Senior Wills

Unfortunately pages 19 & 20 are missing from this book but here is the second page of the Senior Wills.

Reba Hill wills her curly hair to Francis Myers.

Virginia Hill leaves her weakness for naval cadets to Priscilla Crabtree.

Betty Holliday wills her ability to play the saxophone to Wilbur Brown.

Charles Hopkins wills his love of school work to Marian Phemister.

Virginia Hyde wills her bashfulness to Pat Whalen.

Sherman Jarvis wills his love of baseball to Joe DiMaggio.

Dorothy Jones wills her love for week-end trips to Nedra Midjaas.

Elizabeth Johnson wills her straight A's to Nan McLafferty.

Jack Johnson wills his ability to get in trouble to Mary Evelyn Cerny.

Bill Johnson wills his handsomeness to Howard Shelby.

Bennie Kelley wills his Irish blood to Myron  O'Hara.

Carmen Kelly wills her smile to Marie Rendleman.

Eugene Ketring wills his position as editor on the DIAL to the choice of the faculty.

Bob Leonard wills his quiet ways to Coralie Lunde.

Betty Lipe wills her pretty eyes to Mary Dixon.

Donald Lence wills his ability to attract girls from Pinckneyville to James Gass.

Bob Lynn wills his blushing ability to Dorothy Gilbert.

Robert McCormack wills his dark brown eyes to Rose Parker.

Bret McGinnis wills his bravery to Donald Henry.

Alice McGowan wills her booth at Entsmingers's to Deanna Durbin.

Martha Mae Marberry wills her ability to play the piano to Virginia Miller.

Willard Mileur wills his DeSoto girls to Roy Lingle.

Donald Modglin wills his love for art to David White.

Charles Monroe wills his presidency of the Senior Class to Bill Monroe.

Richard Moore wills his winning personality to Charles Stearns.

John Mull wills his farming ability to Bill Helton.

Charles Oliver wills his sincerity to Jimmie Hawkins.

Maxine Parmly wills her ability to give monologues to Alma Dean Smith.

Lloyd Patheal wills his ah's to J. O. Weaver.

Lenora Phillips wills her freckles to June Boyle.

Don Ragsdale wills his laziness to Frank McNier.

Roy Ragsdale wills his coolness to to Aubrey Lackman.

Gene Ramsey wills his future in the undertaking business to Richard Harris.

Grace Rasche wills her desire to diet to Norma Lou Henderson.

Ralph Robison leaves his curly hair to the brother of Nan McLafferty.

Bill Rogers wills his longing to be a radio expert to William Huffman.

Clifford Rogers wills his unsurpassed athletic ability to Paul Adams.

Helen Rushing wills her laudable personality to Jane DeLap.

Betty Schott wills her desire to be of service to Barbara Schwartz.

Eileen Shadowens wills her bashfulness to Anna Mae Menteer.

Al Jene Shafter leaves his ability in the field of radio broadcasting to Kay Kelley.

Laverne Shelby just leaves with her man.

Joann Smith wills her spontaneity to Gwendolyn Davis.

Edna Spindloe wills her zest for happiness to Aileen McGrail.

Betty Stanley wills her place on the honor roll to her brother, George.

John Stotlar wills his place in basketball to his would-be-brother-in-law, Harry Grater.

Betty Swales wills her short hours to James Travelstead.

Dean Walker wills his bench in manual training to Howard Sharp.

Eugene Wallace wills his cooking ability to Sylvia McNeal.

Kathleen Williams wills her joviality and punch to Mary Renshaw.

Roy Wright leaves his height to Robert Rogers.

Pat Worthen wills her friendliness to Willowdean Ferrill.

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