C. C. H. S. Chorus & Band

Choral Club

In the past years the chorus has been only a small organization but this year it boosted its attendance to well over fifty members and provided fine entertainment for the students and the faculty.  A number of the members participated in the vocal solos and ensembles in the contest held on February 28 at our school.

Much of the success of the chorus was due to the perseverance and ability of our director, Mr. Gerald Daniel.

The group also took part in the Vocal Clinic at Southern Illinois Normal University on February 7, 1942, and in the District Contest Festival in Carbondale on March 14.

The hard work and strenuous effort of the Choral Club was rewarded by placement in the first division of the contest held on March 14.   This entitled them to participate in the sectional contest to be held on May 2 at Granite City.  By J. C.


Boyle, B. Crawshaw, Kelly, Brewer, Gasaway, McGrail, Bass, J. Smith, Holliday, Gray, B. Rogers, Chandler, Whittenberg, M. Smith, Neckers, Miller, Hopkins, Shafter, Dyer, Reed, Warren, Marberry, Gibbs, Wallace, White, Pate, Schneider, Gurley, Stafford, Johnson, Monroe, C. Rogers, Feahrs, Throgmorton, Krappe, Wisely, Ebbs, B. Rogers, Lackman, L. Crawshaw, Dietz, Spindloe, Fore, Lipe, Grater, Rasche, McCormack, Lewis, Harper, Rushing, Cerny, Toothacher, Eason, Schott, and Sellers.


Eugene Ketring was the active drum major of the band again this year and was followed in marching order by five attractive majorettes, Aileen McGrail, Marie Rendleman, Mary Rendleman, Anamerle Batson, and Fern Leathers.

We were indeed proud of our musical department.  Not only did our band make marked advancements in the field of interpretative music, but they also delighted the students with their arrangements of some of the current song hits.  At the beginning of the new semester several new musicians joined the band, bringing the total membership to about forty-five members.

Of course, we are indeed grateful for the active part Mr. Daniel has taken in our school activities and we feel that Anna was certainly the loser when he decided to take the position of directing our musical department.

Band members were thrilled to learn on March 14 that the Carbondale Community High School Band placed first in Class B bands in the District Contest.  It gave them the needed encouragement to go to Granite City and LaSalle.  By J. C.


Schwartz, Curtin, Kelley, Hudgens, Schlueter, Miller, Gent, L. Chrisman, Templeton, Midjaas, Stowers, Farmer, Baker, Day, B. Chrisman, Cheatum, Entsminger, Ulrey, Smith, Johnson, M. Carr, Fehrenbaker, Brown, M. Smith, Patheal, Dietz, D. White, Johnson, Maddex, Sheppard, Cartner, Gass, N. Carr, Thalman, B. Brewer, Chrisman, Gasaway, B. White, Farmer, Kelley, Shafter, Holliday, Wallace, B. Rogers, E. Johnson, A. Smith, Gher, R. D. Brewer, Bolen, Travelstead, Givens, Dodge, Martin, Stafford, and Mr. Daniel.

Junior Play

The dramatic department under the direction of Miss Marjorie Brown started another successful season with the presentation of the annual Junior Play.  The play, "The Ghost Train," was built around an old legend of a deserted depot.

Heading the cast in the roles of comedians were Gene Deadman and Barbara Lilly.  Excellently cast in the supporting roles were Bob Curtis, Marjorie Dale Wisely, Terry Cartner, Bill Hudgens, Mary Hills, Jeanne Haroldson, Bob Burnett, J. O. Weaver, and Jack Entsminger.

One of the contributing factors to the appeal of the play was the unusual and well-0executed sound effects by the members of the stage crew.  By J. C.

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