U.S. dist court violating the mail New York
Harrold, James H. 21 U.S. dist court Stealing mail New York
Kean, Edmund 31 U.S. dist court robbing mail Tennessee
McComb, B.A. 23 U.S. dist court Robbery of mail New York
Wicker, Joel H. 21 U.S. dist court violating the mail New York
Wicker, Leonardo D 17 U.S. dist court violating the mail New York
Houseman, Daniel 21 Union Larceny Kentucky
Rollins, Wm. 23 Union Larceny Virginia
Williams, Jacob 29 Union Larceny Tennessee
French, Jacob 22 Vermilion Burglary Pennsylvania
Kennedy, Philip 35 Vermilion Assault to murder Ireland
Putnam, Eber 25 Wabash Larceny Indiana
Baxter, John 26 Warren Murder Virginia
Collville, Wm. 17 Warren Larceny Vermont
Horn, Hartman 63 Warren Forgery ?
Horn, Martin 44 Warren Forgery Pennsylvania
Kane, Benjamin F 36 Warren Larceny Ohio
Praton, Reuben 33 Warren Larceny Kentucky
Thurman, John W. 25 Wayne Burglery Kentucky
Utley, Simon F. 16 Wayne Arson Indiana
Rhodes, J.H. 28 White Larceny New York
Nowell, Ambrose 26 Whiteside Larceny Atlantic Ocean
Bergen, John 40 Will Adultery New York
Davis, William M 34 Will Larceny Pennsylvania
Dilliner, James H. 21 Will Larceny Indiana
Green, James 26 Will Larceny Ohio
Peterman, Christopher 52 Will Larceny Switzerland
Rooney, Felix 27 Will Rape Ireland
Williams, Rosanna 29 Will Larceny Ireland
Mosely, John 19 Williamson Murder Illinois
Bullis, Lemuel 26 Winnebago Larceny New York
Cleveland, Henry 20 Winnebago Larceny Canada
Colley, Frederick 47 Winnebago Larceny England
Draper, William 34 Winnebago Larceny Connecticut
Green, William O. 21 Winnebago Larceny Vermont
McComb, Erastus 29 Winnebago Larceny New York
Manchester, Dennis 19 Winnebago Larceny New York
Morgan, Nathaniel 26 Winnebago Larceny New Jersey
Moulding, Frederick 32 Winnebago Forgery England
Woodward, Alfred 25 Winnebago Larceny England
Woodward, Thompson 22 Winnebago Larceny England
Thompson, David 30 Woodford Murder Ireland

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