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Iroquois County, IL Births

Birth Announcements from 1870s Iroquois Times

Male to J.S. Martin   Mar 1873  
Male to William Smith   Mar 1873  
Quadruplets to Mrs George W. Smith Sheldon Apr 1873  
Female to M/M D.J. Eastburn   Dec 1873  
Male to Captain Andrews   May 1874  
Female to I.C. Wade   Oct 1874  
Male to George Harrington   Oct 1874  
Male to Benjamin Lower   Oct 1874  
Male to Robert Moore   Oct 1874  
Male to Andrew Gilmore   Oct 1874  
Female to W.H. Marshall   Oct 1874  
Female to M/M Skeels   Jul 1874  
M/M Munson   Dec 1874  
Male to S. Belden   Feb 1875  
Male to Michael Hogle of Missouri Feb 1875  
Male to Charlie Malloy   Oct 1876  
Male to David Labeau   Oct 1876  
Female to Jerry Goldtrap   Nov 1876  
Male to Peter Dieter   Nov 1876  
Male to Mr. Brennan   Nov 1876  
Male to Mr. Burns   Nov 1876  
Joe Raboin child   Oct/Nov 1876  
John Ducharme child   Oct/Nov 1876  
Male to Charlie Drumm   Nov/Dec 1876  
Male to Henry Close   Dec 1876  
Male to John Convie   Dec 1876  
Male to Permentier   Dec 1876 (17th or 18th child)
Female to Stephen Pro   Dec 1876  
Female to Frank Denoyer   Jan 1877  
Twins male & female to Jack Anderson   Jan 1877  
Male to Miss Shankland   Jan 1877 (Will Holmes, father)
Female to Dick Shannon   feb 1877  
Male to Eugene Looze   Feb 1877  
Child to T. Massey   Feb 1877  
Female to Dr. Michaud   Mar 1877  
Child to Loved Reid   Mar 1877  
Male to Jacob Dazey   Mar 1877  
Female to Jack Tutherhoe   Mar 1877  
Male to Peter Collette   Mar 1877  

(Transcribed by Carrol Mick from Iroquois County Genealogical Society XXXIV no.3, 2004 page 4)

Born:  male to John & Jennie OVERACKER 18 Jun Danforth, 7th child male to Jas. A. & Lucinda F. PAINTER June 16 Sheldon 1st child female to Chris. & Magdalena STUTZ 16 Jun Gilman 1st child female to Frank & Amelia COOK 16 Jun Danforth 8th child [Iroquois County Times, 26 Jun 1880 - Sub. by Carrol Mick]

Mr. and Mrs. WilliamF. Plambeck of Milford are the parents of a daughter, the first child, weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces, born at 1:10 o'clock Sunday morning, July 26, at the Iroquois hospital. The newcomer has been named Janet Louise. Mr. Plambeck, who was employed for more than two years as statistician and superintendent of the IERC food depot in Watseka, is now working on a government survey at Ottawa, Ill. Mrs. Plambeck is the former Ruth Martin of Milford. [Watseka Republican 30 July 1936 - Sub. by Carrol Mick]

Woodworth: A baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Rabe last week Tuesday. (The Milford Herald News February 3, 1916)


Births:  At the homes of Geo. W.
ROBERTS, in Milford, a girl; of Geo. TROENLY, in Loda, a boy; of Cornelius YOUNG, in Beaver, a boy; of John GILLFILLAN, in Belmont, a boy; of Ferguson FLEMING, in Belmont, a boy. [Iroquois County Times, 02 February 1878 - Sub. by Carrol Mick]

Born at Watseka, Iroquois county, Dec. 4, a son to Judge M. B. Wright. Weight 4 pounds. [unknown newspaper, December 17, 1874 - sub. by K.T.]

Axtell Family Bible


John Axtell was born November 15 1795

Mary Vennum was born February 29 1799

Elizabeth Axtell was born January 22 1821

James Henry Axtell was born June 27 1823

Sarah Jane Axtell was born April 7, 1825

Hiram Axtel was born April 27, 1828

Hiram Kirk Axtell born September 6 1830

Caroline Axtell was born July 11 1833

Mary Axtell was born Aprile 6 1834

Thomas Patrick Vennum Axtell was born May the 11 1841

William Allison was born Mar 15th 1858

George W. Axtell ? 1893

John v. Axtell 16 Sept 1895

Edith Axtell May 10 1897

Millie Axtell Apr 25 1898

Floyd Axtell Jan 2 1906

Mary A. Axtell April 2? 1871

James H. Axtell Aug 21? 1873

Myrtle Ride? Axtell ? 1887

(From pages 11-12;The Iroquois Stalker Vol.XXXII, No.3, 2002, sub. by Carrol Mick)

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