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Jackson County, Illinois

1900 Village of Ava

Family #52 Schaeffer

Micheal, head, Feb 1836, age 74,md 11yr, Ger., Ger., Ger., 1844,yes, no occ.listed
Sophronia, wife, June 1870, age 30,md 11yr,1ch,1 lv, IL, MO, KY
Al, son, May 1891, age 9, IL, Ger., IL

Family #53 Palmer

Lizzie H., female head, Nov 1864, age 35, widow,7ch,5 lv, IL, SC, TN, wash woman
John L., son, Dec 1886, age 13, KS, IL, IL
Mary A., daughter, Jan 1889, age 12, KS, IL, IL
Note:birth date and age not compatible.
Bernice D., daughter, Nov 1889, age 10, KS, IL, IL
Eula, daughter, July 1891, age 8, KS, IL, IL
Walter, son, July 1893, age 6, IL, IL, IL

Family #54 Cheatham

John, head, May 1863, age 37,md 10yr, IL, IL, IL, Hotel owner
Sarah A., wife, March 1867, age 33,md 10yr, 0ch, IL, TN, KY
Brown, William, boarder, Oct 1867, age 32, IN, MS cousin, OH, House Painter
Smith, Robert, boarder, February 1877, age 23, IL, IL, IL, Teamster
Mesinheim, F.W., boarder, Mar 1862,md 1yr, age 38, IL, IL, PA, Jeweler
Mesinheim, ?., male boarder, June 1887, age 13, IL, IL, IL
Melford, Charles, boarder, July 1869, age 30, OH, OH, OH, Printer
Murry, Frank W., Boarder Sep 1866, age 33, IL, PA, PA, Picture Agent
Shikes, Jennie, servant, Feb 1871, age 29, IL, IL, IL, Servant Hotel
Jenkins, Lou, servant, Feb 1872, age 28, IL, IL, IL, Servant Hotel
Woods, Wesley, boarder, Jan 1873, age 27, IL, IL, IL, Grocer

Family #55 Jenkins

June A., female head, Sep 1843, age 56, widow,6ch,6 lv, IL, AL, Ire.
Thomas F., son, Feb 1875, age 25, IL, IL, IL, Laborer
James E., son, July 1879, age 20, IL, IL, IL, Laborer
Elisie L., daughter, Nov 1883, age 16, IL, IL, IL
Letha, granddaughter, Sep 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
William, grandson, June 1896, age 4, IL, IL, IL

Family #56 Weirheim

Lee, head, Dec 1873, age 26,md 6yr, IL, Ger., Ger., Blacksmith
Ella, wife, Apr 1877, age 23,md 6yr, 2ch, 2 lv, IL, Ger., IL
Willard, son June 1894, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Earnest, son, Mar 1900, age 3/12, IL, IL, IL

Family #57 Jenkins

Alfred C., head, May 1951, age 49,md 25yr, IL, KY, TN, Clerk-Grocery
Mary B., wife, Jan 1852, age 48,md 25yr, 9ch,5 lv, IL, NC, AL
Dawson, Cora, daughter, Dec 1878, age 21, 0ch, widow, IL, IL, IL
Jenkins, Grace, daughter, Nov 1883, age 16, IL, IL, IL
Jenkins,Roy, son, Oct 1887, age 12, IL, IL, IL
Jenkins,Pearl, daughter, Oct 1887, age 12, IL, IL, IL
Jenkins,Bessie, daughter, Nov 1889, age 10, IL, IL, IL

Family #58 Gray

Benjamin, head, July 1876, age 23,md 5yr, IL, SC, IL, Laborer, Railroad
Mattie, wife, Nov 1888, age 21,md 5yr, 2ch,1 lv, IL, VA, IL
Nettie, daughter, June 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL

Family #59 Harris

Abijah H., head, Dec 1847, age 52,md 9yr, IN, KY, IN, Police Magistrate
Clara, wife, Apr 1867, age 33,md 9yr, 7ch,7 lv, IL, TN, OH
(Listed as Harris)Wallis, step son, Apr 1883, age 17, IL, IN, IL
Myrtle, daughter, Mar 1885, age 15, IL, IN, IL
Dosie, daughter, Oct 1891, age 8, IL, IN, IL
Omar, son, Oct 1893, age 6, IL, IN, IL
Ruth, daughter, July 1895, age 4, IL, IN, IL
Vivian, son, Jan 1898, age 2, IL, IN, IL
Mina, daughter, Oct 1899, age 8/12, IL, IN, IL
Nettie, daughter,Oct 1899, age 8/12. IL, IL, IL
Reese, Harry D., step son, Feb 1887, age 13, IL, IL, IL

Family #60 Shrewsberry

Moses A., head, Jan 1836, age 64, widow, KY, KY, KY, Minister
George, son, July 1875, age 24, IL, KY, IL, Salesman, Dry Goods
Dollie, daughter, Nov 1885, age 14, IL, KY, IL
John A., son, May 1887, age 13, IL, KY, IL
Lawrence, son, May 1889, age 11, IL, KY, IL

Family #61 Jenkins

Bennett, head, June 1878, age 28,md 2yr, IL, IL, IL, Laborer
Clara, wife, April 1878, age 22,md 2yr, 0ch, IL, IL, IL

Family #62 Isenhauer

John, head, Nov 1850, age 49,md 11yr, OH, ME, MA, Laborer
Mary, wife, Nov 1865, age 34,md 11yr, 4ch,4 lv, IL, IL, IL
Elmer, son, Mar 1891, age 9, IL, OH, IL
Mamie, daughter, June 1895, age 4, IL, OH, IL
Emma, daughter, Nov 1896, age 3, IL, OH, IL
Ora, daughter, Dec 1897, age 2, IL, OH, IL
Etta, daughter, Jan 1875, age 15, IL, OH, IL

Family #63 Lynch

Anthony, head, Oct 1857, age 42,md 17yr, MA, Ire., Ire.
Annie W., wife, Sep 1856, age 43, md 17yr, 3ch, 2 lv, IL, IL, IL
Sarah E., daughter, May 1883, age 17, IL, MA, IL
Joseph S., son, Aug 1894, age 5, IL, MA, IL

Family #64 McCarey

Allen, head, May 1866, age 34,md 10yr, IL, Ire., IL, Laborer
Sarah J., wife, July 1870, age 29,md 10yr, 5ch,5 lv, IL, IL, IL
Lacey, son, Sep 1890, IL, IL, IL
Alice, daughter, Oct 1892, age 7, IL, IL, IL
Earnest, son, Dec 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Addie, daughter, Sep 1896, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Laura, daughter, Oct, 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL

Family #65 Davis

Andrew J., head, Sep 1815, age 84,md 30yr, IL, IL, IL Retired
Susann, wife, March 1849, age 56,md 30yr, 5ch, 4 lv, IL, IL, KY

Family #66 Richardson

Melvina, female head, Feb 1833, age 67,no ch. listed, TN, KY, KY

Family #67 Lufkin

Sadie, female head, May 1855,age 45,md (yrnotl.),3ch,3 lv, IL, VA, TN
Glenn, Harry, son, Feb 1876, age 24, IL, TN, IL, Laborer RR
Tofer, Hattie, daughter, July 1882, age 17, IL, TN, IL
Lufkin, Anna, daughter, July 1891, age 8, IL, TN, IL

Family #68 Blue

Saul, head, Jan 1864, age 36,md 15yr, IL, OH, IL, Farmer
Sarah E., wife, Aug 1864, age 35,md 15yr,5ch,5 lv, IL, IL, IL
Robert W., son, July 1886, age 13, IL, IL, IL
Marinda, daughter, Dec 1887, age 12, IL, IL, IL
Mary E., daughter, Dec 1890, age 9, IL, IL, IL
William F., son, Mar 1893, age 7, IL, IL, IL
Bonny, daughter, June 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL

Family #69 Cheatham

William H., head, May 1863, age 37,md 10yr, IL, KY, IL, Laborer
Allice, wife, June 1864, age 36,md 10yr,1ch,1 lv, TN, AR, AL
Oscar T., son, Dec 1891, age 8, IL, IL, TN

Family #70 Chapman

Owen, head, Aug 1856, age 43,md 20yr, IL, KY, IL, Farmer
Sarah C., wife, Jan 1863, age 37,md 20yr,4ch,3 lv, IL, TN, IL
Lillie E., daughter, Sep 1881, age 18, IL, IL, IL
Lula R., daughter, Sep 1883, age 16, IL, IL, IL
Beatrice G., daughter, Aug 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL

Family #71  Bartlett

George, head, Jan 1835, age 65, widow, NY, Eng., Eng., retired farmer

Family #72 Newell

Horace, head, May 1822, age 78, widow, NY, NY, NY Physician

Family #73 Johnson

Bueilas/Bwilas? C., head, May 1847, age 53, widow, IL, TN, IL, Carpenter

Family #74 Crain

Morris H., head, June 1874, age 25,md 1yr, IL, IL, MO, Merchant, Dry Goods
Eva, wife, January 1878, age 22,md 1yr,0ch, IL, IL, IL

Family #75 Glenn

Walter J., head, June, 1858, age 41,md 10yr, IL, IL, IL, Grocer
Laura, wife, Jan 1865, age 35,md 10yr, 2ch,2 lv, IL, IL, IL
Murry J., son, Sep 1891, age 8, IL, IL, IL
Joseph E., son, Apr 1896, age 4, IL, IL, IL
Adams, Edward, porter, June 1882, age 17, IL, IL, IL, Porter hotel
Bowers, David, boarder,no birthdate or age listed, IL, IL, IL, County supervisor
Arnold, Belle, servant, Jan 1880, age 20, IL, IL, IL

Family #76 Wocet

John, head, Apr 1850, age 50,md 25yr, Austria "H",Austria"H",Austria"H", 1860,yes, Shoe maker
Clarissa, wife, Nov 1856, age 43,md 25yr,5ch,5 lv, Austria"H",Austria"H",Austria"H",blank,blank
Maggie, daughter, May 1878, age 22, MO, Austria"H", Austria"H"
Anna, daughter, Oct 1879, age 20, IL, Austria"H", Austria"H"
Charles, son, Aug 1882, age 17, IL Austria"H", Austria"H", Salesman-Dry Goods
Lottie, daughter, Dec 1885, age 14, IL, Austria"H", Austria"H"
William, son, Apr 1889, age 11, IL, Austria"H", Austria"H"

Family #77 Walwark

Roger, head, Mar 1857, age 43,md 3yr, NY, NY, Eng., Merchant-Dry Goods
Bessie, wife, Apr 1865, age 35,md 3yr, 1ch,1 lv, IL, KY, IL
Roger, son, June 1898, age 11/12, IL, NY, IL
Phoenix, Frederick, father, May 1825, age 75, KY, NY, PA

Family #78 Carey

Elijah L., head, Dec 1854, age 45,md 23yr, IL, IL, IL, Machine Agent
Allice, wife, Dec 1858, age 41,md 23yr, 4ch,1 lv, IL, IL, IL
Hattie M., daughter, Aug 1889, age 10, IL, IL, IL

Family #79 Postern

John F., head, Dec 1827, age 72,md 30yr, IL, NC, NC, Carpenter
Ruth A., wife, July 1851, age 48,md 30yr,5ch,2 lv, MO, MO, MO
Ruth A., daughter, Mar 1880, age 20, IL, IL, MO

Family #80 McDonald

Mary, female head, Jan 1858, age 42, widow,2ch,2 lv, OH, PA, OH
Joseph, son, July 1882, age 17, IL, TN, OH, Clerk, Dry Goods

Family #81 Goodman

Walter E., head, Jan 1857, age 43,md 9yr, NY, NY, NY, Carpenter
Rebecca T., wife, Oct 1862, age 37,md 9yr,1ch,1 lv, IL, IL, IL
Ralph E., son, Nov 1891, age 8, IL NY, IL

Family #82 Taggart

Susanna C., female head, Nov 1825, age 74, widow,no ch.listed, IL, OH, OH
Belle, daughter, June 1867, age 33, IL OH, IL, School teacher

Family # 83 Bates

Hugh G., head, Aug 1854, age 45,md 17yr, IL, ME, IL, Upholster
Ella C., wife, Mar 1860, age 40,md 17yr,8ch,6 lv, IL, TN, IL
Mabel, daughter, Apr 1887, age 13, Il, IL, IL
Eva, daughter, June 1880, age 19, IL, IL, IL
William, son, Feb 1890, age 10, IL, IL, IL
Nellie, daughter, Feb 1888, age 12, IL, Il, IL
Blanche, daughter, Aug 1895, age 4, IL, IL, IL
Lawrence R., son, Mar 1899, age 1, Il, IL, IL

Family #84 Roberts

William H., head, Apr 1862, age 38,15yr, IL, IL, IL, Saloon keeper
Laura A., wife, Mar 1856, age 44,15yr,2ch,2 lv, MO, MO, MO
Hamilton, Bertha M., daughter, Aug 1884, age 15, IL, IL, MO
Wardin H., son, July 1887, age 13, IL, IL, MO
Jude, Charles, boarder, July 1873, age 26, IL, IL, VA, Bartender

Family #85 Valeb/Valet

Henry, head, Mar 1821, age 79,md 15yr, Fr., Fr., Fr.,1843,yes, no occ.listed.
Elmina, wife, Dec 1826, age 75,md 15yr,0ch, IL, NC, NC
Modglin,Ada, granddaughter, Apr 1891, age 9, IL, IL, IL

Family #86 Karsbach

Otto, head, July 1853, age 46,md 14yr, MO, Prussia, France, Miller
---anna, wife, Nov 1865, age 34,md 14yr,4ch,3 lv, IL, Ger., Ger.
Ruth, daughter, June 1888, age 11, IL, MO, IL
Clara, daughter, Jan 1890, age 10, IL, MO, IL
Charles, son, Oct 1891, IL, MO, IL

Family #87 Phelps

John B., head, Jan 1860, age 40,md 10yr, IL, VA, TN, Laborer RR
Hettie A., wife, Dec 1869, age 39,md 10yr,4ch,2 lv, IL, IL, IL
Ada, daughter, Dec 1892, age 7, IL, IL, IL
Essie, daughter, Jan 1896, age 4, IL, IL, IL

Family #88 Lynch

Mary J., female head, May 1858, age 42,wd.,no ch.listed, IL, IL, IL, no occ. listed
Carlos, son, July 1886, age 13, IL, IL, IL
Oscar, son, Feb 1894, age 6, IL, IL, IL

Family #89 Morgan

George, head, Apr 1858, age 42,md 20yr, IL, IL, PA, Liveryman
Martha, wife, May 1860, age 40,md 20yr,3ch,3 lv, IL, TN, TN
Harry, son, Sep 1887, age 12, IL, IL, IL, Hoslter
Viva, daughter, Apr 1893, age 7, IL, IL, IL
Sorrels, Leonard, son-in-law, Oct 1874, age 25,md 0yr IL, IL, IL, Teamster
Sorrels,Stella, daughter, July 1881, age 18,md 0yr,1ch,1 lv, IL, IL, IL
Sorrels,Earl, grandson, Apr 1900, 2/12,IL, IL, IL

Family #90 Wall

William M., head, Apr 1868, age 32,md 1yr, IL, Ire., IL, Farmer
Cordelia, wife, Nov 1869, age 30,md 1yr,no ch listed, IL, IL, IN
Howard, son, Sep 1896, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Thomas, father, Apr 1831, age 69,wd., Ire.,Ire.,Ire.

Family #91 Cheatham

Frank M., head, Aug 1860, age 39,md 10yr, IL, IL, IL, Merchant-Dry Goods
Allice, wife, Dec 1866,md 10yr, 4ch,4 lv, age 33, IL, IL, IL
Grace, daughter, Aug 1890, age 9, MO, IL, IL
Emily, daughter, Oct 1892, age 7, IL, IL, IL
Clyde, son, May 1894, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Irmie, daughter, Dec 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL

Family #92 Easterly

John F., head, Feb 1857, age 43,md 19yr, IL, IL, IL, Machinist
Beattie, wife, May 1860, age 39,md 19yr,7ch,7 lv, IL, IL, IL
Leslie P., son, Dec 1881, age 18, IL, IL, IL
Aubrey H., son, Oct 1883, age 16, IL, IL, IL
Norah A., daughter, Oct 1885, age 14, IL, IL, IL
Berch P., daughter, Mar 1888, age 12, IL, IL, IL
Charles B., son, July 1890, age 9, IL, IL, IL,
Ida L., daughter, Dec 1893, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Gordon G., son, Mar 1895, age 5, IL, IL, IL

Family #93 Wall

John, head, Dec 1871, age 28,md 4yr, IL, Scot., IL, Farmer
Mary, wife, May 1874, age 26,md 4yr,1ch,1 lv, IL, IL, IL
Claude, son, Aug 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL

Family #94 Lewis

Francis D., head, Apr 1833, age 67,md 26yr, TN, SC, VA, Plasterer
Rebecca C., wife, Aug 1855, age 44,md 26yr, 12ch,7 lv, IL, IL, IL
Parker, son, Nov 1879, age 20, IL, TN, IL, Plasterer
Edward, son, Mar 1881, age 19, IL, TN, IL, Plasterer
Hattie, daughter, July 1884, age 15, IL, TN, IL
Emma J., daughter, Mar 1886, age 14, IL, TN, IL
Loretta, daughter, Mar 1890, age 10, IL, TN, IL
Connor, son, Jan 1892, age 8, IL, TN, IL

Family #95 Albright

Mary, female head, Dec 1849, age 50, widow,no ch listed, IL, IL, IL

Family #96 Higgins

Josiah H., head, Mar 1844, age 56,md 29yr, MO, MO, KY, Carpenter "House"
Susanna, wife, Aug 1852, age 47,md 29yr, 3ch,3 lv, IL, IL, IL
David A., son, Jan 1872, age 28, IL, MO, IL, Merchant-Dry Goods
Charles H., son, Feb 1874, age 26, IL, MO, IL, Book Keeper
Ada M., daughter, Jan 1879, age 21, IL, MO, IL, School teacher

Family #97 Williams

Willis E., head, Nov 1866, age 33,md 4yr, IL, IL, IL, Laborer
Ella, wife, Feb 1863, age 37,md 4yr,no ch listed, IL, IL, IL

Family #98 Killion

Henry J., head, Jan 1844, age 56,md 20yr, IL, NC, VA, Retired farmer
Hannah S., wife, Aug 1859, age 40,md 20yr,7 ch,5 lv, IL, IL, KY
Dora L., daughter, Nov 1881, age 18, IL, IL, IL
Harry L., son, Dec 1883, age 16, IL, IL, IL
Vinnie L., daughter, Dec 1889, age 10, IL, IL, IL
Shelley L., son, Feb 1896, age 4, IL, IL, IL
Grace L., daughter, Oct 1899, age 9/12, IL, IL, IL

Family #99 Childers

William, head, Mar 1861, age 39,md 13yr, VA, VA, VA, Day Laborer
Maggie, wife, June 1867, age 32,md 136r,4ch,4 lv, IL, IL, IL
Vira, daughter, Apr 1888, age 12, IL, VA, IL
Christina, daughter, Aug 1890, age 9, IL, VA, IL
Murray, son, May 1893, age 7, IL, VA, IL
Daniel, son, Mar 1900, age 3/12, IL, VA, IL

Family #100 Hyres

William T., Head, Aug 1838, age 61,md 0yr, IL, IL, KY, Laborer
Charlotte A., wife, May 1842, age 58,md 0yr,0ch, OH, NY, CT

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