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Jackson County, Illinois

1900 Campbell Hill

Family #1 Pinkerton

Sarrah J., female head, Sept 1841, age 58, widow,11 ch,9 lvng, OH, Eng., Eng.
Maggie M., daughter, May 1885, age 15, IL, OH, OH

Family #2 Wahlmann

Charles W., head, Feb 1836, age 64,md 0 yr, Ger., Ger., Ger., 1863,yes, Landlord
Eliesabeth, wife, Nov 1852, age 47, md 0 yr 2 ch, 2 lvng, IL, Ger., Ger.

Family #3 Shaw

Hance, head, Mar 1855, age 45,md 18 yr,Ire., Ire., Ire.,1873,yes, Manufacturer (Plows and hoes)
Anna B., wife, Oct 1857, age 42,md 18 yr, 6 ch 5 lv, IL, Ire., Ire.
Mary, daughter, July 1885, age 14, IL, Ire., IL
Anna, daughter, Jan 1887, age 13, IL, Ire., IL
Jessie, daughter, Aug 1891, age 10, IL, Ire., IL
Agnes, daughter, Mar 1892, age 8, IL, Ire., IL
Bernice, daughter, Nov 1894, age 5, IL, Ire., IL
Shaw,Agnes, mother,no age or dates widow, 4 ch 3 lvng, Ire., Ire., Ire.

Family #4 McDonald

Jonathan, head, Oct 1840, age 59,md 39yr, IL, NY, Canada, Day laborer
Caroline, wife, July 1844, age 55,md 39yr, 4 ch, 2 lvng IL, OH, MO

Family #5 Wahlmann

Henry, head, Feb 1870, age 30,md 3yr, IL,Ger.,Ger., House Painter
Sophia C., wife, Jan 1875,age 25,md 3yr,2 ch 2 lv, IL, Ger., Ger.
Edward W., son Mar 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Theadore F., son, July 1899, age 11/12, IL, IL, IL

Family #6 Robinson

Martin, head,no birth dates or age, md 7 yr, IL,IL,IL Jeweler
Nancy E., wife, Jan 1877, age 23,md 7yr, 3ch, 2 lv, IL,IL,IL
Rufus H., son, Sept 1895, age 4, IL, IL, IL
Ollie P., daughter, July 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Askin A., son, August 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL
Rosemur, Mathilda, servant,Jan 1886, age 14,IL,IL,IL Servant

Family #7 Williams

William H., head, Jan 1876, age 24, md 5yr MO, IL, IL, Laborer on Railroad
Effie G., wife, June 1878, age 21,md 5yr, 2 ch,2 lv, IL,KY,KY
Edith G., daughter, Sep 1897, age 3, IL,MO,IL
Edna P., daughter, Jun 1899 11/12 IL,MO,IL

Family #8 Downen

George, head, Dec 1842, age 57,md 27 yr,IL,IN,IN, Day laborer
Emma L., wife, Mar 1852, age 48,md 27 yr, 8ch, 6 lv, IL, KY, KY
Odis H., son, Sept 1882, age 17, IL,IL,IL, Laborer in Flour Mill
Charles B., son, Feb 1886, age 14, IL, IL, IL,Day laborer
Alvah A., son, Aug 1893, age 6, IL, IL, IL

Family #9 Cluster

Grant H.,head,Aug no day,yr or age,md 6 yr, IL,KY,KY,Carpenter
Susan, wife, Apr 1873, age 27,md 6 yr, 2 ch,2 lv, IL,IL,IL
Edith, daughter, May 1894, age 6,IL,IL,IL
Eva, daughter, June 1896,age 3,IL,IL,IL

Family #10 Benson

Edward M., head, July 1878, age 21, md 2yr, IL,IL,IL, Cooper
Ruth C., wife,Aug 1878, age 21,md 2yr,1ch,1 lv, KY, KY, OH
Louis J., son, Apr 1900, age 3/12, IL, IL, KY

Family #11 Costliow

Walter V.,head,Sept 1870,age 24,md 6yr,IL,IL,IL, Coal Miner
Lulu A,wife,Feb 1877,age 23,md 6 yr, 1 ch, 1 lv,IL,IL,MO
Van C, son, Dec 1895, age 4, IL,IL,IL
Asbury, Celia E, mother-in-law, Nov 1862,age 47,D W(divorced,widowed?)1ch 1 lv, MO,MO,MO

Family #12 Buhl

George,head,June 1851, age 48,md 17yr, Ger.,Ger.,Holland,1880,yes, Day laboreer
Clara A,wife, June 1847, age 52,md 17yr,15 ch, 9 lv, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1869, blank
George N,son, Nov 1883, age 17, IL,Ger.,Ger., Day laborer
Gerhard G,son, Mar 1886, age 14, IL,Ger.,Ger., Day laborer
Emile, son,Aug 1888, age 12, IL,Ger.,Ger.

Family #13 Westermann

Fred A.,head,Oct 1869, age 30,md 8yr,IL, Ger., Ger., Salesman- Dry Goods
Dora, wife, Nov 1874, age 25,md 8yr, 2ch,2 lv, IL,Ger.,Ger.
Elda, daughter, Apr 1894, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Albert, son, Oct 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL

Family #14 Minter

Edward, head, Oct 1866, age 33,md 4yr, IL,IL,TN, Farmer
Ella M., wife, May 1876,age 24,md 4yr, 0ch,0 lv, IL,IL,IL

Family #15 Dudenbostel

Emilla, female head, Nov 1849,age 50,md 24yr,9ch, 9 lv, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1864,blank,no occ.listed
Henry,son,Oct 1875, age 24, IL, Ger., Ger., Miller (Flour Mill)
Theadore, son, Jan 1874, age 23, IL, Ger., Ger., Painter (House)
Albert W., son, Aug 1880, age 19, IL, Ger., Ger., Miller (Flour Mill)
Lena D., daughter, Feb 1886, age 14, IL, Ger., Ger.
Alwina E., daughter, Nov 1887, age 12, IL, Ger., Ger.
George E., son, Aug 1889, age 10, IL, Ger., Ger.

Family #16 Tangen

Henry C., head, Apr 1837, age 63,md 4yr, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1847,yes, Land Lord
Elizabeth, wife, Aug 1849, age 50,md 4yr, 4ch,1 lv, MO,IL,MO

Family #17 Schwier

Fritz, head, Mar 1835, age 65,md 37yr, Ger., Ger., Ger., 1856,yes, Land Lord
Mary, wife, Nov 1829,age 70,md 37yr,6ch, 2 lv, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1863, blank

Family #18 Sebastian

Sophia, female head, May 1851, age 49, widow,7ch, 4 lv, IL, Ire., Ire., Washer Woman
William E., son, Sept 1877, age 22,IL,IL,IL,Day laborer
Dollie, daughter, Jan 1884, age 16,IL,IL,IL

Family #19 Lawder

William, head, Oct 1853, age 49,md 23yr,IL, Ire., Ire., Salesman (Farm Implements)
Harriet C., wife, Mar 1856, age 44,md 23yr,3ch, 1 lv, IL, Ire., Eng.
Mabel, daughter, May 1888, age 12, IL, IL, IL

Family #20 Twiss

Edward H., head, Sep 1842, age 57,md 20 yr, IL,NY,IL Police of Village
Sally, wife, Feb 1848,age 52,md 20 yr, 6ch, 3 lv, IL,IL,IL
Anna E.,daughter,Sept 1889, age 10,IL,IL,IL
Moses N.,son, Aug 1880, age 19, IL,IL,IL, Day laborer

Family #21 Schilling

William, head, Nov 1865, age 34,md 9yr,Ger., Ger., Ger.,blank,blank, Railroad Laborer
Mary, wife, Feb 1870 age 30,md 9yr, 5ch, 3 lv, IL, Ger., Ger.
Mamie, daughter, Sept 1894, age 5, IL,Ger.,IL
Herbert, son, June 1897, age 2, IL, Ger., IL
Grace,daughter, Mar 1900, age 3/12, IL,Ger.,Ger.

Family #22 Gentoch  (Gerloch?)

Henry, head, July 1862, age 37,md 9yr IL, Ger., Ger., Saloon Keeper
Caroline, wife, June 1869,age 30,md 9yr,5ch, 3 lv, IL,Ger.,Ger.
Herman, son, June 1893, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Louisa, daughter, Sept 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL
William, son, Oct 1899, age 7/12, IL, IL, IL
Ivens, Francis,female boarder, Aug 1887, age 11, IL, IL, IL, At school
Brockmeyer, Emelia, servant, Jan 1879, age 21,IL, Ger., Ger., Servant

Family #23 Hoffmeister

Henry L., head, Mar 1862,age 35,md 4 yr,MO, Ger., Ger., Carpenter
Anna A., wife, Nov 1864, age 35,md 4yr,2ch, 2lv,IL,Ger.,Ger.
Edward W., son, Aug 1897, age 2, MO, MO, IL
Julius W., son, May 1899, age 1, MO, MO, IL
Oscar W., son, Mar 1889, age 11, MO, MO, MO, At school

Family #24 Knapp

Edward G., head, Sep 1871, age 28,md 3yr, IL, Ger., Ger., Barber
Ida, wife, Sep 1875, age 24,md 3yr,1ch,1lv, IL, Ger., IL
Neoma, daughter, Aug 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL

Family #25 Gentoch (Gerloch?)

Edward, head, Jan 1874, age 26,md 4yr IL, Ger., Ger., Saddler
Mary, wife, May 1876, age 24,md 4 yr, 1ch,1lv, IL, Ger., Ger.
Freda, daughter, Mar 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Vogt, Minnie, servant, Sep 1885, IL, Ger., Ger. Servant girl

Family #26 Hallworth

Cyrus, head, May 1852, age 48,md 21 yr, IL,Eng.,NC, Lumber (Salesman)
Mary C., wife, Dec 1857, age 42,md 21 yr, 4ch 3 lv, IL,IL,IL
Herbert, son, Mar 1879, age 21, IL,IL,IL, Laborer (Flour Mill)
Ethel, daughter, Feb 1884, age 16, IL,IL,IL, At school
Vernon,son,Dec 1885,age 14, IL,IL,IL, Apprentice (Tin Shop)

Family #27 Taggart

Lacey,head,May 1867, age 32,md 9 yr, IL,IL,IL, Stock Dealer
Lottie, wife, Sep 1871,age 27,md 9 yr, 3ch, 1 lv, IL,IL,IL
Grover E., son, July 1892, age 7,IL,IL,IL
Gerlach, Caroline,servant,Feb 1881, age 19, IL, Ger., Ger., Servant Girl
O'Keefe, Dennis, servant, May 1843,age 57, MO, Ire., Ire., Servant Man

Family #28 Wahlmann

Fritz, head, Nov 1867, age 32,md 6 yr, IL, Ger., Ger., House Carpenter
Louise, wife, Sep 1870, age 29,md 6yr, 1ch, 1lv, IL, Ger., Ger.
Maggie, daughter, Oct 1896, age 3, IL,IL,IL
Gerlach, Emma, servant, Sep 1882, age 17, IL, Ger., Ger., Servant Girl

Family #29 Cluster

Oliver C.,head, Feb 1852, age 48,md 19yr, OH,PA,OH, House Carpenter
Martha L.,wife, Dec 1861, age 38,md 19yr, 4ch, 2lv, KY,KY,KY, Proprietess (Hotel)
William C, son, Feb1887, age 13,IL,OH,KY, at school
Mary E, daughter, Sep 1882 age 7, MO, OH, KY
note:birth year and age are not compatible.should the age be 17?
Boger, Mary, servant, Apr 1885, age 15, IL, Ger., Ger., Servant Girl
Shires, Fred, boarder, June 1861, age 38,  VT, Unk, Unk, Tinner
Roberts, John, boarder, July 1841, age 57, Eng., Eng., Eng., 1849,yes, Coal Miner
Eikleman, Charles, boarder, Dec 1876, age 23,md 0yr, IL, IL, IL, Coal Miner

Family #30 Becket

Matilda, female head, Nov 1846, age 53,Widow, 1ch,0 lv, NY, VT, VT, Carpet Weaver

Family #31 Dierks

Harlan, head, Sep 1850, age 49,md 29yr, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1858,yes,no occ. listed
Mary A., wife, Sep 1852, age 47,md 29yr, 11ch,5 lv, Il,Den.,Ger., Washer woman
Anna L., daughter, Apr 1887, age 13, IL, Ger., IL, At school

Family #32 Stricker

Fred,head,Nov 1851, age 48,md 28yr, IL, Ger., Ger., Saloon Keeper
Mary, wife, Dec 1850, age 49,md 28yr,5ch,4 lv,Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1854,blank
Fred W., son, Jan 1873, age 27,Single, IL, IL, Ger., Bartender
Augusta, daughter, Aug 1880, age 19,IL,IL,Ger.
Herman C., son, Sep 1883, age 16,IL,IL,Ger.,At school

Family #33 Snider

George E.,head,Sep 1870, age 29,md 7yr, IL,PA,IL, Merchant (G & Dry)
Agnes E., wife, Aug 1875, age 24,md 7yr,3ch,2lv, Ger.,Ger.,Ger., 1881,blank
Edna, daughter, May 1894, age 6,IL,IL,Ger.
Grace, daughter, Sep 1896, age 3, IL, IL, Ger.
Downen, Amy, servant, Feb 1879, age 28, IL,IL,IL, Servant Girl

Family #34 Underwood

George, head, Nov 1838, age 61,md 38yr, IL, KY, IN, no occ. listed
Ulzada B., wife, Jan 1845,age 55,md 38yr, 7ch, 5 lv, IL, Tn,Unk,Milliner
Ora S., son, Aug 1885, age 14,IL,IL,IL, At school
Ira D., son, Sept 1889, age 10, IL,IL,IL, At school

Family #35 Dean

Obed, head, June 1855, age 44,md 11 yr, IL,OH,IL, Physician
Mary L,wife,Apr 1856,age 44,md 11yr, 3ch, 3lv, IL,IN,IN
Clara B,daughter,Oct 1880, age 19,IL,IL,IL
Pearl, daughter, Jan 1892, age 8, IL,IL,IL
Redfield, Hallie M., step dau., Sep 1878,age 21, IL,IL,IL, no occ. listed.

Family #36 Dudenbostel

August, head, Feb 1838, age 61,md 25yr, Ger., Ger., Ger.,1866,yes,Merchant-dry goods
Sophia, wife, Jan 1855, age 45,md 25yr, 8 ch, 8lv, IL, Ger., Ger.
Louis L.,son,Nov 1875,age 24,IL,Ger.,IL, Pharmacist
Arnold, son, Oct 1877, age 22,IL,Ger.,IL,Bartender
Frederick, brother, Apr 1849,age 51,md 24yr, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1866,yes, Blacksmith
Edwin, son,July 1880,age 19, IL,Ger.,IL,Salesman- Dry Goods
Ernest,son,Apr 1883,age 17,IL,Ger.,IL,Salesman-Dry Goods
Adelbert,son,Aug 1885,age 14,IL,Ger.,Ger.,At school
Herbert,son,May 1888,age 12,IL,Ger.,IL,At school
Bernhard,son,Sep 1890,age 9,IL,Ger.,IL,At school
Hugo, son, Jan 1893,age 7,IL,Ger.,IL
Gerlach, Adelia, servant, Feb 1879,age 21, IL,Ger.,Ger., Servant Girl

Family #37 Benson

George J.,head,Apr 1858, age 42,md 22 yr, IL,KY,IL, Cooper
Eliza E.,wife,Oct 1857, age 42,md 22 yr, 8ch, 6 lv, IL,IL,IL
Genenva,daughter,July 1885,age 14,IL,IL,IL,At school
Jenetta,daughter,July 1885,age 14,IL,IL,IL,At school
Lovella,daughter,May 1888,age 12,IL,IL,IL,At school
Philip,son,Dec 1890,age 9,IL,IL,IL,At school
Clyde G.,son,Apr 1894,age 6,IL,IL,IL

Family #38 Gordon

George A.,head,Apr 1842,age 58,md 33yr, IL,PA,MO, Capitalist
Harriet,wife,Jan 1846,age 54,md 33yr,0 ch,0 lv, IL,KY,IL
Lon E.,son,Dec 1871,age 28,md 6 yr, IL,IL,IL,Dentist
Evangeline,dau-in-law,July 1875,age 24,md 6 yr,2ch,2 lv, IL,KY,IL
Ralph E.,grandson,May 1896,age 4,IL,IL,IL
Neil, Dow,granddaughter,Mar 1900,age 3/12,IL,IL,IL
Haven, Hattie M.,adopted dau.,May 1880,age 20,IL,KY,KY
Haven, Henry,adopted son,Mar 1883,age 17,IL,KY,KY
Bagwell, William, boarder,no date or age,IL,IL,IL,RR Laborer
Pyron, Charles,boarder,Sep 1875,age 24,IL,IL,IL,Cooper
Dillard, George,boarder,July 1871,age 25,IL,KY,KY,Engineer
Arms, Amanda,servant,Sep 1880,age 19,IL,Ger.,Ger.
Young, Anna, aunt,no birth date,age 63,Single, MO,MO,KY, Capitalist

Family #39 Benson

William H.,head,Dec 1856, age 43,md 23 yr, IL,KY,KY, Day Laborer
Mary E.,wife,May 1862,age 38,md 23 yr,11ch, 8 lv,AR,TN,TN
Henry C.,son,Mar 1880,age 20,IL,IL,AR, Day Laborer
Nora L., daughter, Feb 1888,age 12,IL,IL,AR,At school
Livina L., daughter, Feb 1888,age 12,IL,IL,AR,At school
Samuel, son, June 1884,age 15,IL,IL,AR,At school
Mary E., daughter, Aug 1891, age 8, IL, IL, AR
Bessie P., daughter, June 1895, age 4, IL, IL, AR
Walter M., son, Oct 1897, age 2, IL, IL, AR

Family #40 Schmitz

Charles M., head, Aug 1855,age 44,md 13 yr, Ger., Ger., Ger., 1860,yes, General Merchant
Mary, wife,Dec 1865,age 34,md 13 yr,blank ch.listings, IL,Ger.,Ger.
Edward, son,Jan 1888,age 12,IL,Ger.,IL, at school
Minna, daughter,Apr 1891,age 9,IL,Ger.,IL,at school
Rudolph, son,June 1894,age 5,IL,Ger.,IL
Emma, daughter, Jan 1900, age 5/12,IL,Ger.,IL

Family #41 Davenport

Emaline,female head,Dec 1849,age 50,md 5yr,7ch,3 lv, IL,TN,TN, Dress maker
Davis, Noah,son,Sep 1877,age 22,IL,IL,IL, House Painter
Davis,Emma,daughter,Mar 1881,age 19,IL,IL,IL
Ward, Emma, mother, Aug 1825,age 75,Wd,11ch, 7lv, KY,KY,KY, Capitalist

Family #42 Wilson

Levi, head,July 1867,age 32,md 13yr,IL,IN,IL,Farm Hand
Cora A., wife,Feb 1869,age 31, md 13yr, 6ch,4lv, IL,IL,IL
Joseph A.,son,June 1886,age 13,IL,IL,IL
Jesse J.,son,Feb 1891,age 9,IL,IL,IL
Cora M., daughter, July 1896,age 3, IL, IL, IL
Anna B., daughter, May 1900,age 1/12, IL, IL, IL

Family #43 Parkhill

Ira, head,May 1875,age 25,md 0, IL,Ire.,Scot., Day laborer
Effie B.,wife,May 1880,age 20,md 0, 1ch,1lv, IL,IL,IL
Phelma,daughter,Sep 1899,age 9/12,IL,IL,IL

Family #44 Walker

Jesse, head, Mar 1844,age 56,md 11 yr, IL,TN,TN, Cooper
Mary L., wife,Feb 1862,age 38,md 11yr,1ch,1lv, IL,IL,TN
Jesse N.,son, Mar 1896, age 4, IL,IL,IL

Family #45 Fleming

Clara, female head, Nov 1878,age 21,md 3yr, 2ch,2lv, IL,Ger.,IL, no occupation listed.
Gladys E., daughter, Dec 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL
Vivian M., daughter, Sep 1899, age 8/12, IL, TN, IL
Thompson,Julian,mother,May 1853,age 47,md 6yr, 4ch, 2 lv, IL,OH,IN

Family #46 Neiderbrach

William, head, June 1836, age 64,md 36yr, Ger.,Ger.,Ger., 1865,yes,Capitalist
Phillipin, wife, Feb 1840,age 60,md 36yr, 8ch,3 lv, Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,blank,blank
Warhausen, Ernst,nephew,Feb 1869,age 31,Single,IL,Ger.,Ger., Stone Mason

Family #47 Creech

Elmyr, head, July 1842, age 64,md 24yr,OH,Unk,OH, day laborer
Martha J.,wife, May 1848, age 52,md 24yr, 6ch,4lv, IL,KY, Unk.
Dora T.,daughter,Apr 1883,age 17,IL,OH,IL, At school
Anna L., daughter, Sep 1886, age 13,IL,OH,IL, At school
Leroy E., son, Mar 1891, age 9, IL,OH,IL, At school

Family #48 Meyer

Andrew, head, Mar 1850, age 50, md 21yr, Ger., Ger., Ger.,1877, yes,Minister (Gospel)
Mary, wife,Oct 1860, age 39,md 24yr, 6 ch, 4 lv, IL,Ger.,Ger.
Emma, daughter, Jan 1884, age 16, IA, Ger., IL, At school
Lydia, daughter, May 1886, age 14, IA, Ger., IL, At school
Gottlob, son, Jan 1888, age 12, IA, Ger., IL, At school
Meyer, Andrew, nephew,Aug 1898,age 1,IA,Ger.,Ger.

Family #49 Wheatley

Joseph M., head, December 1847, age 52, md 28yr, IN,OH,IN, Day laborer
Cyrene, wife, August 1854, age 44, md 28yr, 7 ch, 6 lv, IL,TN,KY, Dress maker
George D., son, May 1881,age 19, IL,IN,IL, Day laborer
Celia A., daughter, July 1887, age 12, IL,IN,IL, At school

Family #50 Wahlmann

Louis, head, Mar 1872, age 28,md 1yr, IL,Ger.,Ger., Carpenter
Lena, wife, Feb 1878, age 22,md 1yr,1ch 1lv, IL, IL, IL
Pearl B., daughter, Aug 1899, 9/12, IL, IL, IL

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