C. C. H. S. Basketball

Basketball Squad

Thalman, Tweedy, Neber, Rust, Huffman, Kilmer, Brown, Ellis, Halterman, Norris, Whittenberg, Coach Bridges, McNier, Judd, Gent, Fisher, Curtis, Hudgens, B. Rogers, Lingle, Hewitt, Adams, Wallace, Coach Bowen, Rendleman, Foley, Moore, O'Hara, Stotlar, C. Rogers, D. Ragsdale, R. Ragsdale, Gray, Robison, Managers-B. McGinnis and W. Eaton.

Basketball Schedule & Scores

Dec. 5 Carbondale 24 Marion 28
Dec. 12 Carbondale 37 Elkville 16
Dec. 13 Carbondale 19 Zeigler 12
Dec. 22 Carbondale 25 Murphysboro 28
Dec. 27 Carbondale 42 Chester 27
Dec. 29 Carbondale 33 Centralia 27
Dec. 31 Carbondale 24 Champaign 26
Jan. 6 Carbondale 26 Benton 27
Jan. 9 Carbondale 29 DuQuoin 14
Jan. 13 Carbondale 37 Marion 17
Jan. 16 Carbondale 24 Anna 23
Jan. 17 Carbondale 35 Centralia 33
Jan. 20 Carbondale 45 Herrin 14
Jan. 21 Carbondale 28 Brookport 18
Jan. 23 Carbondale 32 Pinckneyville 25
Jan. 30 Carbondale 23 Murphysboro 16
Jan. 31 Carbondale 30 Taylorville 31
Feb. 6 Carbondale 47 Chester 21
Feb. 7 Carbondale 35 Metropolis 24
Feb. 10 Carbondale 30 University High 24
Feb. 13 Carbondale 19 DuQuoin 21
Feb. 20 Carbondale 28 Anna 35
Feb 21 Carbondale 32 Herrin 21
Feb. 27 Carbondale 23 Pinckneyville 5 17
Total Carbondale 727 Opponents 545

Conference Standing

  Won Lost
Carbondale 7 3
DuQuoin 7 3
Anna 6 4
Murphysboro 6 4
Pinckneyville 5 5
Chester 0 10

Basketball News

Marion Eked Victory From Terriers 28-24

In the opening game of the season the Carbondale Terriers showed a great need for practice and experience.  The Terriers were a full twelve points behind their opponents at the end of the third quarter but a good fourth quarter whittled the lead to four points and the game ended 28-24.

Terriers' Easily Defeated Elkville 37-16

The C. C. H. S. Terriers easily defeated the scrappy Elkville five with a score of 37-16.  The Carbondale five showed an airtight defense throughout the entire game, allowing their opponents only three points in the first half.   Their offense was nothing to laugh about for they tallied time after time to chalk up thirty-seven points.   Stotlar led the offense with eight points.

Carbondale Outplayed Zeigler 19-12

The Terriers outscored the Zeigler quintet, 19-12, in a defensive battle.  Carbondale took a lead of a small margin in the first quarter and held it throughout the game.  Rogers and O'Hara led the scoring for Carbondale with six points each.

Terriers Nosed Out By Murphysboro 28-25

After thirteen straight victories over the Murphysboro Red Devils, the inevitable finally happened when the Red Devils whizzed to a 28-25 victory in the final minutes of a hard fought game.  The Terriers after taking the lead during the first quarter held it until the final two minutes of the game when the rushing Red Devils rallied to victory.

Terriers Overwhelmed Chester 42-27

The Carbondale Terriers came back after a defeat by Murphysboro to conquer the Chester Yellow Jackets to the tune of 42-27.  It was Carbondale's game from the start with lanky Cliff Rogers leading the offensive with twenty-one points.  The victory put the Terriers into a second-place tie in the Southwestern Egyptian Conference.

Carbondale Overcame Centralia 33-27

The Centralia Red Birds headed by the famous Dwight Eddleman took a first half lead of 20-13 over the Carbondale Terriers, but their joy was short-lived for as the third quarter advanced the Terriers rallied to a 24-21 lead.  The Terriers hit their stride in the fourth quarter to go on to a 33-27 win.

Champaign Beat Terriers 24-26

The Champaign quintet buzzed past the Terriers in the final seconds of a hard-fought game.  They took the lead early in the game and held a slight advantage over their opponents through a greater part of the play.  The Terriers were on the long end of a 24-21 score with ninety seconds to go but the fighters from Champaign counted for a free shot and two goals to take home a victory.

Benton Slipped Past Terriers 27-26

After taking a first quarter advantage of 10-6 over the Benton Rangers, they were crowded to a half-time score of 15-15.  The Rangers hit the range in the third quarter and took so large a lead in the third quarter that the Terriers found themselves on the short end of a 27-26 score.  By R. R.

Terriers Scalped DuQuoin Indians

The Carbondale Terriers completely outplayed the DuQuoin Indians to take a 29-24 victory for their second conference victory in three starts.  The victory moved the Terriers into a three-way tie for the conference lead.

Terriers Swamped Marion 37-17

The Carbondale boys were revengeful in completely outplaying a scrappy Marion team who had been victorious over the Terriers earlier in the season.  The Terriers took a commanding lead early in the game, and their lead was never threatened throughout the game.  Rogers took the scoring honors with twelve points.

Terriers Victorious Over Anna-Jonesboro 24-23

Carbondale finally broke a jinx which Anna had over the Terriers for four years.  Anna had won from Carbondale on the Anna floor for the past years, but the tables were turned and Terriers scrambled to victory with Cliff Rogers setting the scoring place with ten points.

Carbondale Won Second Victory over Centralia 35-33

Carbondale Terriers became the first team to beat the Centralia Red Birds twice consecutively in some years when they won in an overtime period by a score of 35-33.  The game was a close one throughout and not until three minutes of a second overtime had passed did Cliff Rogers tally the winning basket.  Rogers won scoring honors for the night with seventeen points.

Terriers Defeated Herrin 45-14

The Terriers were easy victors over the Herrin Tigers on January 20.  The Carbondale five took the lead in the first quarter and was never threatened throughout the game.

Terriers Ousted Pinckneyville 32-25

A victory over the Pinckneyville Panthers put the Terriers in the lead of the race for the Southwestern Egyptian Conference title.  The score changed several times at the beginning of the game but as the second quarter advanced the Terriers moved into a lead which they kept throughout the game.

Murphysboro Fell Before The Fighting Terriers

The Carbondale Terriers invaded Murphysboro on January 30 and came home with a 23-16 victory.  The Terriers started the game with a fighting spirit and took a first quarter lead of 8-4.  From this point the Carbondale boys were content to merely protect their lead.

Terriers Lost Heart-Breaker To Taylorville 31-30

The Terriers lost a hard-fought game when they were nosed out by Taylorville 31-30.  Taylorville took an early lead but the Terriers came from behind to make the last half more exciting.  After missing chances to win the game the Terriers lost the ball and were victims of some stalling.  By R. R.

Terriers Conquered Chester 47-21

The C. C. H. S. Terriers easily defeated the Chester Yellow Jackets for the second time in the season.  The game seemed to be a certain victory for the Terriers from the beginning.  With good offense and defense the Terriers made the score 47-21.

Metropolis Defeated By Terriers 35-24

Metropolis brought to Carbondale one of the best teams in the southern part of the State for a benefit game with the Terriers and were disappointed when they found the Terriers also could play roughly and skillfully to defeat them, 35-24.  Rogers led the offensive with sixteen points.  Don Ragsdale led the defensive operations throughout the game.

Terriers Outclassed University High 30-24

The Terriers found University High not quite so vulnerable as usual but defeated them by a six-point margin, 30-24.  Roy Ragsdale won the scoring honors for the night with twelve points.  Both teams were under par.  The Terriers awaited a chance to do better in the regional tournament against their local foe.

DuQuoin Overpowered Terriers 21-19

The Terriers were unable to penetrate the DuQuoin defense to any great degree but took a 14-10 lead in the first half.  The Indians gradually came closer to the Terriers' score in the last half and passed them with minutes to go.

Anna-Jonesboro Defeated Terriers 35-28

The Terriers lost a 35-28 to Anna on their own floor.  This defeat put Carbondale in a three-way tie for the conference lead with Anna and DuQuoin.

Herrin Fell Again to a Fighting Terrier Quintet 32-21

Herrin, although improved, couldn't master the vaunted Terrier five.  The Terriers won after meeting a defeat the previous night.  Herrin led at half time by a one-point margin.  The Terriers were paced by O'Hara and Roy Ragsdale.

Carbondale Outscored Pinckneyville 25-17

It seemed the C. C. H. S. boys needed more practice in shooting for the boys missed shot after shot early in the game as Pinckneyville took a half time lead  of 14-10.  The Terriers had a renewed spirit in the second half and tied the score at the end of the third quarter 16-16.   The Terriers opened up the fourth quarter to win 25-17.   By R. R.

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