Our Principal

The close of another successful year has come with Mr. Ketring as pilot of the ship, C. C. H. S.  He has not only been principal but also a teacher of a class each semester.  He has watched seniors come and go.  He has inspired and helped everyone attending this school.  All students look back with thanks in their hearts to a good man and a regular fellow worth long remembering. R. M.

The Board of Education

This year the Community High School has been very fortunate in having at its head five very capable men whose duty it is to keep the school and community linked together.

This year they have been confronted with many different problems.  They have had to hire many different teachers during the course of the year.  They have considered plans for building a new addition to our high school and have completed plans for building a new Attucks High School.

During the latter part of the school year Dr. Crandle was replaced by Dr. Carman.

We, the students and faculty of C. C. H. S. wish to thank Mr. Elmer Christoph, Mr. Walter McGee, Mr. Paul Sisney, Mr. C. J. Thomas, Dr. E. Crandle, and Dr. E. R. Carman for their endless effort in promoting our school to one of the highest institutions of learning.

To You--The Educator

  • Marion Blair....Librarian, English.

  • O. K. Bowen....Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, Athletic Coach.

  • Frank Bridges....Biology, Physical Education, Athletic Director.

  • Marjorie Brown....English, Speech, Dramatic Coach.

  • Dora Brubaker....Latin, English.

  • Mary Young Cerny....Shorthand, Typing, Commercial Law, Bookkeeping.

  • Gerald Daniel....Music.

  • Lester Deason....Biology, Algebra, Geometry.

  • N. W. Draper....Journalism, World History, English.

  • Mildred Fore....Art.

  • Leo Francis....Manual Training.

  • Thomas Galbreath....General Mathematics, Physical Education, Physiology.

  • C. A. Grass....Chemistry, Physics, Algebra.

  • Homer Heape....Agriculture.

  • Katherine Hill....Nursing, Physiology.

  • James Hildebrand....Physical Education, Physiology, Mathematics.

  • Bertha Lee Marting....Typing, Physical Education.

  • Esther Mill....Home Economics.

  • Cora Morgan....Latin, French, Spanish.

  • Mary Neber....Secretary.

  • Lucy Parrish....Typing, Algebra, Plane Geometry.

  • Vivian Springer....American History, Physical Geography, Vocations.

  • Marjorie Whiteside....Physiology, American History, Civics, Commercial Geography.

  • Blanche Wilhelm....English.


J. D. Reno, M. Ulrey, and C. Gooding

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