Tornado Victims


 Jackson County, Illinois




Name Age Information
Asbury, Ellen E   buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Ava
Asbury, Murray    
Barton, Charles    
Bean, T H about 70 years Thomas Harve Bean, h/o Sarah Ann Quigley, father of Ollie M. Crain. (see note #1 & 2)
Bean, R    
Brown, ?   Daughter of Watt & Della; injured at school, died a week later; buried at Alto Pass Cemetery
Brown, Della (Gerhart)   Wife of Watt Brown, killed at home; buried at Alto Pass Cemetery
Brown, Margaret Lovisey    
Brown, Watt   School superintendent; buried at Alto Pass Cemetery
Casey, Bertha M    
Crain, Jane (Pyatt) about 59 years w/o Clain Crain; sister-in-law of Reuben Crain, buried at Creekpaum Cemetery
Crain, Ollie M (Bean) about 47 years w/o Rueben Crain; buried at Creekpaum Cemetery
Crain, Reuben about 48 years s/o George & Elizabeth Crain; buried at Creekpaum Cemetery
Cross, Della (Bean) about 28 years w/o Charles H. Cross, mother of Gerald Cross, d/o Thomas H.& Sarah Bean
Cross, Gerald about 5 years s/o Charles & Della Cross
Dunn, Joel Robert    
Dunn, Joseph Robert    
Foncree, William    
Gale, Larance W   male
Gale, Lawrence    
Gorden, Carley   female
Hinchcliff, Sally L    
Johnson, Dick    
Moschenrosen, Andrew   s/o Mary
Moschenrosen, Edward   s/o Mary
Moschenrosen, Louise   d/o Mary
Moschenrosen, Mary   married surname also listed as Moschenroes
Needham, infant    
Needham, Albert F    
Needham, Mildred M    
Needham, Lafayette    
Noal, Martin    
Reeder, Gus    
Reeder, Nancy    
Rosenburger, Opal M    
Temple, Alonzo    
Thormure, George J   surname also listed as Temure
White, Katie   1st name also listed as Kitty
unknown female   sister of Joe Mochenrosen


NOTE #1--RE:1880 census,JC IL,Verginnes TWP.


Note#2--RE:The Daily Independent, Murphysboro, Illinois .


Mrs. Ruben Crain, daughter of Harve and Sarah Bean, was born at Vergennes, Illinois, March  1, 1878 and was killed in the storm March 18, 1925 .


Mrs. Crain's father, her sister and child were killed in the storm and her mother died Sunday morning.


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