Genealogy Trails

Jackson County, Illinois

1900 Census Grand Tower

Pg. 141 A

Scott, head, W, M, Dec 1855, 44y, m, 23y, IL England TN, Farmer
Emma E., wife, W, F, Jan 1869, 31y, m, 23y, 4c, 3c, IL KY IL
Allie E., son, W, M, June 1878, 21y, s, IL IL IL, Book keeper
Branchford, son, W, M, Nov 1884, 15y, s, IL IL IL
Harrold, son, W, M, Jul 1894, 5y, s, IL IL IL

Hall Arther, hired hand, W, M, June 1878, 19y, s, IL IL IL, Farm labor
Weer Peter, hired hand, W, M, Dec 1860, 39y, s, VA unk unk, Farm labor

Manuel, head, W, M, Dec 1854, 45y, m, 1y, IL unk unk, Day labor
Francis, wife, W, F, Oct 1856, 43y, m, 1y, 5c, 5c, IL unk unk
James, son, W, M, Mar 1880, 20y, s, IL IL IL, Farmer
Olie, dau, W, F, Jul 1885, 14y, s, IL IL IL
Martha, dau, W, F, Jul 1890, 9y, s, IL IL IL
Kattie, dau, W, F, Jul 1893, 6y, s, IL IL IL
Jeffie, son, W, M, Jan 1898, 2y, s, IL IL IL

James, head, W, M, Feb 1869, 31y, m, 10y, IL TN TN, Day laborer
Cora, wife, W, F, Mar 1874, 26y, m, 10y, 4c, 2c, IL IL IL
Edwart E., son, W, M, Dec 1890, 9y, s, IL IL IL
Eva, dau, W, F, Sept 1896, 3y, s, IL IL IL

Mollie, head, B, F, Dec 1849, 50y, wd, 5c, 1c, VA unk unk, Wash women
Ardell, son, B, M, Jul 1882, 17y, s, IL TN VA

George, head, W, M, Nov 1870, 29y, m, 8y, IL GER GER, Day labor
Alice, wife, W, F, Jul 1868, 31y, m, 8y, 2c, 1c, IL MO MO
Louise, dau, W, F, Oct 1897, 2y, s, IL IL IL

Charles, head, B, M, May 1870, 30y, m, 4y, KY KY KY, Coal miner
Mandy, wife, B, F, Jan 1866, 34y, m, 4y, 0c, 0c, MO MO unk

Turner, head, B, M, Nov 1866, 33y, m, 7y, MO MO MO, School teacher
Mary F., wife, B, F, Dec 1872, 27y, 7y, 2c, 1c, MS NC NC
Rosebud L., dau, B, F, Feb 1900, 3 mos, s, IL MO MS
Jay G., nephew, B, M, Aug 1884, 15y, s, MO MO MO

Neph, head, B, M, Sept 1845, 54y, m, 21y, NC NC NC, Day labor
Mariah, wife, B, F, Oct 1847, 52y, m, 21y, 2c, 0c, SC unk unk
Lizzia, mother, B, F, May 1820, 80y, wd, NC unk unk

David, head, B, M, May 1840, 60y, m, 10y, NC NC NC, Day labor
Martha, wife, B, F, Dec 1859, 42y, m, 10y, 3c, 1c, KY TN unk

Samuel, head, B, M, Mar 1872, 28y, m, 4y, IL TN KY, Day labor
Rosetta, wife, B, F, Aug 1879, 20y, m, 4y, 3c, 2c, IL TN TN
Sadey, dau, B, F, Sept 1896, 3y, s, IL IL IL
Mabel, dau, B, F, Oct 1898, 1y, s, IL IL IL

Tomas, head, B, M, Apr 1868, 32y, m, 10y, MO unk MO, Fireman steam boat
Mary, wife, B, F, Dec 1866, 33y, m, 10y, 4c, 4c, MO MO MO
Tomas Jr., son, B, M, Apr 1892, 8y, s, IL MO MO
Lenard, son, B, M, Nov 1894, 5y, s, IL MO MO
Effa, dau, B, F, Sept 1896, 3y, s, IL MO MO
Hazzel, dau, B, F, June 1899, 11 mos, s, IL MO MO

Osborn John, boarder, B, M, Dec 1854, 45y, s, KY KY KY, Day labor

Jerry Meier Cathron ?, head, B, F, Nov 1829, 80y, wd, 8c, 4c, MO unk unk

Here ends the enumeration of 1st Ward

Grand Tower Township Grand Tower City 2nd Ward

Pg. 141 B

John, head, W, M, Nov 1835, 64y, m, 28y, IL MO MO, Farmer
Sarah, wife, W, F, Apr 1852, 48y, m, 28y, MO MS MS
Edward, son, W, M, Oct 1874, 25y, s, IL IL unk, Day labor
Charlie, son, W, M, Jan, 1888, 12y, s, IL IL MO

Jacob, head, W, M, Sep 1876, 23y, s, Russia Russia Russia, 1890/10,
Pro of Dry Good Store

John, head, W, M, Jan 1839, 61y, wd, IL NC TN, Timber dealer

William, head, W, M, May 1872, 28y, m, 3y, IL IL IL, Day labor
Effie, wife, W, F, Dec 1878, 21y, m, 3y, 1c, 1c, IL IL IL

Henry, head, W, M, Jul 1866, 33y, m, 14y, IL IL IL, Day labor
Alice, wife, W, F, Feb 1866, 34y, m, 14y, 3c, 2c, IL MO IL
Thelma, dau, W, F, Feb 1891, 9y, s, IL IL IL
Dallas, son, W, M, Sep 1896, 3y, s, IL IL IL

John, head, W, M, Nov 1854, 45y, m, 7y, Ohio Ireland Ireland, House carpenter
Mary, wife, W, F, May 1851, 49y, m, 7y, TN TN AL
Lessie, dau, W, F, Nov 1886, 13y, s, TN TN TN

James, head, W, M, May 1862, 38y, m, 8y, Ireland Ireland Ireland, 1883/16
Section Foreman
Ann, wife, W, F, May 1868, 32y, m, 8y, 4c, 4c, Ireland Ireland Ireland
Maggie, dau, W, F, May 1893, 7y, s, Illinois Ireland Ireland
Norah, dau, W, F, Oct 1894, 5y, s, IL Ireland Ireland
Anie, dau, W, F, Dec 1895, 4y, s, IL Ireland Ireland
Teddy, son, W, M, Sept 1898, 1y, s, IL Ireland Ireland

Conard, head, W, M, Feb 1865, 35y, s, IN IN IN, General Merchant

Charles D., head, W, M, Oct 1853, 46y, m, 16y, KY England KY, Doctor
Clara B., wife, W, F, May 1863, 37y, m, 16y, 4c, 4c, OH OH OH
Willie R., son, W, M, Mar 1885, 15y, s, IL KY OH
Jennie V., dau, W, F, May 1889, 11y, s, IL KY OH
Florance, dau, W, F, Mar 1894, 6y, s, IL KY OH
Charles D. Jr., son, W, , Aug 1899, 9 mos, s, IL KY OH

Christian, head, W, M, Jan 1865, 34y, m, 7y, GER GER GER, 1882/18, Baker
Rosa, wife, W, F, Jul 1865, 34y, m, 7y, 0c, 0c, IL GER GER

Robert, head, W, M, Apr 1867, 33y, m, 12y, MO GER GER, Barber
Lucinda, wife, W, F, Feb 1867, 33y, m, 12, 2c, 2c, IL IL IL
Myrtle R., dau, W, F, June 1889, 10y, s, IL MO IL
William F., son, W, M, Nov 1893, 6y, s, IL MO IL

Ellen, head, W, F, Mar 1852, 48y, wd, 3c, 2c, KY KY KY, Boarding house
Salls Herbert, boarder, W, M, Nov 1855, 44y, s, OH Vermont Canadia (Eng)

Andrew, head, W, M, Jan 1833, 67y, m, 36y, GER GER GER, Shoemaker
Carolina, wife, W, F, Jan 1845, 55y, m, 36y, 8c, 4c, GER GER GER
Amelia, dau, W, F, Sept 1868, 31y, s, IL GER GER

Millard W., head, W, M, Aug 1857, 42y, m, 13y, KY KY KY, Physician
Martha E., wife, W, F, Mar 1857, 43y, m, 13y, 5c, 4c, IL
Millard W., son, W, M, Jan 1890, 10y, s, IL KY IN
Ralph W., son, W, M, Aug 1892, 7y, s, IL KY IN
Ruth, dau, W, F, Aug 1892, 7y, s, IL KY IN
Maud, dau, W, F, Sept 1894, 5y, s, IL KY IN

Tiffin, head, W, M, Aug 1850, 49y, m, 22y, OH Wales OH, Miller
Anie, wife, W, F, Nov 1855, 44y, m, 22y, 6c, 6c, IL Switzerland Switzerland
Alpha, dau, W, F, Oct 1884, 15y, s, IL OH IL
Werner, son, W, , Jul 1887, 12y, s, IL OH IL
Charlie, son, W, M, June 1888, 11y, IL OH IL

Pg. 142 A

Jenkins (cont from above family)
Griffin, son, W, M, Nov 1890, 9y, s, IL OH IL

Mary, head, W, F, Dec 1839, 60y, wd, 10c, 7c, Ger Ger Ger, Grocery
Ruddle, son, W, M, Jul 1875, 24y, s, IL GER GER, Sales man

Lewis, head, W, M, April 1867, 33y, s, IL MO France, Barber

William, head, W, M, Dec 1870, 29y, m, 3y, IL Ireland Ireland, Merchant
Margaret, wife, W, F, Aug 1870, 29y, m, 3y, 1c, 0c, MO Ireland Ireland

Joseph, head, W, M, Aug 1870, 29y, m, 4y, IL Switzerland GER, Merchant
Ida, wife, W, F, Oct 1876, 23y, m, 4y, 2c, 2c, IL IL IL
Irene, dau, W, F, Mar 1897, 3y, s, IL IL IL
William, son, W, M, Feb 1898, 2y, s, IL IL IL

Miller Lydia, m-in-law, W, F, Oct 1855, 44y, m, 25y, 5c, 4c, NC NC NC
Miller William, b-in-law, W, M, Sept 1882, 17y, s, IL IL NC, Day labor
Miller Clyde, b-in-law, W, M, June 1895, 4y, s, IL IL IL

Bridget, head, W, F, Feb 1840, 60y, wd, 8c, 6c, Ireland Ireland Ireland
Urther, son, W, M, Mar 1876, 24y, s, IL IL Ireland, Deck hand on river
Julia, dau, W, F, Aug 1878, 21y, s, IL Ireland Ireland

Robt, head, W, M, Jan 1871, 29y, m, 4y, IL GER GER, Salloon keeper
Rosa A., wife, W, F, Mar 1875, 25y, m, 4y, 2c, 1c, IL IL MO
Frank, son, W, M, Jan 1897, 3y, s, IL IL IL
Henry, father, W, M, Oct 1827, 72y, wd, GER GER GER, Bar tender

Gaines M., head, W, M, Dec 1864, 35y, wd, MO NC MO, Supt of box factory
John F., brother, W, M, June 1859, 40y, s, MO NC MO, Day labor

Wilcox Rosse L., boarder, W, M, Dec 1843, 56y, wd, OH OH NY, Fireman in box factory
Conley John, boarder, W, M, Aug 1879, 20y, s, MO Ireland OH, Day labor

Henry, head, W, M, Feb 1874, 26y, s, IL KY Canadia (Fr), Supt coal fleet

Mary, head, W, F, Oct 1849, 50y, wd, 5c, 0c, MO PA PA, Hotel keeper
Wells John, boarder, W, M, Oct 1854, 45y, s, IL SC SC, Clerk

Rufus, head, W, M, Feb 1875, 25y, m, 1y, IN IN VA, Telegraph operator
Lillian M., W, F, Jun 1845, 24y, m, 1y, 0c, 0c, IL MA MO

Tomas E., head, W, M, Jan 1866, 34y, m, 5y, IL KY KY, R R conductor
Jennie, wife, W, F, Jan 1876, 24y, m, 5y, 3c, 3c, Scotland Scotland Scotland
Edith M., dau, W, F, Jan 1896, 4y, s, IL IL Scotland
Helen J., dau, W, F, May 1898, 2y, s, IL IL Scotland
Buelah E., dau, W, F, Nov 1899, 6 mos, s, IL IL Scotland

Jasper, head, B, M, Aug 1841, 59y, m, 8y, KY KY KY, Day labor
Ellen, wife, B, F, Aug 1846, 53y, m, 8y, 1c, 0c, KY KY KY

Theodor, head, W, M, Mar 1868, 32y, m, 10y, IL GER GER, Salesman
Ida M., wife, W, F, Apr 1870, 30y, m, 10y, 1c, 1c, IL GER GER
Edna D., dau, W, F, Jan 1891, 9y, s, IL IL IL

Henry T., head, W, M, Mar 1865, 35y, m, 4y, IL WI IL, Day labor
Minnie, wife, W, F, Jul 1875, 24y, m, 4y, 1c, 1c, MO MO IL
Harry J., son, W, M, Sept 1897, 2y, s, IL IL MO

Rogers Mary N., mother, W, F, Sept 1844, 55y, wd, 3c, 1c, IL KY TN, Dress Making
Underhill John, b, W, M, Nov 1875, 24y, s, IA OH IL, Locomotive engineer

Alonzo, head, W, M, May 1870, 30y, m, 5y, IL IL IL, Physician
Minni, wife, W, F, Nov 1877, 22y, m, 5y, 3c, 3c, IL IL IL
Leonard E., W, M, Aug 1895, 4y, s, IL IL IL
Ross E., son, W, M, Jan 1898, 2y, s, IL IL IL
Burnett R., dau, W, F, Dec 1899, 6 mos, s, IL IL IL

Goodbread Evelyn, m-in-law, W, F, May 1840, 60y, wd,, IL NC TN

Pg. 142 B

Ralph, head, W, M, Apr 1857, 43y, m, 13y, WI England England, Ship carpenter
Mary, wife, W, F, June 1861, 38y, m, 13y, 6c, 6c, IL TN IL
Anie, dau, W, F, Mar 1888, 12y, s, IL WI IL
Jessie, dau, W, F, May 1890, 10y, s, IL WI IL
Willie, son, W, M, Apr 1894, 6y, s, IL WI IL
Ralph Jr., son, W, M, May 1897, 3y, s, IL WI IL

John, head, W, M, Dec 1856, 43y, m, 19y, MO IL IL, Dray/drag man
Emma J., wife, W, F, Nov 1858, 41y, m, 19y, 0c, 0c, MO GER GER

Christopher, head, B, M, Nov 1859, 40y, m, 6y, MO MO VA, Day labor
Emma, wife, B, F, Nov 1869, 30y, m, 6y, 2c, 2c, MO KY MO
Ray, son B, M, Sept 1894, 5y, s, IL MO MO
Harry C., son, B, M, Jul 1898, 1y, s, IL MO MO

Joseph, head, W, M, Aug 1870, 29y, m, 8y, IL IL IL, Farming
Minnie L., wife, W, F, Dec 1870, 29y, m, 8y, 3c, 2c, IL TN IL
Nell/Neil, son, W, M, Feb 1893, 7y, s, IL IL IL
Lyman, son W, M, Jan 1896, 4y, s, IL IL IL

Etherton Marena J., m-in-law, W, F, June 1829, 70y, wd, 8c, 3c, IL TN KY
South Mary L., servant, W, F, May 1885, 15y, s, IL IL IL

Samuel, head W, M, Sept 1865, 34y, m, 4y, MO MO MO, Engineer factory
Cora, wife, W, F, May 1863, 37y, m, 4y, 1c, 1c, IL IL KY
Samuel, son, W, M, Dec 1896, 3y, s, IL MO IL

Crow James, f-in-law, W, M, June 1825, 74y, m, 48y, IL TN IL
Crow Mallissa, m-in-law, W, F, Mar 1833, 67y, m, 48y, 3c, 3c, IL KY KY

Monro, head, W, M, Mar 1862, 38y, m, 12y, IL TN IL, House carpenter
Bertha, wife, W, F, Nov 1868, 31y, m, 12y, 6c, 3c, MO GER GER
Charlie, son, W, M, Nov 1893, 6y, s, IL IL MO
Verna, dau, W, F, Apr 1896, 4y, s, IL IL MO
Willard, son W, M, Jan 1899, 1y, s, IL IL MO

Happy, head, B, F, May 1840, 60y, wd, 2c, 1c, KY KY KY
Colwell Fannie, s-dau, B, F, Jan 1881, 19y, s, IL IL IL

Margeret, head, W, F, Oct 1821, 78y, wd, 7c, 5c, KY KY KY
Agnis, dau, W, F, Feb 1861, 39y s, 2c, xc, IN KY KY, Carpet weaver
Charles S., g-son, W, M, Mar 1889, 11y, s, IL MO IN

Chas. C., head, W, M, Dec 1859, 40y, m, 11y, IL GER Switzerland, General merchant
Emma, wife, W, F, Feb 1867, 39y, m, 11y, 3c, 2c, IL GER GER
Mabel, dau, W, F, Nov 1890, 9y, s, IL IL IL
Ralph, son, W, M, Apr 1892, 8y, s, IL IL IL

Lewis, head, W, M, May 1847, 54y, m, 25y, IL MO IL, Farmer
Addie, wife, W, F, Aug 1859, 40y, m, 25y, 5c, 4c, IL NH IL
Carl, son, W, M, Aug 1876, 23y, s, IL IL IL, Farm labor
Rolley, son W, M, Nov 1878, 21y, s, IL IL IL, Farm labor
Myrtle, dau, W, F, June 1884, 15y, s, IL IL IL
Winnie, dau, W, F, Jul 1887, 12y, s, IL IL IL

John, head, W, M, Apr 1857, 43y, m, 17y, KY KY KY, Day labor
Malinda, wife, W, F, Feb 1861, 39y, m, 16y, 0c, 0c, TN TN KY

Latina Ferdnand, nephew, W, M, Dec 1886, 13y, s, IL IL IL

Reubin C., head, W, M, Jan 1862, 38y, m, 19y, IL IL IL, Coal agent
Rachel C., wife, W, F, Aug 1862, 37y, m, 19y, 10c, 2c, IL IL IL
Viola, dau, W, F, Mar 1893, 7y, s, IL IL IL
Florence, dau, W, F, Jul 1896, 3y, IL IL IL

Page 143 A

Augest, h, w, m, Jan 1836, 64y, m, 25y, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1861, 38y, Street Commissioner,
Mary w, w, f, Nov 1850, 49y, m, 25y, 10c, 6c, Ky, Ky, Ky,
Charley, s, w, m, Aug 1879, 20y, s, Il, Germany, Ky, Night Watchman
Nellie d, w, f, Jul 1886, 13y, s, Il, Germany, Ky,
Augest, s, w, m, Jun 1893, 6y, s, Il, Germany, Ky,

James, h, w, m, Dec 1833, 66y, m, 34y, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, 1855, 44y, Farmer
Bridget, w, w, f, Dec 1843, 56y, M, 34y, 2c, 2c, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland,
Patne/Patric S., s, w, m, Dec 1865, 34y, s, Mo, Ireland, Ireland, Timber Contractor
James, s, w, m, Aug 1867, 32y, s, Mo, Ireland, Ireland, Timber Contractor

Edward, h, w, m, Dec 1849, 50y, m, 3y, De, De, Scotland, Architect & Builder,
Alice F., w, w, f, Jan 1870, 30y, m, 3, 1c, 0c, Mo, Mo, Mo,

Alton Ottis, bro-in-law, W, m, Dec 1874, 25y, s, Mo, Mo, Mo, Carpertor
Alton Ella L., Sis-in-law, w, f, Feb 1888, 22y, s, Il Mo Mo,

Arthor, h, w, m, Mar 1854, 43y, m, 20y, Il, Ky, Ky, Day Laborer
Elizziebeth, w, w, f, Apr 1847, 53y, m, 20y, 5c, 1c, Il, n/a, n/a,

Goodwin Clarance, Nephew, w, m, Jan 1894, 5y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Stoveiall Emma, niece, w, f, Dec 1876, 23y, M, 3, 2c, 2c, Il, Il, Il, Berry Box Maker
Edna, niece, w, f, Aug, 1898, 1y, s, Il, Il, Il,

Acre Lula, boa, w, f, Sept 1879, 20y, s, Mo, Mo, Mo, Berry Box Maker

George, h, w, m, May 1879, 21y, m, 1y, Il, Oh, Il, Bar Tender
May, w, w, f, Jan 1879, 21y, m, 1y, Il, Il, Il,

William, h, w, m, Aug 1856, 43y, m, 8y, In, Ky, Ky, Day Laborer
Fannie, w, w, f, Aug 1850, 49y, m, 8y, Il, NC, Il,

Fred, h, w, m, Sept 1872, 27y, m, 6y, Il, Il, Il, Delivery Man
Mary, w, w, f, Dec, 1876, 23y, m, 6y, 3c, 3c, Il, Il, Il,
Birtay, d, w, f, Apr 1895, 5y, s, Il, Il ,Il,
Irley, s, w, m, Apr, 1897, 3y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Erlay, s, w, m, May 1899, 1y, s, Il, Il, Il,

James, h, b, m, Dec 1850, 49y, m, 25y, Ky, Ky, Ky, Day Laborer
Addie, w, b, f, Sept 1860, 39y, m, 25y, Mo, Mo, Mo,

Butler John, F-in-law, b, m, Oct 1827, 72y0, wd, Mo, Mo, Mo, Farm Laborer

Mary, h, b, f, Nov 1850, 49y, wd, 5c, 3c, Mo, Mo, Mo, Cooking
Henry, s, b, m, Aug 1876, 23y, s, Il, Ky, Mo, Day Laborer
Anie, d, b, f, Mar 1888, 12y, s, Il, Ky, Mo,

Woods James, Boarder, b, m, May 1867, 33y, s, Tn, Ky, Tn, Day Laborer

Daniel, h, w, m, Mar 1875, 25y, m, 2y, Il, Ms, Il, Day Laborer
Rosa, w, w, f, Dec 1879, 20y, m, 2y, 3c, 3c, Il, England, Mo,
James, s, w, m, Jan 1900, 4/12y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Louise, d, w, f, Jan 1900, 4/12y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Allen, s, w, m, Aug 1896, 3y, s, Il, Il, Il,

William, h, w, m, May 1836, 64y, m, 33y, Ms, France, Il, Log Cutter
Adline, w, w, f, Aug 1849, 50y, m, 33y, 7c ,3c, Il, Tn, Al,
Rubby, d, w, f, May, 1885, 15y, s, Il ,Ms, Il,

Joseph, h, w, m, Dec 1866, 33y, M, 10y, Il, Il, Il, Day Laborer
Farmer, w, w, f, Mar 1872, 28y, m, 10y, 3c, 2c, Il, Il, Oh,
Harvey, s, w, m, Jul 1892, 7, s, Il, Il, Il,
Bertie, s, w, m, Jul 1893, 6y, s, Il, Il, Il,
(Source: IL Statewide Marriage Index - Lillie May Farmer m. Joseph Champion on 5/4/1890 in Jackson Co.)

Ellen, h, w, f, Feb 1864, 36y, m, 2y, 5c, 4c, Il, n/a, n/a, Boarding House
Gustina Anie, d, w, f, Nov, 1881, 18y, s, Il, Itly, Il,
Charlie, s, w, m, Jan 1882, 18y, S, Il Itly, Il, Day Laborer

Page 143 B

Charles (cont from family above)
Daniel, s, w, m, Nov 1884, 15y, s, Il, Itly, Il

William, h, w, m, Jan 1872, 28y, m, 11y, Il, Il, Il, Barber
Mattie, w, w, f, Jul 1875, 24y, m, 11y, 4c, 3c, Il, Il, Il,
Gurtie, w, d, w, f, Aug 1890, 9y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Henry, s, w, m, Jul 1894, 5y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Evert, s, w, m, Nov 1895, 4y, s, Il, Il, Il,

Charles, h, w, m, Apr 1842, 58y, wd, England, England, England, Notary Public
Tomas A., s, w, m, Jan 1871, 29y, m, 9y, Il, England, Mo, Day Laborer
Augusta E., d-in-law, w, f, Feb 1868, 32y, m, 9y, 5c, 5c, Il, Vt, Canida Eng,
Clara, d, w, f, 1885, 15y, s, Il, England, Mo,
Frank, s, w, m, Jan 1891, 9y, s, Il, England, MO,
Mable, L, gd, w, f, Jan 1892, 7y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Lewis E., gs, w, m, Mar 1894, 6y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Charles H., gs, w, m, Dec 1895, 4y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Ralph E., gs, w, m, Sept 1899, 9/12y, s, Il, Il, Il,

John, h, w, m, May 1844, 56y, wd, Italy, Italy, Italy, 1866,34y, Dray Man

John, h, w, m, Oct 1850, 49y, m, 16y Ky, Va, Va, Black Smith
Malissie D., w, w, f, Sept 1864, 35y, m, 16y, 5c, 3c, In, Ky, Ky,
Charlie, s, w, m, Jan, 1890, 9y, s, Il, Ky, In,
Elmer, s, w, m, Sept 1891, 8y, s, Il, Ky, In,

Martian, h, w, m, Apr, 1864, 36y, m, 10y, Il, Il, Il, Day Laborer
Fannie E., w, w, f, Mar 1874, 26y, m, 10y, 4c, 1c, Il, Al, Ar,
Beaulah, d, w, f, Aug 1895, 4y, s, Il, Il, Il,

Haynes Prudie, s-in-law, w, f, Oct 1879, 20y, wd, Il, Al, Ar, Crate Maker in Box Factory

George, h, w, m, Jan 1863, 37ym m, 14y, Denmark, Denmark, Denmark, Day Laborer
Callie, w, w, f, Jun 1868, 31y, m, 14y, 5c, 3c, Il Tn, Tn,
Calvin, s, w, m, Mar 1887, 13,y, s, Il, Denmark, Il,
Georgie, s, w, m, May 1892, 8y, s, Il, Denmark, Il,
Havania C., d, w, f, Apr 1898, 2y, s, Il, Denmark, Il,

William R or A, h, w, m, Jan 1867, 33y, m, 6y, Il, Il, Il, R.R. Laborer
Sarah F., w, w, f, Jan, 1876, 24y, m, 6y, Il, Il, Il,

Corzine William, boarder, w, m, Jan, 1863, wd, Il, Il, Il, Farming

Caleb, h, w, m, Jul 1837, 62y, m, 28y, England, England, England, 1865, 35y, Mail Carrier
Amanda, w, w, f, Feb, 1848, 52y, m, 28y, 4c, 2c, Mo, SC, SC,
Lillie, d, w, f, Oct 1877, 22y, s, Il, England, Mo,

William Cecil, gd, w, f, Jan, 1897, 2y, s, Il, Il, Il,

Charles, h, b, m, Nov 1833, 66y, m, 34y, Mo, Mo, Mo, Farm Laborer
Josephine, w, b, f, Oct 1843, 56y, m, 34y, 7c, 4c, Il, Mo, Il,
Gussie, s, b, m, Aug 1881, 18y, s, Il, Mo, Il, Laborer in Rock Quary
Tomie, gs, b, m, Oct 1889, 10y, s, Il, Il, Il,
Daniel, h, b, m, Dec 1837, 62y, m, 29y, NC, NC, NC, Day Laborer
Martha, w, b, f, Mar 1858, 42y, M, 29y, 7c, 3c, NC, Scotland, NC,
Lela A., d, b, f, Mar 1882, 18y, s, Ms, NC, NC, School Teacher
Daniel Jr., s, b, m, Feb 1878, 22y, s, Ms, NC, NC, Steam Driller in Rock

Davis Eugine, boarder, b, m, Mar 1870, 30y, s, Al, Al, Al,

Philip, h, w, m, Nov 1849, 50y, m, 16y, Il, IL, n/a, Day Laborer
Elizabeth A, w, w, f, May 1851, 49y, 16y, 7c, 4c, Ky, Ky, Ky,
Effie, d, w, f, Jul 1886, 13y, s, Il, Il, Ky,
Arthur, s, w, m, Dec 1889, 19y, s, IL IL KY
Oley, s, w, m, Apr 1891, 9y, s, Il, Il, Ky,
Pg. 144 A

Treece (cont from above family)
Clarance, s, w, m, Apr 1895, 5y, s, Il, Il, Ky,

Here ends the enumeration of 2nd Ward

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