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Jackson County, Illinois 

School Petition from March 10th, 1847

Submitted by Nancy Attey

To the Honorable school commissioner of Jackson County Illinois we the undersigned citizens of Township nine South Range five west would respectfully represent to your Honor that we wish to bring to market all the lands belonging to said Township as we believe to be better to have the money at interest than to have the lands as they are and your petitioners as in duly bound pray.

Signers names:

William Glenn

Cornelius Shawn

Cyrus Bradley

Larson Pike

Andrew Sharp

Daniel Glick

Gabriel Bilderback


Joseph [F] Bilderback

William Ray

Daniel Wills

John S. Landy

___den White

AS Herring

John Tullot

We the undersigners do certify that the names were signed in the presence of________

the intention of the petition was made____________them

March 10th 1847

Sworn to and subscribed before me __ W. Wren

Justice of the Peace

I Herring made oath that the above signers are more than two thirds of the legal voters of said Township March 25th 1847 before me John Barrow School Commissioner of Jackson County, Ill.

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