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Jackson County, Illinois

Contributed by: Rosetta Broam

This one sheet of an old, around 1900 city directory
was given to me by a cousin. I am posting this in case
someone is researching one of the families.

Dutcher, Robt. wf Annie mgr Skewer Factory res 416 N. eighth
Dyer, ed clerk Lonan House
Dyer M O. wid res 1838 Spruce

Eakin, Elizabeth M Mrs wid 1613 Walnut
Eakin, W M wagon maker res 1307 Turner
Eason, Rounz teamster res 531 N Fourteenth
Eason, W H wf Ella sexton res 531 N Fourteenth
Easterly, A E wid res 1314 South
Eastland, F R conductor res 10 N Seventeenth
Easton, P H brakeman res 10 N Seventeenth
Eberle, Albert wf Jennie E merchant 1017 Chestnut res 1830 Spruce
Eck, Louis F. Lizzie carpenter, res 808 Maple
Edmonds, Henry (col) lab res rear 622 N seventeenth
Edmonds, Jacob K wf Mary carpenter M & O res 1912 Pine
Edmonds, Sidney res 521 Lucier
Edmonds, Wm wf Maggie ins agent res 532 N. Fifteenth
Edwards, Ida wid res 320 N. twelfth
Edwards, L. wid res 409 Murphy
Egloff, John wf Mary miner res 1520 Elm
Egloff, Edward B. apprentice Unionist office res 1520 Elm
Egloff, Agnes Miss res 1520 Elm
Eigel, John wf Eva stone mason 400 blk cor Plum & S Third
Eisenmayer, P. H. Pes Suth'n ILL Mill & Elevator Co. Twelfth & Locust
Elliott, A. D. wf Mattie lab res 516 N. Seventeenth
Elliott, E. W. wf Sarah night watchman M & O res701 N.17th. (Not positive on this number, not printer clear.)
Ellis, Fannie res 904 E. Walnut
Ellis, Dr I W wf May mayor office 1116 E. Walnut res 1842 w. Walnut
Ellis Tillie clerk res 520 North
Ellis, W. F. wf Josie county judge south end Eleventh
Ellis & Wadbeser saloon 116 N. Seventh
Emhoff f wf Maggie farmer res 2019 Pine
Emins W. wf Sadie miner res 2036 Spruce
Emling, Wm teamster res 508 N. Fifteenth
Enright, Dan'l f. conductor M & O res 1610 Walnut
Engram, W M. wf Ellen miner res 644 N, Eleventh
Eovaldi, Frank wf Annunciata miner res 616 N. Ninth
Ernest, Prof T. R. res 1612 Spruce
Ervins, W. wf Sadie (col) miner res 2036 Spruce
Essick, Dr W. W. wf Maud office 1215 Walnut

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