C. C. H. S. Clubs

Girls' Athletic Association

This association enjoyed another successful year under the capable leadership of a new sponsor, Miss Marting.  Not only did the girls participate in such games as volley ball, basketball, and softball, but the also had parties, potluck suppers, and various other social hours.

All the girls of the club look upon Miss Marting as a real companion and wish to thank her for her interest in them.


Norma Lou Brown-President

Dorothy Deason-Vice President

Elizabeth Johnson-Program Chairman

Jeanne Coffman-Secretary/Treasurer

Photo shows:  Betty Hale, Velma Smith, Mary Lewis, Betty Dean, Alberta Walters, Wilma Miller, June Boyle, Janell Guantley, Helmi Krappe, Florine Schlueter, Melba Carr, Peggy Cromeenes, Betty Allen, Frances McKinney, Ruth Day, Elizabeth Johnson, Norma Lou Brown, Dorothy Deason, Jeanne Coffman, and Miss Marting.

Boys' Physical Education

The physical education classes for boys were under the guidance of several different teachers this year.  Due to the vacancy left by Mr. Deason, Mr. Galbreath assumed direction of the classes but was soon called to the United States Army.  Mr. Hildebrand was then selected to take the position, but he, too, was called to service.  When Mr. Hildebrand left, Mr. Malcomson was selected and planned to remain until the Navy called him to active duty.

Photo shows:  Lunde, Cady, W. Robinson, Miller, Givens, Gass, D. Sanders, Gher, Foley, Welch, Harris, Lipe, Stanley, H. Sanders, Russell, Kimmel, Buller, Leonard, J. Robinson, O'Hara, Brasswell, Bolen, Stearns, Cheatum, Kiefer, Dippel, Mull, Seibert, Speck, Menteer, Stowers, Clark, Beane, Brown and Instructor Hildebrand.

Girls' Physical Education

The girls' physical education department is under the direction of Miss Bertha Lee Marting.  Freshmen and Sophomores are required to take physical education twice a week.  Junior girls go to class once a week.  The physical education program consists of gymnastic exercises at the beginning of each class period; group games, such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, tumbling and mat work; folk dances; individual stunts, and replays.  Miss Marting should be given credit for her earnest endeavor in trying to promote better health among our high school girls.

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