From your Genealogy Trails host:  For those of you who attended Carbondale High during this time--I hope you find fond memories within the pages of this volume of the DIAL.

Volume Eighteen

Published by the Dial Staff

Editor-in-Chief:........................Eugene Ketring

Business Manager...........Robert McCormack

  • Fine Arts Editor....Jeanne Coffman

  • Typist....Dorothy Jones

  • Advertising Manager....Gene Deadman

  • Athletic Editor....Ralph Robison

  • Senior Editor....Mary Maddex

  • Junior Editor....Sarah Ann Baker

  • Freshman Editor....Jimmie Bolen

  • Snapshot Editor....Robert Burnett

  • Sophomore Editor....Florine Schlueter

  • Organizations Editor....Nan McLafferty

The DIAL Staff of 1942 takes pleasure in dedicating this issue of the yearbook of Carbondale Community High School.

TO YOU--the members of the board who have given of your time and effort to freely to direct the destiny of a school which is charged with the education of the youth of the community.

TO YOU--the educators who labored to inspire and to endow the pupils of this higher institution of learning with wisdom and understanding.

TO YOU--the students who have by your presence dedicated yourself to the idea that our democracy can survive only if its constituents are duly informed of the problems of a living and active government.

The Principal & The Faculty

Class of '42

Senior Wills

Class of '43

Class of '44

Class of '45

Chorus, Band & Junior Play




Boxing, Wrestling, Track, "C" Club, Tennis

Girls' Athletic Association and Physical Education

Queens & Coaches

Calendar of '41 and '42


Printing by Interstate Printing Company, Danville, Illinois

Engraving by Jahn & Ollier Engraving Company, Chicago, Illinois

Photography by C. Cliff Grindle's Studio, Carbondale, Illinois

Cover by North American Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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