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Iroquois County Schools

White College School

-- Written by Nelle Wright     

The little on-room school houses were numerous in the middle "eighties." They carry fond memories for many people.

White College located one and one half miles north of Milford was one of these institutions. It provided education from grades one through eight.

In these schools of yester-year, the teacher had to perform many more duties, other than teaching children in all eight grades. She had to build and bank fires, carry coal (often covered with a foot of snow) from the coal shed, carry out ashes, sweep, dust, etc. Often on Friday nights she scrubbed the old bare wooden floors, with soap and water, giving it time dry over weekend. Then on Monday morning return to a shiny, clean school room and cloak hall. For this work she was paid $80 to $100 per month.

In my research, trying to find out how long this country school had been in existence, I talked to Mrs. Jennie Black Fleming, a beloved citizen of Milford who is 92 years old. Her father Clell Black come to this area with his family and to settle on 850 acres of land owned by Dr. Jos. Euans. This land was bound on the east by Stockland Township, and on the west by the C.&E.I. railroad. White College school was located a short distance east of the railroad tracks. This was in the year of 1880. Mrs. Fleming says her father often spoke of Aunt Libby Black and Aunt Dora Black Briscoe, (her sisters), attending school at White College at this time.

3rd Row: Ruth Decker, Earl Moore, Ethel Decker, Glen Decker, Ellen Moore, Vera Wolfe and George Boyd, 2nd Row: Ethel Watts, Erma Galloway, Floyd Moore, Helen Decker, Margaret Mathewson, and Lydia Fanning. 1st Row: Donald Davis, Annis Fanning, Marie Mathewson, Alvin Fanning and Lorraine Mathewson.

Henry H. Fanning and Bertha Fanning, brother and sister, also attended school in the early years. Also Ben Fanning, father of the Fanning children, shown in the above pictures.

Mrs. Nellie Garner Mathewson says she started school at age of four years. She now is 89 years old. Maude Gray was her teacher. All of the children of James and Minnie Mathewson attended school here. Their two youngest children, twins, Margaret and Marie, and granddaughter, Lorraine, are pictured above.

Glenn Decker, in above picture, worked very hard to receive his 8th grade diploma, and very proudly states to former classmates and others, the he graduated from "College"!!?? He is now the proud owner of the land on which White College stood.

When the schools in Iroquois County were consolidated, the school house was moved from its location and became a dwelling place of several families. It was later destroyed by fire.

These small one-room school buildings were the beginnings of many long and happy relationships between pupils and teachers.

It seems "especially so" to me, when some former pupil walks up to me and says, "hello, Mrs. Wright. Don't you remember me?" I was a pupil at White College in 1916-17 and later taught the children pictured above during 1923 and 1925.

(from the Milford and Vicinity Sesquicentennial Souvenir Book 1830-1980 page 21)

School Souvenir-1916

This work shop call'd a school we now

A little while suspend.

To give its workers time somehow

Vacations path to wend.

And now that were about to part. This little token with its rhymes. I give to you with all my heart. And hope you'll think of me sometimes.
Pleasant Hill Public School
District No. 174

Ash Grove Twp., Iroquois Co., Ill.
Margaret Van Hoveln-teacher Frank A. Gilbreath, Co. Supt.: PUPILS-Laura Hasselbring, Harn Janssen, Adelia Ulitzsch, Edgar Hislop-1st grade; Ida Ulitzsch, Bertha Heniger- 2nd grade; John Ulitzsch, Henry Ulitzsch-3rd grade; Susie Hulse, Martha Heiniger-4th grade; Leslie Stimpson-5th grade; Clara Hulse, Emma Hulse-6th grade; Arthur Hislop, George Hulse-7th grade; Robert Hulse, Joseph Heiniger-8th grade; School Officers--Henry Salmon, Thos. Stimpson, High Hulse


I bought this from ebay July 31st, 2004 in possession of Carrol Mick

1906 Watseka High School

Milford Grade School-Milford, Illinois unknown year;
submitted by Lucy Briscoe/Green at JeneoBug@aol.com

Milford Township High School
Milford high school
The Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Twenty
Milford Township High School
requests your presence at the
Commencement Exercises
June First
8 O'clock M.E. Church

Class Motto ---
We build the ladder by which we rise

Colors: Maroon and White | Flower: Sweet Pea

Class Roll

H. E. KNARR: Superintendent

[Submitted by Ernie Kent, Transcribed by K. Torp]

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