C. C. H. S. Calendar of '41 to '42

September 1 Labor Day.
September 2 First day of school.
September 4 Freshman Party.
September 5 Assembly seats assigned.
September 11 Radio Club sponsored "red hot" sale.
September 15 First edition of the Monitor published.
September 16 Charles Monroe elected Senior President.
September 17 First assembly program.
September 19 Eddleman and Company defeated Carbondale, 13-6.
September 22 Noon hour cut to one hour.
September 24 Singing Strings played for assembly.
September 26 Carbondale downed Elkville 13-7.
October 1 Senior Class sponsored Amateur Hour.
October 4 Terriers beat Anna 18-6.
October 7 First P. T. A. Meeting.
October 8 Silver Keys played for assembly.
October 10 A. W. Ditmore gave a talk in assembly.
October 11 Cape and Terriers tie, 0-0.
October 14 DIAL took club pictures.
October 20 French Class visited Kaskaskia.
October 29-30 Junior Class presented "The Ghost Train."
November 3 Assembly saw film on "Life Saving."
November 4 McLafferty won Spelling Bee.
November 5 DIAL staff sponsored Fun Festival.
November 6-9 Vacation.
November 10 Dr. Beyer spoke to assembly.
November 11 DuQuoin trounced C. C. H. S. 19-6.
November 17 MONITORS were passed out.
November 18 Austin Turner from Chile spoke in assembly.
November 20 Red Devils downed Terriers 7-0.
December 5 Marion clipped Carbondale, 28-24.
December 19 Vacation opened.
December 22 Terriers victorious in battle with Chester, 47-27.
December 27 Carbondale downed Eddleman and Company, 32-27.
January 5 First P. T. A. meeting of New Year.
January 7 Minister Trewolla weighed "Egg and Bubble."
January 12 Victory book campaign opened.
January 13 Second Semester began.
January 14 Carbondale downed Marion, 37-17.
January 15 Master Singers in assembly.
January 19 "Smilin" Bob Briggs drew for assembly.
January 20 Terriers whipped Herrin, 45-14.
January 22 George Lyons, harpist, played in assembly.
January 30 Terriers won from Murphysboro, 23-16.
January 31 Taylorville triumphed over Terriers.
February 1 P. T. A. celebrated anniversary.
February 6 Carbondale whipped Chester, 47-21.
February 7 Metropolis downed by Terriers, 35-24.
February 10 Terriers nipped University High, 30-24.
February 16 Draft registration.
February 26 "Stage Door" presented as All-School Play.
February 28 C. C. H. S. musicians took eight firsts in contest.
March 3-6 Regional Tournament at Carbondale.
March 7 Carbondale entered finals with Murphysboro.
March 10-13 Sectional Tournament at Carbondale.
March 12 Carbondale lost.
March 12 Long, lucky shots by West Frankfort eliminated us in the semi-finals of the sectional tournament.
March 14 Band Contest.
March 17 St. Patrick's Day.
March 20 Vacation, Teachers' Meeting.
April 1 Fools' Day.
May 7 DIAL Staff had third period sale.
May 24 Baccalaureate Service.
May 29 Commencement 8:00 P. M.

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