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The Daily Free Press 1912

December 19, 1912

Mrs. O.P. Woolsey, who has been visiting Mrs. F.R. Legg, returned to her home in Pinckneyville yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. B.N. Neber, of Marion, the parents of Dr. E.N. Neber, are visiting here.

Miss Hazel McKinney was a visitor in St. Louis yesterday.

I. Duncan was a business visitor in Murphysboro Wednesday.

Mrs. Frank Krysher and family of Makanda, visited relatives here yesterday.

Mrs. James Winchester visited in Murphysboro Tuesday.

Miss Gertrude Hardesty has returned from a visit with Mrs. C.L. Dopp in East St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cook were in St. Louis yesterday.

Mrs. A. G. Purdy is spending the day in Marion.

At the regular meeting of Carbondale Lodge No. 233, I.O.O.F. last Monday night, A.W. Burbank was elected deputy of the lodge.

Mrs. J. McNier of Pomona, is visiting her son, A. C. McNier and family.

Mrs. Amanda Etherton has returned from a visit in Murphysboro.

Mrs. Carrie Taylor, of Creal Springs, arrived from St. Louis today where she has been visiting her son, Charles and family, and will spend Christmas holidays here with Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Boos.

Mrs. A.L. Burpo is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Little, in Murphysboro.

Mrs. Nettie Wilson of Marion, is the guest of friends here.

Ed Patterson went to Murphysboro this morning.

Mrs. A.C. McNier and son Frank are visiting in Anna today.

Earl Miller of Hurst is a business visitor here today.

C.D.M. Renfro was in St. Louis on business today.

Mrs. Dan Anderson was visiting here from Murphysboro today.

Morton Miller, who has been in Golconda for some time, arrived here yesterday to spend the holidays.

Mrs. Z.T. Cook of Anna is visiting Mrs. D.B. Hunsaker.

Mrs. Ben Small of Anna is visiting here.

Prof. J.L. Parks went to Murphysboro today on business.

Lewis Reed and Herbert Utley went to Vienna at noon today.

Miss Minnie Rice, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Robertson, returned to her home in Makanda this morning.

Mrs. M.B. Hawkins, aged 54 years and 4 days, died at her home this morning at 9:30 o'clock on South Marion street after a lingering illness with cancer.  Funeral arrangements will be announced tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. John Baggott, newlyweds, went to Makanda Wednesday where they will reside on Mr. Baggott's farm.

S.W. Wells, superintendent of the tie plant, was in Murphysboro Wednesday.

Mrs. M.W. Robertson and son, Sam, of Marion, are the guest of her sister, Mrs. Sarah Snider.

Assistant Supt. W.T. Stephenson, of the Prudential Insurance Co., is in town today.  He will attend a meeting of the assistant superintendents of the Prudential company in Mt. Vernon Friday.

Mrs. E.E. Mitchell and family have returned from Springfield and are now domiciled in their home on West Main street again.  Mr. Mitchell will remain in Springfield until the expiration of his term as state treasurer.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Winchester were in St. Louis yesterday.

Alois Starzinger, J. N. Baird and Dr. L.A. Minner are attending the poultry show in Murphysboro today.  They have a number of exhibits of chickens in the show.  The Free Press will print their awards tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Messmore are visitors in Fredonia.

Miss Bertha Miller, of Reeves is visiting here today.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Cline went to Paducah this morning to spend the holidays.

A number of local democrats were in Murphysboro today attending a meeting of the Democratic county central committee, which was held at the office of the county chairman, Gus Blair.  Among those attending from here were: G.R. Huffman, M. T. Price, James M. Etherton, Dr. M. Etherton, and Harry Dillinger.

Miss Izora Mowery left this morning for a visit in Vienna.

Marshal Harvey Hagler late yesterday afternoon arrested James Hillard, a barber, wanted in White county on the charge of child abandonment.  Hillard has lived here but a short time.  He left last night for Carmi where his children are and will bring them here.

December 23, 1912

Mrs. J.C. Figg, of Murphysboro, visited here Saturday.

Mrs. Karl Federer and daughter, Frances Jane, are in DuQuoin, the guests of her mother, Mrs. Asenith Sims.

Mrs. Ella Long, is visiting her sister, Mrs. L.E. Smith in Centralia during the holidays.

Miss Grace Trobaugh was in Murphysboro Saturday.

Mrs. Mary Shafter of Centralia, is the guest of relatives and friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. Morley Treece of Hurst have returned after a visit with relatives.

Mrs. R. Goodwin and daughter Miss Tina, attended the Crawshaw-Hagler reunion held at the home of Thomas Crawshaw south-west of town Sunday.

The citizens of the south end witnessed the burning of the house of Henry Young on the high hill beyond the Snider cemetery about 7 o'clock last night.  Mr. Young had lived there until about three weeks ago.  Since then it has been vacant until yesterday when Frank Mason and family moved in.  It is thought that the fire originated from a defective flue.  Mr. Mason saved all his goods and Mr. Young had about $400 insurance.

John Seering has returned from Urbana where he has been attending the University of Illinois.

Mrs. Lloyd F. Cox of Thebes, is visiting her mother, Mrs. M. Whitacre, and brother, Dr. O.W. Whitacre, this week.

Coroner Ed Travelstead went to Murphysboro Sunday night to hold an inquest over the body of a colored woman who was killed there Saturday night.

Grover Ogden has returned from a visit with friends in Golconda.

Mrs. Florence Burpo has returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Murphysboro.

Mrs. E.N. Wilson, of Chicago, arrived here Sunday morning and will spend the winter with her daughter, Miss Elizabeth, librarian at the Normal.  Miss Olive Wilson has been here for several weeks.  They are domiciled at the home of Mrs. S. O. Patterson on South Poplar street.

Miss Nellie Roe is in St. Louis today.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Coffman of Anna were here Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Terbenitz.

Sunday P.B. Michaels and family entertained his sister, Mrs. S.E. Draper and two children, William and Mamie, of Upper Alton, and his niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Al Hinchcliffe, of Etherton.

E.W. Atkinson, J.T. Bentley of the Theatorium and Frank Cox of the Lyric attended a meeting of the Moving Picture Association of Southern Illinois in Murphysboro yesterday.  Mr. Cox was elected a member of the association.  The next meeting will be held in Centralia subject to the call of the president.

Mrs. John Parker, of Murphysboro was the guest of A.C. McNier yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blanche of Murphysboro, Mrs. Charles Roberts, I.B. Thompson of Makanda, J.L. Adams, Harry Robinson of Marion and Julius Kahle of Centralia were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Chas. Marten yesterday.

Rev. J.A. Taylor was in Anna and Jonesboro Saturday.

Henry Crawshaw was in Murphysboro Saturday.

Mesdames Ed McGuire, Pete Stoudt, and Mark Underhill were visitors in Murphysboro Saturday.

Mrs. Roscoe White was the guest of friends in Murphysboro Saturday.

O.J. Page of Marion was here this morning.

S.W. Wells, Supt. of the Tie Plant, went to St. Louis Saturday on business.

O.W. Oliver is spending the holidays at his home near Elkville.

Mrs. Frank Jones of Marion was a Carbondale visitor Saturday afternoon.

Miss Mayme Erstan of Marion spent Sunday here.

Rev. J.R.E. Craighead went to Anna today to officiate at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson.  Mrs. Craighead accompanied him.

Mr. and Mrs. Lum Wagoner were here Saturday on their way to their home in Herrin after a few months residence in Pueblo, Colo., on account of Mr. Wagoner health.  Mr. Wagoner is a brother to Mrs. J.H. Haley.

Dr. John Marten of Tolono returned today after attending the funeral of his father Mr. C. F. Marten.

Miss Martha Obeevers and Evelyn Youngblood are spending the day in St. Louis.

The following boys are in the Racer Contest.  Save your coupons for them;  Morton Thompson Williams, Joe Youngblood, Marvin Hamilton, John Bryant, Joe Fite, Ferd Kline, Paul Travelstead, Snider Peeples.

Mrs. Robert McRoy was in St. Louis Saturday.

Ben Gullett of Chicago spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gullett.

Chas. Kimmel was here from Cobden yesterday.

Chas. Scott from Kankakee spent the day with Jno. McKinney Sunday.

Loyd Bracey was here this morning between trains enroute to his home in Marion from San Antonio, Texas where he has been attending an academy.

Misses Grace and Ruby Morton and Miss Louise Farlion?, of Cape Girardeau, Mo, sisters and a cousin of B.D. Morton, were here yesterday to attend the Morton-Phillips wedding.

Mrs. B.H. Middleton was in St. Louis yesterday.

Miss Pearl Wilkinson was in Murphysboro yesterday.

Mrs. Alvin Sponsler went to Anna today to spend Xmas with relatives.

Robert Teeter and family of Chicago are here to spend the holidays with his parents Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Teeter.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to our many friends, the G.A.R. and the I.O.O.F. for their many acts of kindness and the beautiful floral tributes and the sweet sympathy shown us in our sad bereavement in the death of our father and brother Charles Frederick Marten.  Dr. John Marten, W.C. Marten, Jake Kerstein, Herman Marten, Frank Marten.

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