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Jackson County, Illinois

1925 Tornado Victims

Murphysboro, Illinois

Name (235) Age Information
Andrews, John G   listed as J G Andrew
Bailey, Clara    
Baker, female   w/o George
Baker, child    
Baker, Emma    
Baker, Opal    
Baker, Thelma    
Bandy, Green Sheron   died on 20 March of injuries
Barnett, Marie   d/o Ida, child
Barnett, Tina May   d/o Ida, child
Baroni, Frank    
Baroni, Joseph    
Bean, Sarah Anna about 68 years (nee Quigley) w/o Thomas H. Bean; died 22 Mar in Cairo, IL. (see note #1 & 2)
Beck, Minnie Adeline    
Berger, female   w/o George (Juinate or Margaret his wife)
Berger, Juinate    
Berger, Margaret    
Berra, John   died in Carbondale
Bjik, E J    
Blacklock, female   w/o Wallace
Blacklock, Frieda   (?w/o Wallace)
Boston, Evelyn    
Botterbush, Mary Louise 3 yrs d/o Edward & Lucy (Dietz)
Boucher, Daniel   listed as Dan Baucher
Boucher, Edna Imogene   (sister to Ethel)
Boucher, Ethel 28 yrs buried Zion Cemetery (sister to Edna)
Bowerman, Helen    
Bowerman, Martha L    
Brandon, Mary   married
Bratcher, infant twins   c/o John
Bratcher, female   w/o John
Brewer, John J    
Brown, Alice    
Brown, Foster Lindsey    
Brown, Joe Henry    
Brown, Nina Lou    
Callihan, Jerry C 4 yrs c/o Jerry buried Evergreen in Ava
Callihan, Albert W 2 yrs c/o Albert & Mamie buried Evergreen in Ava
Clements, unknown    
Clemmons, Katie   possible unknown Clements died in Carbondale on 30 Mar
Cochran, Willis    
Coffer, female   sister of Necie
Coffer, Ethel Rodo   (possible unknown)
Cook, Helen May   a child
Coontz, H S    
Correnti, unknown   c/o Joseph
Cully, Harry A 55 yrs h/o Mary E
Cully, James A    
Darby, D E   listed on death cert as T E
Dave, Jay    
Davis, Mary Ellen    
DeWitt, John    
Ditzler, John    
Ditzler, Henrietta    
Duncan, Arthur    
Dunhouse, John 76 yrs  
Dunn, Chapman Arthur    
Ellis, David A    
Fielding, male   s/o James
Fielding, female   w/o James (Pauline or Nellie)
Fielding, Nellie    
Fielding, Pauline    
File, Effie   w/o L W
Flatt, Arthur Hiawatha   b. 21 March 1882, Franklin Co., IL or TX, d. 18 March 1925, h/o Ella (Forshee) Flatt (killed outright when pillars from a nearby home nearly completely decapitate him), buried at Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro.
Flatt, Ella Josephine (Forshee)   w/o Arthur H. Flatt, home collapsed in on her, a beam from the house
knocked her down, breaking her neck, buried at Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro.
Fults, Winfield S   death certificate says he died 02 Oct 1925
Gibson, May Etta   w/o J W
Gordon, Caroline   d/o Bert & Nettie
Gooch, James O    
Gouldoni, Louis    
Gregory, unknown    
Gregory, Allsworth A    
Hagler, Elvis Earl 20-0-3  
Hall, Ruby    
Halliday, female   w/o Mart
Hamerhehl, Ben   (brother of John) listed as Habernehl)
Hamerhehl, John   (brother of Ben)
Hamlett, Della    
Hammer, Frances Abee    
Haney, Samuel Marshal   visiting area from Meridian, MS
Hardwig, Ernest    
Harris, E C   a boy
Harris, John Gilbert    
Harrison, L C   male
Hasselbrock, Ervin   a child
Hasselbrock, August    
Hays, Edna Waneta    
Henning, Charles   died in Carbondale
Henry, Joe    
Hinchcliff, Ernie A    
*Icenogle, Robert Louis   *Family story included below
Isom, Adolphus   race: black
Jackson, Lorine    
Jackson, Louise    
Jay, Dave   s/o John & Anna
Jones, Margaret   race: black, married
Jones, A J    
Jones, J A (? A J)   male
Jones, Sarah L    
Kelly, female   race: black, married
Kereens, Sam    
Kessel, Mary   w/o Edward
Ledbetter, Lena B 20 yrs w/o Roger died 10 April in Kinkaid Twp
Lenington, Herbert Ray    
Lipe, Campbell    
Lipe, Claud    
Lipe, Ivan    
Lockard, John J   died 19 March in Carbondale
Loucius, Dorothy    
Loy, Anna Bernice   married
Loy, Charles Edward    
Loy, Thomas James    
Mainard, Mary   surname Mainor on death cert
Martin, female   w/o James
Martin, John    
Martin, Mamie   died 19 March
Martin, Mandenline    
Martin, May Dell    
Martin, Pete    
McAllister, Ben   surname Calister on death cert
McBride, Orin    
Mcbride, Victoria    
McCord, Herbert   c/o Robert
McCormick, Lucy A   w/o George W
Mifflin, J W    
Mifflin, Jerry N   s/o Murray & Nellie
Mifflin, Jeremiah Newton   (? Jerry N)
Miller, Louis    
Miller, female   w/o Louis
Miller, Louise H   (? w/o Louis)
Modglin, Edward   h/o Betsy died 06 Apr in Bradley Twp
Moore, Joe    
Morgan, Ruth Lorine 4 yrs  
Mory, George 66 yrs  
Morrison, Roberta 13 yrs d/o Blake & Della (Beasley)
Nausley, Albert   s/o Ray
Nausley, Essie Lee    
Nausley, Fredia Elizabeth 6 yrs d/o H H & Mollie died 08 Jun
Nausley, Zora Lee    
Neal, W E    
Neal, William E SR   (? W E)
Nolte, female   married
Nolte, C H   male
Orland, B A    
Orland, Herbert Addison   (?B A)
Perion, Eilber 4 yrs s/o Columbus died 03 Apr at Barnes Hospital in St Louis
Perkins, Oscer   race: black
Pieron, Bertha Lou    
Pieron, Mildred    
Pierson, unknown   c/o Columbus
Piltz, Luella    
Piltz, Robert    
Reed, Frank    
Reed, female   w/o Frank
Reeder, Hugh    
Reeder, Imogene    
Roberts, Paul   a child
Rodman, Dollie   w/o Sam
Rushing, William V   died 20 March
Russell, Earl    
Schiro, John    
Schiro, Joseph    
Schiro, Josephine    
Schiro, Lua    
Schiro, Mildred    
Schmallerbeger, Tressie    
Scholle, Elizabeth    
Shaw, Sadie Evelyn   died 21 March, married
Sheeley, Bernard J    
Shelley, Clara    
Silvey, Rhoda   w/o O S
Silvey, Oliver Smith    
Simon, Bertha Francis    
Slater, female   race: black
Smith, Eddie    
Smith, Evelyn Marie   died 20 March
Smith, Ernest    
Smith, James Flanagan    
Smith, John W    
South, female   married
South, female   c/o married female
Spangler, unknown   c/o Ardell
Spangler, female   w/o Ardell
Spangler, John W Jr.    
Spangler, Josephine   (? w/o Ardell)
Spurlozzie, William    
Stevenson, Doris    
Stevenson, Robert    
Stevenson, Ruth   died 19 March
Stiver, unknown   a child
Stivers, Bennie    
Stivers, Elmer L    
Stout, Cooper    
Stratton, Alf    
Stratton, Sadie    
Swafford, John    
This, Isabelle    
This, Louise    
Thompson, Rebecca    
Thornton, Louisa 76 yrs w/o Wm C
Trembly, Octavia    
Varner, William Earl    
Verbal, Margaret   w/o Major
Verbal, Major    
Wagner, John J    
Walker, Emma    
Wayman, Louis Roy   s/o Dr. L R
White, Mildred May   married
unknown 3 males    
unknown 7 females    
unknown female at HS    
unknown 7 children    
unknown 4 girls    
unknown Italian female    
unknown 4 Italian children    



NOTE #1--RE:1880 census, JC IL, Verginnes TWP.


Note#2--RE:The Daily Independent, Murphysboro, Illinois .


Mrs. Ruben Crain, daughter of Harve and Sarah Bean, was born at Vergennes, Illinois, March  1, 1878 and was killed in the storm March 18, 1925 . Mrs. Crain's father, her sister and child were killed in the storm and her mother died Sunday morning.


*I had a uncle that was killed during the tornado.  His name was Robert Louis Icenogle.  He lived on North 12th Street in Murphysboro with his mother Anna May Icenogle and his brothers Charles, Clarence and Herman. His grandmother Anna Curry and his grandfather Robert Curry.  Generations lived together a lot then. He was on N.15th St when it hit.  He was in my now Mother and Father In-Law's yard where there is a well (still there) and hid behind it.  He was in their back yard when it was over,  He was carried home on a door they had found to my cousin's house at the bottom of 12th Street hill. He had one scratch down his face and his skin was so black from the dirt that had blown.   He was taken to Holden Hospital in Carbondale by train and died that night due to internal injuries.   He was banged on the ground over and over from the wind.  His grandfather Robert had seen the storm coming and threw a bucket of water into the heating stove.  It was March and still cold so if it hit the house it would not catch fire like so many homes and business did.  Did'nt know if you could use this or if you know who would be interested in it.  Thanks,  Marianne

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