Fall Festival Queen

A queen was crowned at the Fall Fun Festival sponsored by the DIAL Staff after a hilarious evening of games and joy making.  The queen was Mildred Milligan, who was led to the throne by Earl Gray.  Mildred was attended by Mary Adams with Luther Deniston, Betty Grater with Donald Lence, and Sarah Baker will Bill Hudgens.  The crown bearer was Jimmie Bolen who in a realistic ceremony gave the crown of shining silver to Robert McCormack who in turn crowned Mildred Milligan as 1941 Fun Festival Queen.  A photograph was made and an exit procession followed.  Mildred was dressed in a white formal and wore a corsage of white flowers.  A year previously Mildred's sister was crowned Football Queen.  By R. M.

Football Queen

Followiing the completion of the football schedule the annual football banquet was held.  At this annual banquet, served by the mothers, the Football Queen of 1941 was crowned.  Martha Mae Marberry was crowned queen by Roy Ragsdale who was football captain.  The other candidates for queen, Joann Smith, Coralie Lunde, and Betty Grater, also were present.  By R. M.

Our Coaches

Under the able coaching and leadership of Mr. Frank Bridges, the athletic seasons proved very successful.  Mr. Bridges showed his coaching ability in basketball by leading the Terriers through one of the best seasons they have ever had.  He also had charge of the boys' physical education and sponsored the boys in the "C" Club. 

Congratulations to a good coach and a loyal man.  By R. R.

Mr. Bowen coached the Freshman and Sophomores and had the difficult task of training them for their future participation in athletics at C. C. H. S.  The boys were so well trained that by the end of the season some of them were playing on the first teams.  Bowen's Pups showed very good prospects for honors in the years to come. 

To a splendid fellow and a friend of all, we give our thanks for his excellent coaching.  By R. R.

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