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Jackson County, Illinois

Campbell Hill 1900

Family #51 Joyce

Thomas, head, Oct 1811, age 88,md 43yr, NY,Eng.,Unk, no occupation listed
Sarah E., wife, July 1822, age 77, md 43yr, 11ch,6 lv, OH,IN,NJ
Martha S.,daughter, Sep 1862, age 37, IL, NY, OH
Family #52 McBride

William, head, Nov 1853, age 46,md 20yr,IL,Unk,TN, Teamster
Mary J., wife, Dec 1860, age 39,md 20yr,6ch, 5 lv, IL, TN, KY
Anna M., daughter, Sep 1882, age 17, IL, IL, IL
Jacob B., son, Sep 1889, age 10, IL, IL, IL
Willis O., son Dec 1891, age 8, IL, IL, IL
Luthey H., son, Sep 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Josep M., son, Oct 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Family #53 McMillan

John, head, June 1847, age 52, md 23 yrs,KY,KY,KY, Minister (Gospel)
Caroline, wife, Feb 1852, age 48,md 23yr, 6 ch, 5 lv, IL,Ger.,Ger.
Sarah C., daughter, Oct 1876, age 23, IL, KY, IL
Minnie, daughter, July 1883, age 16, IL, KY, IL
Ruth C., daughter, Apr 1885, age 15, IL, KY, IL
John A., son, Feb 1894, age 6, IL, KY, IL
Family #54 Bagwill

James H., head, Dec 1834, age 65,md 40yr, IL,NC,TN, Day laborer
Mary J., wife, Feb 1840, age 60,md 40yr, 11 ch, 8 lv, IL,TN,IL
Edward,grandson,Sep 1890, age 9, IL, IL, IL
Family #55 Heinike?

Christ, head, Oct 1860, age 39, md 6yr, Ger., Ger., Ger.,blank,blank,Carpenter
Mary, wife, August 1865, age 35,md 6 yr. 0ch,0 lv, IL,Ger.,Unk.
Family #56 Toms

Alonzo, head, July 1857, age 43,md 12yr, PA,PA,PA,Agent (Marble Co.)
Ella M., wife, Jan 1864, age 36,md 12 yr, 3ch, 2 lv, IL,KY,IL
Florence M., daughter, Feb 1889,age 11,IL,PA,IL at school
Walter H., son, February 1891, age 9, IL, PA, IL
Family #57 Kelle

Marietta, female head, March 1866, age 34, widow, 1ch, 0 lv, IL,KY,IL, Milliner
Family #58 Hoffmann

George, head, Mar 1871, age 29,Single, IL,Ger.,Ger., Physcian
Family #59 Miller

William, head, May 1854, age 46,md 16 yr, IL,IL,IL, Cooper
Bettie, wife, Apr 1865, age 35,md 16yr, 3ch, 3 lv, MO,IL,IL
Ernest B., son, Oct 1887, age 12, IL, IL, MO
Frank B., son, Aug 1891, age 8, IL, IL, MO
Anna B., daughter, Aug 1893, age 6, IL, IL, MO
Armstrong, Phebe, mother-in-law, Mar 1836, age 64,wd, 9ch, 7 lv,IL,IN,NC
Family #60 Downen

Lovina, female head, June 1830, age 70,wd, 8 ch, 3 lv, MO,VT,VT, 
William, son, Jan 1862, age 38, IL, IN, MO, Farmer
Dudenbostel, Emma, servant, Apr 1884, age 16, IL,IL,IL, Servant Girl
Family #61 Bagwill

Linzey C., Nov 1875, age 24,md 7yr,IL,IL,IL,Cooper
Lillie G., wife, Nov 1874, age 25,md 7yr, 3ch,3lv, IL,IL,IN
Walter R., son, Feb 1894, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Bertha E., daughter, May 1995, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Grace L., daughter, Feb 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Family #62 Mohlenbrock

Walter, head, June 1866, age 38,md 12 yr, IL,Ger.,Ger., No occupation listed.
Bernettie, wife, Mar 1867, age 33, IL, KY, IL
Grace, daughter, Dec 1888, age 11, IL, IL, IL
Claudine, daughter, Dec 1889, age 10, IL, IL, IL, At school
Family #63 Lipscomb

M(iller?)., head, Jan 1862, age 38,md 14 yr, IL,IL,IL, Lumberman (Yard)
Harriet V.,wife, Nov 1860, age 34,md 14yr, 5ch, 1lv, IL,blank,unk.
Bertha L., daughter, Oct 1888, age 11, IL, IL, IL
Family #64 Crendinen

William, head, Apr 1867, age 33,md 8yr,IL, IL, PA, RR station agent
Belle, wife, Mar 1871, age 29, md 8yr, 4ch, 4lv, IL,Eng.,VA
Beatrice M., daughter, Feb 1894, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Elbertine, daughter, Aug 1895, age 4, IL, IL, IL
Gladys G., daughter, Oct 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL
Walter E., son, June 1900, age 4/12, IL, IL, IL
Family #65 Carter

Carr, head, Sep 1851, age 48,md 8yr,IL,IN,IN, Planterer (House)
Zoah, wife, Feb 1863, age 37,md 8yr, 2 ch, 2 lv, IL,IL,IL
Goldie R., daughter, July 1895, age 4, IL, IL, IL
George R., son, Aug 1897, age 2, IL, IL, IL
Family #66 Hall

James, head, June 1856, age 43,md 23yr,IL,TN,AL, Post master
Mary E., wife, Feb 1856, age 44,md 23yr, 1ch,1lv, IL, KY, MO
Effie G., daughter, Nov 1878, age 21, IL,IL,IL, Assistant Post Mistress
Family #67 Rogers

Thomas B., head, Apr 1858, age 42,md 19yr, IA,KY,IL, Merchant (Hardware)
Ellen E., wife, Jan 1856, age 44,md 19yr, 7ch,5 lv, IL,PA,PA
George B., son, Feb 1884, age 16, IL, IA, IL, Farm Hand
Edith, daughter, Feb 1886, age 14, IL, IA, IL
Clyde B., son, Feb 1889, age 11, IL, IA, IL, at school
Perry J., son, July 1892, age 7, IL, IA, IL
Family #68 Hanna

Marvin, head, May 1862, age 38,md 14 yr,IL,OH,OH, Pharmacist 
Mattie E., wife, Sep 1866, age 33,md 14yr, 5 ch,5 lv, IL,OH,?
Clarence P., son, July 1888, age 7, IL, IL, IL, At school
Blanche B., daughter, Nov 1890, age 9, IL,IL,IL
Bernice L., daughter, Oct 1893, age 6, IL,IL,IL
Laurence, son, June 1896, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Dwight, son, Nov 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL
Family #69 Rendelman

Andrew, head, Mar 1867, age 33, md 13yr, IL,IL,IL, Minister (Gospel)
Margarett J.,wife,June 1870,age 29,md 13yr, 4 ch, 3 lv,  IL, IL, IL
Lily M., daughter, June 1888, age 11, IL, IL, IL
Homer L., son, Nov 1891, age 8, IL, IL, IL
Charles E., son, Dec 1893, age 6, IL, IL, IL
Family #70 Stoffel

Peter, head, June 1834, age 66, md 43yr,IL,VA,TN, Land Lord
Harriet, wife, Feb 1830, age 69,md 43 yr, 8ch,6lv, IL,TN, Unk.
Family #71 Shirrell

Leonard M., head, Sep 1863, age 36,md 8yr, IN,IL,IN, Cooper
Laura S., wife, July 1865, age 34,md 8yr, 3ch, 1 lv, IL, Ire., Ire.
Goldie M., daughter, Aug 1894, age 5, IL, IN, IL
Family #72 Cleland

James, head, June 1828, age 71,Wd., Ire., Ire., Ire., 1850,yes, Day Laborer
Bertha, daughter, Dec 1875, age 24, IL, Ire., IL
John, son, Mar 1887, age 13, IL, Ire., IL
Family #73 Culley

David, head, Mar 1840, age 50,(date&age incompatible),md 17yr,IN,IN,IN, Farmer
Arritta B., wife, Sept 1857, age 42,md 17yr,12ch,5 lv, IL,KY,TN
William C., son, ? 1885, age 15, IL, IN, IL
Stella M., daughter, June 1890, age 10, IL, IN, IL
Ruth A., daughter,undreadble, age 8, IL, IN, IL
Olive? A., daughter,June 1894, age 5, IL, IN, IL
Eulah, daughter, Feb 1898, age 2, IL, IN, IL
Family #74 Mohlenbrock

Minnie, female head, Mar 1843, age 57,widow,9ch,7 lv,Ger.,Ger.,Ger.,1846?,blank, no occ.listed
Herman, son, Aug 1878, age 21, IL,Ger.,Ger., Merchant, Dry Goods.
Ludwig, son,May 1880,age 20,IL,Ger.,Ger., at school
Family #75 Mohlenbrock

Osser C., head, Apr 1877, age 23,md 0yr,IL,Ger.,Ger., Merchant, Dry Goods,
Emma, wife, October 1876, age 23,md 0yr,0ch, IL,IL,IL
Family #76 Blette

Ed, head, Aug 1873, age 26,md 1yr, IL,Ger.,Ger., Harness Maker 
Allice M., wife, July 1883,age 17,md 1yr,1ch,1 lv, IL,Unk,IL
Lester A., daughter, June 1898, age 11/12, IL, IL, IL
Family #77 Luthy

Christopher, head, Feb 1870,age 30,md 4yr,IL, OH, OH, Carpenter (House)
Zoa, wife, June 1877, age 22,md 4yr,md 4yr, 0ch, IL,IL,IL
Family #78 Bagwill

John, head, Jan 1874, age 26,md 4 yr, IL, IL, IN, Minister (Gospel)
Ollie M., wife, June 1873, age 26,md 4yr, 2ch, 2lv, IL,IL,IN, Music Teacher
Harold B., son, Feb 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Ruth B., daughter, Dec 1899, age 5/12, IL, IL, IL
Family #79 Meyer

Jane, female head, Sep 1849, age 50,wd.,3ch, 3 lv,IL,Ire.,Ire., Wash woman
Arlie J., son, July 1881,age 18,IL,IL,IL, Day laborer
Family #80 Erwin

Martha, female head, May 1829,age 71, wd,7ch,7lv,TN,TN,VA no occupation listed
Callie, daughter, July 1859, age 40, IL, TN, TN
Elisa J., daughter, June 1861, age 38, IL, TN, TN
Keller, Harry, boarder, Oct 1869, age 30,single, IL,Ger.,IL,Merchant (general merchandise)
Family #81 Mohlenbrock

Fortis, head, Nov 1872, age 28,md 2yr, IL,Ger.,Ger., Bookkeeper(Bank)
Adele, wife, October 1883, age 36,md 2yr, 1ch, 1lv, Il, Ger., Ger.
William L., son, Apr 1900, age 1/12, IL, IL, IL
Mohlenbrock,Louis, cousin, July 1889, age 12, Ger., Ger., Ger., 1895,blank, At school
Weberling, Freda, servant, May 1881, age 19, IL, OH, OH
Family #82 Luthy

Charles, head, Dec 1865, age 34,md 6yr,IL,OH,OH, Carpenter (House)
Anna, wife, Nov 1871, age 28,md 6yr, 3ch,2 lv, IL,Ger.,Ger.
William, son, June 1895, age 4, IL, IL, IL
Edna B., daughter, Oct 1899, age 8/12, IL, IL, IL
Family #83 Musgrave

John, head, Febr 1853, age 47,md 26 yr,IL,KY,IL, Teamster
Lilian, wife, April 1859, age 41,md 26 yr,10ch,5 lv, IL,NY,Il
Thomas, son, July 1888, age 11, IL, IL, IL, At school
Lue E., daughter, June 1891, age 9, IL, IL, IL
Family #84 Wheatley

Mah---, head, Dec 1878, age 21,md 1yr,IL, IN, IL, Laborer in Flour Mill
Caudle J., wife, Sep 1879, age 20,md 1yr, 1ch,1 lv, IL,TN,IL
Raymond C., son, Dec 1899, age 4/12, IL, IL, IL
Family #85 Bertram

Frank, head, Jan 1856, age 44,md 8yr, MO, Ger., Ger., Tinner
Sarrah J., wife, July 1869, age 30,md 8yr,2ch,2 lv, IL,Ger.,IL
Harry F., son, July 1893, age 6, IL, MO, IL
Willard, son, Dec 1897, age 2, IL, MO, IL
Family #86 Steele

Elizabeth, female head, May 1829, age 71, wd, 2ch, 2 lv,IL, Eng., GA
Family #87 Cluster

George, head, Oct 1868, age 31,md 12yr, IL, KY, KY, Engineer (Saw Mill)
Ida A., wife,unk.1871, age 28,md 12 yr, 5ch,5 lv, IL, IL, IL
Mary E., daughter, Nov 1880, age 9, IL, IL, IL 
Note:date and age not compatible.
Allice M., daughter, Feb 1893, age 7, IL, IL, IL
William J., son, Oct 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Augusta I., daughter, Sep 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Roy E., son, Oct 1898, age 1, IL, IL, IL
Snider, Daniel, boarder, Oct 1866,age 33,wd,IL,PA, IL, Laborer (Saw Mill)
Family #88 Engram

William, head, Sep 1870, age 29, md 9yr, IL,Unk, IL, Coal miner
Ellan, wife, Nov 1871, age 28,md 9yr, 3ch, 3 lv, IL, IL, IL
Edna B., daughter, Oct 1891, age 8, IL, IL, IL
Wanda B., daughter, Oct 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Lullu H., daughter, Mar 1898, age 2, IL, IL, IL
Family #89 Vonier

Walter, head, Mar 1875, age 25,md 0yr, IL, Ger., IL, Cooper
Lulu, wife, May 1878, age 22,md 0yr,ch 0 IL, IL, IL
Family #90 Smith

Cole C., head, Oct 1865, age 34,md 4yr, IL, SC, TN, Day laborer
Cora M., wife, May 1873, age 27,md 4yr, 3ch, 3 lv, IL,unk, IL
Eva S., daughter, Oct 1891, age 8, IL, IL, IL
Clay M., son, July 1896, age 3, IL, IL, Il
Johnie L., son, July 1899, age 11/12, IL, IL, IL
Family #91 Merrill

Richard, head, May 1866, age 34,md 12yr, IL,IL,VA, Coal miner
Ella C., wife, June 1863, age 37,md 12yr,3ch, 1 lv, IL,Ger.,IL
Winiford, daughter, May 1892, age 8, IL, IL, IL
Family #92 Bagwill

Ashley? (Matthew A.), head, Oct 1852, age 47,md 28yr, IL, IL, IL, Section foreman Railroad
Cynthia A., wife, Nov 1857, age 42,md 28yr, 7 ch, 7 lv, IL, KY, KY
Curtis E., son, July 1880, age 19, IL,IL,IL, RR laborer
Josephine M., daughter, Sep 1884, age 15, IL, IL, IL
Stella I., daughter, Apr 1889 age 11, IL, IL, IL, At school
Obed A., son, December 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Family #93 Thompson

Rebecca, female head, Feb 1835, age 65, widow,9 ch, 4 lv, Ire., Ire., Ire.
Brown, May, granddaughter, Aug 1884, age 15, IL, IL, Ire., At school
Bronhenk---, Paul, boarder, Sep 1883, age 16, MO, Ger., Ger., Blacksmith
Scott, James, boarder, June 1847,age 54,md 26yr,Ire.,Ire.,Ire., 1862,yes, Blacksmith
Family #94 Will

Joseph E., head, Nov 1856, age 43,md 15yr,IL, Ire., Ire., Merchant (Grocer)
Liette, wife, January 1861, age 39,md 15yr,#ch not listed, IL,Unk,KY 
Family #95 Lawder

Walter, head, Dec 1862, age 37, married 14yrs IL, Ire., Ire., Salesman (Grocer)
Letitia, wife, Jan 1865, age 35,married 14 yrs, 6ch, 5 lv, IL,UNK,KY
Kate E., daughter, June 1887, age 12, IL, IL, IL
Ralph C., son, Oct 1888, age 11, IL, IL, IL
John, son, Oct 1890, age 9, IL, IL, IL
James, son, Dec 1894, age 5, IL, IL, IL
Medeline, daughter, Mar 1897, age 3, IL, IL, IL
Family #96 Crocker

Rachel, female head, May 1836, age 64, widow, 14 ch 5 lv, IN,IN,IN, Land Lady
Cora, daughter, Nov 1867, age 23, IL, IL, IN
Deila, daughter, Jan 1883, age 17, IL, IL, IN
Downen, Timothy, nephew, Dec 1869, age 30, IL,IL,IL, Cooper
Family #97 Gentsch

Gottlob?, head, Dec 1867, age 32,md 5 yrm IL, Ger., Ger., Stone Mason
Mary, wife, April 1874, age 26,md 5yr, 3 ch, 2 lv, Ger., Ger., Ger., 1879, blank
Mili, daughter, May 1896, age 4, IL, IL, Ger.
Alma, son, December 1898, age 1, IL, IL, Ger.
Family #98 Holst

Christ, head, Sept 1874, age 25, Single,  IL, Ger., MO, Minister (Gospel) 
Adele, sister, Nov 1873, age 26, IL, Ger., MO
Family #99 Hoskins

Clara, female head, Apr,1849, age 51,Widow, 5 ch, 3 living IL, NY, UNK, Wash woman
May, daughter, July 1879, age 20, IL, IL, IL
Mollie, daughter, Sept 1883, age 16, IL, IL, IL, 
Family #100 Luthy

Elile E., head, Oct 1858, age 41,md 5yrs,OH,OH,OH, Carpenter
Juliet E., Aug 1863, age 36,md 5 yrs, 5 ch 5 lv, IL,Ger.,IL
Fred W., son, Aug 1886, age 13, IL, OH, IL
Charles H., son Jan 1889, age 11, IL, OH, IL
Edward M., son, Mar 1891, age 9, IL, OH, IL
John E., son, July 1894, age 5, IL, OH, IL
Joseph A., son, May 1896, age 3, IL, OH, IL
Family #101 Robinson

Saray, head, Nov 1837, age 65, wd,no ch.listed, Eng.,Eng.,Eng., blank,blank, Keeps Restaurant 
John, son, June 1874, age 25, MO, Eng., PA, Bartender
George, son, May 1874, age 23, MO, Eng.,PA,Coal Miner
NOTE: Discrepancy between birth year and age.
Hivens, Ruthie, granddaughter, May 1884, age 16, CA, Eng., IL, At school

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