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Gibbs, Rose, Whittenberg, Judd, Spradling, Williams, Craig, King, Neber, Rust, Presley, Oliver, Robinson, Gher, White, Lockerby, Campbell, Crow, Cummings, Ellis, Henry, Sharp, Mull, Temple, Bridges, Hewitt, Ebbs, McGee, Hudgens, Crain, Jarvis, Huffman, Moore, McGinnis, McNeal, Covington, Hopkins, Brewer, Weaver, Fisher, Presley, Kennedy, Bowen, Curtis, D. Ragsdale, R. Ragsdale, Rendleman, Menteer, Lynn, M. O'Hara, Eaton, B. McGinnis, Gray, Stotlar, Oliver, Norris, Travelstead, G. O'Hara, Sanders, Managers Neal, Lence, and McCormack.

Football Schedule & Scores

Sept. 19 Carbondale   6 Centralia 13
Sept. 26 Carbondale 13 Elkville   6
Oct. 3 Carbondale 18 Anna   0
Oct. 10 Carbondale   0 Cape Girardeau   0
Oct. 17 Carbondale 13 Chester   0
Oct. 24 Carbondale 27 Pinckneyville   0
Oct. 31 Carbondale 21 Marion   6
Nov. 11 Carbondale   6 DuQuoin 19
Nov. 20 Carbondale   0 Murphysboro   7
Total Carbondale 104 Opponents 51

Conference Standing

  Won Lost
DuQuoin 5 1
Murphysboro 5 1
Carbondale 4 2
Pinckneyville 2 4
Anna 2 4
Chester 0 6

By R. R.

Football News

Terriers Fell Before Troutmen 13-6

Eddleman and company invaded Carbondale September 29 and went home victorious over the fighting Terriers.  Eddleman paced the Centralia attack and they were good for thirteen points the first half.  The Terriers came back with renewed spirit the second half but were unable to cross the goal but once.

Terriers' Bark Defeated Elkville 13-6

After an unsuccessful first quarter the Terriers started a powerful drive that didn't sop until seven points were put on the C. C. H. S. score.  The Terriers started another drive in the third quarter and added six points for a total of thirteen points.  Elkville score came with thirty-two seconds of the game remaining.

Terriers Outplayed a Weaker Anna-Jonesboro Eleven 18-0

The C. C. H. S. Terriers with Roy Ragsdale pacing the attack completely outplayed the Anna-Jonesboro Wildcats to win their first conference game.  Ragsdale carried the ball for all three touchdowns, two of them being a pass interceptions.  One of the passes was intercepted on Carbondale's own ten-yard line.

Carbondale Deadlocked With Cape 0-0

The Terriers proved very powerful on defense but were unable to penetrate the Cape line enough to tally throughout the entire game.  Cape was successful on some runs but a strong defense held them out of pay territory if there was a threat.

Carbondale Overcame Chester 13-0

Sloshing up and down a mud-covered field the Terriers fought their way to a 13-0 victory over the Chester Yellow Jackets.  Rendleman was the touchdown maker of the afternoon, as he ran both of the touchdowns behind excellent interference.  Going over once in the third and again in the fourth quarter, he obtained twelve of the thirteen points.  The other point came with a kick by Eaton after a touchdown.  By R. R.

Terriers Trounced Pinckneyville 27-0

The Carbondale Terriers easily defeated the Pinckneyville Panthers on a slightly muddy field.  After a slow start in the first quarter, the scoring began in the second quarter as the Terriers showed their superior ability by putting over two touchdowns in the second quarter, and following up with two more in the third.  Eaton placekicked successfully on three out of the four tries.

Terriers Ousted Marion 21-6

Terriers were very disappointed when Marion moved ahead in the first quarter, 6-0.  Marion's glee was short-lived, however, as the Terriers were good for fourteen points in the second quarter while the opponents were held to nothing.  The final touchdown came when Ray Dickey Brewer blocked a Marion kick and Don Ragsdale picked up the ball and crossed the goal.

DuQuoin Indians Scalped Terriers 19-6

After battling to no score in the first quarter, the Terriers were trampled beneath the turf as the Indians crossed the goal once in the second quarter and twice in the third.  The Terriers took possession and were completely in control of the ball until they finally crossed for six points with three minutes of play remaining.

Terriers Lost Conference Hopes to Murphysboro 7-0

The Terriers lost for the fourth consecutive year to their rivals from Murphysboro.  The game was nip and tuck all during the entire first half but as the third quarter advanced the Red Devils began to control the ball and time after time they threatened the Terriers, but the Terriers always came back with a mighty defense.  The Terriers were caught asleep on a good pass by the Devils, however, and dropped as the Devils took the lead, 7-0, when the extra point was made.  The Terriers then began to bark but never scored as the game ended, 7-0.

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