Indiana University Register of Graduates - Illinois Residents
printed 1911, The University, Bloomington, IN
©2005, Kimberly Torp, Illinois Genealogy Trails

Illinois Residents who graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana
Individuals are listed by Illinois town of residence

Historical Note:
By virtue of the State constitutions of 1816 and 1851, and the Acts of the General Assembly thereunder, Indiana University is the State University and is the head of the public school system of the State. The institution was founded by an Act of the State Legislature, approved January 20, 1820, establishing "the State Seminary" at Bloomington, and appropriating to its use certain lands granted by Congress to the State for that purpose. Its doors were opened for reception of students in 1824. The first graduating exercises were held in 1830. The institution was made co-educational in 1867. By Act of January 24, 1828, its name was changed to that of "the Indiana College;" and by Act of Febraury 15, 1838, to "the Indiana University." After the adoption of the present State Constitution in 1851, the Legislature passed a bill (approved June 17, 1852), enacting that "the institution established by 'an Act to establish a college in the State of Indiana,' approved January 28, 1828, is hereby recognized as the University of the State."

On June 24, 1902, the Supreme Court of Indiana, in the case of Fisher vs. Brower, rendered a decision, without a dissenting opinion, that "the Indiana University is an integral part of our free school system;" "that it was the special creation of the Constitution," and that "the University , as well as its endowment, has always been under the supervision of the State."

The text of these acts, together with subsequent acts, in whole or in part, for the government and maintenance of the University, are given in the University catalogues for recent years.

Prior to 1889 Degree Names:
AB = Bachelor of Arts
BS = Bachelor of Science
BL = Bachelor of Letters
PhB = Bachelor of Philosphy

Since 1889 [transcriber's note: up until 1910, the publishing date of this book], the AB was the only degree conferred upon students completing the undergraduate course in the College of Liberal Arts.
The degree LLB was not conferred upon students from 1878-1889, owing to the suspension of the School of Law
The letters AM, without year attached, mean that the degree Master of Arts was given "in course", (i.e. without further university work), 3 years after receipt of the degree Bachelor of Arts; where the year is given the degree was conferred upon examination of work done. The degree "in course" ceased to be conferred in 1876.

In most cases, the information contained in this edition has been obtained from the graduate himself. Return postal cards have been mailed to every graduate whose address could be ascertained. Notwithstanding the care taken to make this record more complete than its predecessors, some data is still lacking.

Illinois Graduates - listed by residence

Thomas J. Clark, AB, 1872
George Ferriman, Jr., AB, 1896
Joel C. Fitch, PhB., 1886
Emma R. Jennings (Mrs. Thomas J. Clark), BS, 1873

Thomas J. Davis, AB, 1906
Wilson R. Woodmansee, AB, 1902

Manuel O. Roark, AB, 1906
Ethel Trippet (Mrs. Manuel O. Roark) AB, 1903

Ralph W. Noel, AB, 1905

Mary E. Lewis, AB, 1906
Jacob P. Lindley, AB, 1881

Blue Island
Ernest L. Lambert, AB, 1910

George W. Gayler, AB, 1897
Laura M. Moore, AB, 1892
Ira P. Rinker, AB, 1902

William W. Barr, LLB, 1867
Frank H. Colyer, AB, 1895
Anna L. Gray, AB, 1908
Samuel E. Harwood, AB, 1876

Hosea V. Ferrell, BS, 1866

Harry L. Horner, AB, 1906

Ida E. Akin, AB, 1908
George F. Arps, AM, 1905
Raymond S. Blatchley, AB, 1908. 714 West Park Ave
Lester C. Gifford, AB, 1910
John H. Minnick, AB, 1906

Lotus D. Coffman, AB, 1905
Manfred W. Deputy, AB, 1904
Madeline Norton (Mrs. Forrest S. Lunt), AB, 1903

L.M. Campbell Adams, AB, 1909, 630-206 LaSalle St
William Armstrong, LLB., 1872, 204 Dearborn St
Eli J. Arnot, AB, 1907, 5815 Drexel Ave
Joseph M. Artman, AB, 1905, 5637 Sangamon St
Fred O. Augur, AB, 1907, Hotel Burk
William C. Baker, AB, 1909, 3617 Lake Ave
Mabel Banta (Mrs. Charles H. Beeson), AB, 1885. Faculty Exchange, University of Chicago
Ione F. Beem, AB, 1905. 206 East Washington St
Charles H. Beeson, AB, 1893. Faculty Exchange, University of Chicago
Nellie E. Beyerle (Mrs. Roscoe C. Cornell), AB, 1908. 713 Grace St
Martha A. Biegler, AB, 1897. 551 Rush St
James D. Bobbitt, AB, 1909. Care Rush Medical College
John F. Bobbitt, AB, 1901. 5813 Madison Ave
John C. Bollenbacher, AB, 1906. 860 Leland Ave.
Harry E. Bryant, AB, 1907. Care St. Luke's Hospital
Mildred Bubenzer (Mrs. Joseph M. Artman), AB, 1907. 5637 Sangamon St.
William B. Castenholz, AB, 1902. 5751 Michigan Ave
Charles P. Clark, AB, 1901, 25 East Walton Place
Harry M. Clem, AB, 1906. 5714 Washington Ave
Mary E. Coleman, AB, 1901. 378 Wabash Ave
John M. Coulter, PhD., 1884. Care University of Chicago
Anna Dennis (Mrs. Augustus S. Carrier), AB, 1878, 2304 North Halstead St.
Luna M. Dickerson, AB., 1907. 6132 Monroe Ave
William J. Dillon, AB, 1898. 404-21 Dearborn St.
Louis B. Erwin, LLB., 1900. 5235 Cornell Ave.
Katherine Evans (Mrs. Lewis S. Eaton), AB, 1895. 4168 Clerendon Ave
Albert J. Felton, AB, 1901, 5122 Lexington Ave
Edward C. Fitch, BL., 1885. Colonial Hotel
Karl A. Frederick, LLB., 1910. Care Callaghan & Company
Lillian B. Gillette (Mrs. Edward J. Nichols), AB, 1902. 902 Lakeside Place
Everett L. Goar, AB, 1907. Cook County Hospital, 5754 Monroe Ave
Charles C. Grandy, AB, 1908. 1743 W. Harrison St
Clarence T. Gray, AB, 1894. 5754 Monroe Ave
Irvin L. Grimes, AB, 1901. 1024 Byron St
Ira C. Hamilton, AB, 1900. Wendell Phillips High School.
Naia D. Hamilton, AB, 1902. 100 Lake St
Otto A. Harris, AB, 1908. 3359 Flourney St
Nelson L. Heller, AB, 1909. Rush Medical College
Eldo L. Hendricks, A.M., 1899. 5555 Woodlawn Ave
Frank W. Henicksman, AB, 1901. 5613 Drexel Ave
James H. Henry, AB, 1892. 1552 East 63rd St
Edgar C. Hinkle, AB, 1901. 6025 (6925?) Union Ave.
Claude D. Holmes, AB, 1908. Rush Medical College
Edith D. Holmes (Mrs. Claude D. Holmes)., AB, 1908. 617 South Hermitage Ave.
Clarence L. Holtzman, AB, 1892. 2129 Greenleaf Ave
Louise A. Holtzman, AB, 1907. 2129 Greenleaf Ave
Adelia Roberts Hornbrook (Mrs. Richards S. Hornbrook), AB, 1893. 444 E. 46 Place
Ralph W. Jones, AB. 1888. 431 Dearbron St.
Elijah Jordan, AB, 1907. 5755 Drexel Ave
Joseph A. Khamis, AB, 1908. 1537 West Chicago Ave
Hoyt King, LLB., 1892. 1730 Tribune Bldg.
Jacob M. Kinney, AB, 1904. Lewis Institute
Alonzo Knipe, AB, 1910. 2250 West 22 St
Charles C. Krauskopf, AB, 1893. Spaulding's School for Crippled Children
F. Wade LaRue, AB. 1909. 747 E. 36th St.
Clarence G. Littell, AB, 1903. 149 Plymouth Place
Isaac A. Loeb, AB, 1890. 322-59 Clark St.
Charles McDermott, LLB., 1903, 6713 Prairie Ave
Ivan J. Markel, AB. 1909 1629 W. Adams St.
Andrew E. Martin, AB, 1905. 161 State St.
Robert R. Massey, AB. 1906. 664 Dearborn Ave
Seth E. Meek, BS., 1884. 6733 LaFayette Ave
Alvin F. Menke, AB, 1906. 860 Leland Ave.
Alice Mertz (Mrs. B.C. Stevens), AB, 1896. 5534 Kimbark Ave
Arthur R. Metz, AB, 1909. 1629 West Adams St
Minerva Metzger, AB, 1909. 3435 Van Buren St
Daniel K. Miers, AB, 1896. 1142 American Trust Building.
Lora W. Miller, AB, 1909, 6231 Monroe Ave.
Orion M. Miller, AB, 1904, 1322 61st St.
James F. Millis, AB, 1897. 5351 Southport Ave
Edward Morgan, AB, 1905, 4850 North Hoyne Ave
Walter P. Morgan, AB, 1900, 5460 Greenwood Ave
James O. Mulkey, BL, 1881, 424 Bowen Ave.
Michael J. Murphy Jr., LLB, 1910. 6024 Woodlawn Ave.
Mary V. Mustard (Mrs. George W. Stanford), AB, 1891. 2034 West Monroe St.
Gae Myers (Mrs. Charles W. Seeley), AB, 1904, 1269 Leland Ave.
Isaac N. Neeld, AB, 1869. 46 Board of Trade Bldg.
Claude O. Netherton, AB, 1907. 135 Adams St.
Walter T. Orr, AB, 1908. 5714 Kimbark Ave
Levi S. Paddock, AB, 1910. 1515 West Monroe St.
Elizabeth Parker (Mrs. Ned S. Kidder), AB, 1898. 860 Lawrence Ave
Ralph Penn, AB, 1907. 400 South Hoyne Ave
James C. Piety, AB, 1902, 3532 West Monroe St.
Frank H. Pike, AB, 1903. 6121 Greenwood Ave.
Maude M. Plunkett (Mrs. Oswald J. Grainger), AB, 1899. 6127 Drexel Ave
Spencer B. Pugh, LLB., 1899, 123 45th St.
Frank Quick, AB, 1904, 1529 East 72 St.
Edwin J. Raber, AB, 1898. 223 North Austin Ave.
Andrew J. Redmon, AB, 1901. 311 East 60th St.
Susan H. Reece (Mrs. Frank H. Pike), AB, 1902. 6121 Greenwood Ave.
Homer B. Reed, AB, 1909, 5622 Ellis Ave.
Charles Richardson, AB, 1877, 171 LaSalle St.
Oscar Riddle, AB, 1902, 5731 Monroe Ave
Alta Ritter (Mrs. Thomas J. Cox), AB, 1899. 5815 Jackson Ave.
Robert O. Ritter, AB, 1908, Alexian Brothers' Hospital
Sarah M. Ritter, AB, 1910, 5815 Jackson Ave.
John S. Roberts, AB, 1861. 318 South Hoyne Ave.
Flora A. Robinson, AB, 1896. 5702 Drexel Ave.
Clara L. Roelker (Mrs. Frank H. Masters), AB, 1903, 343 West 73 St.
Herman C. Runyan, AB, 1903. 5010 Dickens Ave
Henry W. Ruoff, AB, 1890. 649 First National Bank Bldg.
Alfred Ryors, LLB, 1863. 2611 Sheffield Ave
Ila H. Sample, LLB, 1893. 4006 Sheridan Road
Saburo U. Satoh, AM, 1910. 3338 Vernon Ave.
George L. Scherger, AB, 1894. 6727 Perry Ave.
Jacob C. Seitz, AB, 1900, Rookery Bldg
Kate Shannon (Mrs. Elmer B. Stewart), AB, 1888, 4547 Champlain Ave.
Cecil J. Sharp, LLB, 1908. 747 E. 36th St.
John W. Shepherd, AB, 1896. 1443 East 66th St.
Edward L. Sieber, AB, 1904. 1113 Dearborn Ave.
James Simonton, AB, 1903, 5613 Drexel Ave.
Maude Simonton (Mrs. Frank W. Henicksman), AB, 1902. 5613 Drexel Ave.
Rupert R. Simpkins, AB, 1899. 6115 Kimbark Ave.
George H. Steele, AB, 1908. Presbyterian Hospital, Curgas and Wood Sts.
Elmer B. Stewart, AB, 1887. 4547 Champlain Ave.
Anna I. Stultz (Mrs. Wirt R. Neel), AB, 1898. 5739 Sangamon St.
James A. Tabor, LLB., 1898, 134 Monroe St.
Frederick C. Test, AB, 1889, 4620 Greenwood Ave.
Bessie H. Thrall, AB, 1898, 4948 Indiana Ave.
George W. Trainor, AB, 1910. 6019 Madison Ave.
Helen Traylor (Mrs. Harry D. Tousley), AB, 1900. 7220 Rhodes Ave.
Heilman C. Wadsworth, AB, 1902. Interne, Presbyterian Hospital
Earl J. Walker, AB, 1902. 132 Clark St.
William H. Wells, AB, 1880. 3367 North Clark St.
Fred G. White, AB, 1905. 509 Ellsworth Bldg.
George W. Wiggs, BS, 1874. Care of Press Club.
Jesse H. Williamson, AB, 1907. 1408 Marquette Bldg.
Warren B. Wilson, AB, 1875. 181 LaSalle St
Frances Woodward (Mrs. Louis B. Erwin) AB, 1893. 5235 Cornell Ave.
Charles W. Wright, AB, 1908. 5714 Kimbark Ave
Oren H. Wright, AB, 1910. 1629 West Adams St.
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Chicago Heights
Walter D. Bean, AB, 1906. 1558 Euclid Ave.
Ida J. Fleming, AB. 1906. 2008 Euclid Ave.

Edward E. Robbins, AB, 1908

Herbert E. Hutton, AB, 1902. 401-403 Baum Bldg.
Colfax Martin, AB, 1907. 20 Pine St
Charles F. Morris, MD., 1909
Guy N. Neff, LLB, 1897. 116 Oakwood Ave.

George E. Anspaugh, AB, 1909. 244 Central Ave.
Roscoe G. Beals, AM, 1909, 505 South Webster St.
Lloyd M. Crosgrave, AB, 1909. 341 West Macon St.
Letha Hiestand (Mrs. Jesse H. Newlon), AB, 1906. 941 East Cantrell St.
Edith V. Mohler (Mrs. George E. Anspaugh), AB, 1909. 244 Central Ave.
Jesse H. Newlon, AB, 1907. 941 East Cantrell St.
William F. Smith, AB, 1906
Harry B. Wilson, AB, 1905. 942 W. University St.

James G. Stull, AB, 1893

Homer B. Dickey, AB, 1908

East St. Louis
George E. Long, AB, 1907. 2921 (2021?) Bond Ave
Albert Miller, AB, 1888, 120 Collinsville Ave

James H.L. Tibbets, LLB., 1872

Elizabeth G. Grimsley, AB, 1891. 1009 Grove St
John M. Hinkle, AB, 1908. 562 Willard Pl.
H. Dayton Merrill, AB, 1901. 1017 Grove St.
William T. Morgan, AB, 1907. 2048 Sherman Ave
William L. Woodburn, AB, 1908, Northwestern University

Claude C. Whiteman, AB, 1907

George Johns, BS, 1869

Addison L. Fulwider, AB, 1895
Sigel E. Raines, AB, 1897

Robert A. Chandler, AB, 1902. 185 West South St
John G. Stewart, LLB., 1875

William A. Mussett, AB, 1889

Robert S. Stevenson, AB, 1883

Edwin L. Thompson, AB, 1902

Edward O. Little, MD., 1907
John H. Trinkle, AB, 1910

Stella L. Cole, AB, 1896
William A. Furr, AB, 1896
Mary Johnston, AB, 1900
Fannie E. Wakely, AB, 1899

James M. Large, AB, 1904.
William Redmond, AB, 1896. 701 Prairie Ave
Claude P. Shideler, AB, 1909. 610 Herkimer St.

Nina Bond (Mrs. Charles B. Campbell), AB, 1893. 7 Cobb Blvd.

Claud E. Durgee, AB, 1908
Hazel L. Tracy, AB, 1910

Louis E. Hildebrand, AB, 1904
Geary L. Knight, LLB, 1909

Madge McKee, AB, 1902. 215 East Oak St.
Ora A. Rawlins, AB, 1901. 514 Roosevelt Ave

Lake Forest
Fannie B. Mazwell, BL, 1881

Leila B. Duncan, AB, 1906

John H. Perrin, LLB., 1899

Earl C. Miller, AB, 1910

Clara E. McCord, BS, 1871

John E. McGilvrey, AB, 1895

Homer A. Arnold, AB, 1910

Viola C. Stuckey (Mrs. Herman Meier), AB, 1886

T. Herbert Lewis, MD., 1910

Roscoe A. Mitchell, MD, 1907. 303 Poplar St.

Rupert R. Simpkins, AB, 1899

Mary E. Hort (Mrs. Charles C. Krauskopf), AB, 1893

Benjamin A. Winans, AB, 1907

Nettie Breckenridge (Mrs. Albert F. Stewart), AB, 1893
John H. McMillan, AB, 1874
Albert F. Stewart, AB, 1891
Samuel H. Weed, AB, 1864
Grace H. Woodburn (Mrs. Charles E. Torrence), AB, 1885
Ida E. Woodburn (Mrs. John H. McMillan), BS, 1875

Morgan Park
Lewis L. Hall, AB, 1907. 11320 Genevra Ave.

Mt. Pulaski
Grace B. Headley, AB, 1908

Charles Ahl, AB, 1892

John F.H. Post, AB, 1890

Charles T. Moore, AB, 1874

Chase O. DuBois, AB, 1882

Exum W. Davis, AB, 1898
Douglas C. Ridgley, AB, 1893
Bessie (Cushing) Ridgley (Mrs. Douglas C. Ridgley), AB, 1893
Edwin A. Turner, AB, 1905, 317 West Ash St.

Oak Park
Howard C. Hill, AB, 1906, 6607 Randolph St.
Clarence L. Speed, AB, 1899, 233 Lombard Ave.

Park Ridge
Cyrus L. Hooper, PHB., 1887

Thaddeus W. Rodecker, LLB, 189,. 343 South Fourth St.

Otto P. Klopsch, AB, 1896. 213 Windom St.
Tecumseh H. Meek, AB, 1904, 505 Bigelow St.
Mathilda Zwicker (Mrs. Otto P. Klopsch), AB, 1896. 213 Windom St.

James R. Hart, AB, 1897


Omar H. Blossom, AB, 1901

Meda G. Milam (Mrs. Robert Hill), AB, 1909

John E. Clifford, AB, 1909
Chloe Stoneking, AB, 1908, 2000 Hampshire St.
John A. Stoneking, AB, 1898, 2000 Hampshire St.

Frank O. Paul, AB, 1905

Garland H. Hurley, AB, 1901, 106 Roosevelt Ave

Claude C. Wood, MD., 1907

Edith C. Bramhall, AB, 1895

Rock Island
Hiram P. White, LLB

St. Charles
Hiram W. Monical, AB, 1890

David S. Faris, AB, 1831(?)

James T. Garretson, LLB, 1895, 101½ North Fifth St.
Irving W. Metz, AB, 1895, 624 South Walnut St
Vance S. Smith, AB, 1909, 133 South Douglass Ave.

Violette M. Hamilton (Mrs. Lee O. Tustison), AB, 1905, 805 West Fourth St.

George W. Kimball, AB, 1900


Elbert E. Day, AB, 1910

Caroline J. Clark (Mrs. Thomas S. Gerhart), AB, 1898
Thomas S. Gerhart, LLB., 1901

Henry H. Ratcliff, AB, 1904

Alfred H. Harryman, AB, 1874

William T. Stratton, AB, 1906

Charles F. Briscoe, AB, 1899
Daniel G. DuBois, AB, 1881
Stephen A. Forbes, PhD., 1884
Charles T. Knipp, AB, 1894
Paul C. Phillips, AB, 1906
Mary H. Roberts, AB, 1902, 1009 West Oregon St.
Claude W. Sandifur, AB, 1906, 710 West Stoughton St.
William H. Scheifley, AB, 1901, 1014 West California St.
Ira M. Smith, LLB, 1909
Jessie A. Smith, AB, 1900
Waldemar M. Stempel, AB, 1905, 406 West R.R. St.
Frank W. Thomas, AB, 1905. 704 West Park St.
Albert J. Woolman, AB, ---

Max C. Hawley, AB, 1901
James E. Raibourn, AB, 1896

Western Springs
Lora V. Campbell, AB, 1907

Allden J. Burton, AB, 1908. 723 Central Ave.


Ernest W. Sears, AB, 1895

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