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Boxing and Wrestling Squad

Boxing and wrestling were introduced this year for the first time as a competitive sport in the Carbondale Community High School.  Mr. Hildebrand, who had previous training as a boxing instructor, took charge and developed some good wrestlers and boxers.  A meet was scheduled with Marion at Carbondale and ended in a tie at four matches apiece.  Later Carbondale went to Marion for a match and lost.  Marion Won six matches, two were draws, and Carbondale won one.  Marion planned another match in Carbondale when Mr. Hildebrand was called back to the Army.   Mr. Gross and Mr. Malcomson were given the supervision.

Boxers on the squad were Henry, Weaver, Robison, Whittenberg, Hammertree, and Roberts.  Wrestlers were Mull, Eaton, Shafter, Menteer, Rendleman, G. Deniston, Miller, and Lynn.

Letters were to be awarded by the Athletic Department to some of the members who merited them.

The boxing and wrestling, if carried on next year, should be much improved for only two members on the squad will be graduated.

Photo shows: Donald Henry, Fred Mull, William Eaton, J. O. Weaver, Al Jene Shafter, Fred Menteer, Jack Robinson, Ralph Robison, Sam Lence, Gordon Gibbs, Daniel Rendleman, Howard Sharp, Coach James Hildebrand.


Coach Deason coached the track squad to one of the most successfuls seasons to be had at C. C. H. S. in many years.  With Roy Ragsdale and Harold Cox running the hurdles; Menteer at the mile; Wheat and Gray at the half-mile; Whipkey at the quarter mile; Rogers throwing the discus; Don Ragsdale, the shot put; Kimmel, broad-jumping; and Robison and Stuber, high-jumping; the team was a good match for any opponent.

Menteer was the only representative in the state meet.

Of eleven lettermen, only three were seniors and the prospects were very goof fro the next season.


R. Ragsdale, J. Stuber, F. Menteer, R. Kimmel, R. Robison, H. Cox, E. Gray, N. Wheat, D. Whipkey, D. Ragsdale, and C. Rogers.

Results of Conference Meet


1st:  DuQuoin

2nd:  Carbondale

3rd:  Pinckneyville

4th: Murphysboro

5th:  Chester

6:  Anna-Jonesboro

By R. R.

Photo shows:  McGinnis, Hartman, Kennedy, Sanders. Huffman, Williams, Jones, Judd, Rendleman, Foley, Monroe, Baggett, R. Ragsdale, Eaton, Stuber, Robison, Deason, Gray, Wheat, Cox, Rogers, D. Ragsdale, Menteer, Whipkey, and Kimmel.

"C" Club

The "C" Club was reorganized under the leadership of Mr. Bridges.

Officers were elected as follows:

Clifford Rogers-President

Roy Ragsdale-Vice President

Bud Stotlar-Secretary/Treasurer

The boys held meetings of a social character and discussed questions that had to do with athletics.  They made plans for initiation of new members who earned letters for the first time this year.

The charter members of the club were James Neal, Bud Stotlar, Roy Ragsdale, Don Ragsdale, Fred Menteer, Bret McGinnis, Bob Lynn, Ralph Robison, Clifford Rogers, Myron O'Hara, Dan Rendleman, and Earl Gray.

Photo shows:  Coach Bowen, Coach Galbreath, Ralph Robison, Clifford Rogers, Dan Rendleman, Myron O'Hara, Coach Bridges, James Neal, Bud Stotlar, Roy Ragsdale, Don Ragsdale, Fred Menteer, Bret McGinnis, and Bob Lynn.


Mr. Capehart took charge of tennis and a very good team resulted as a product of long hours of practice.

The competitors in the sectional meet were as follows:

Singles- Richard Moore, Sandford Maze.

Doubles-Al Jene Shafter, R. D. Brewer, Q. D. Miskell, David McQuire.           By R. R.

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