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January 2 1891

MRS. A. J. KELLY is not able to be out.

MISS EVANS returned last Saturday afternoon.

BESSIE DEAN had croup Saturday and Sunday.


MR. WILLIAM PINKERTON of Chester Illinois, was in Ava, Wednesday.

CONRAD SCHAEFER, of Sato, is suffering from bronchitis.

The BRYAN murder case of Carbondale is now before the court.

DR. DAVIS' riding horse died of blind staggers Wednesday morning.

HUGH BATES spent several days in the Mississippi Bottom this week..

Young MR. MARTIN, of Sato, brother in law to MR. STELL, has pneumonia.

School opened up again Monday and all seemed glad to quit that hardest of jobs, doing nothing.

MR. W. W. WARNOCK, of Columbia, Illinois, nephew of WILL DIVERS, came down Friday remaining till Sunday.

PROF. JACKSON and his attractive wife arrived at Ava last Saturday evening on the "accommodation".

W. W. RUSSELL, of East St. Louis, organized a Mechanic's Union at Murphysboro Friday night, January 2nd, with 13 charter members.

A. E. PIKE is home from St. Louis on the sick list.  He is looking fine, only has a slightly sore throat.  He will remain several days.

MR. P. J. WAGNER, formerly of the Wagner Bros. Central Drug Store, has purchased a half interest in the drug store of F. KNAUER, SR.

JOHN R. WEEDON and ERICH MOHLENBROCK started to Carbondale to Carbondale to school last Saturday.  That is two more "school children" who want to get an education.

F. D. LEWIS is enjoying the country air on the farm of SCOTT MCCLURE, where he proposes to sojourn, having moved there permanently.  The children are much missed from the school.

WM. FOSTER and MONT KILLION, who were badly crushed in the mines at Sato some time ago are improving.  MR. FOSTER is able to be about.  MR. KILLION however is still confined to his bed.

MAGGIE CLENDINEN returned to Cape Girardeau Sunday.  She was accompanied as far as Murphysboro by MR. W. G. WAGNER and family.  BERNICE PIKE and EFFIE KELLER returned to Carbondale Monday.  CARRIE DEAN accompanied by her father, returned to the Monticello Seminary, Monday morning on the early train.


MR. MURRAY WILLIAMS, for several months past, a clerk in the employ of W. C. HUNTER, has accepted the position as teacher of the BOWER'S school.

JOHN CRAIN has a corner on traps, but, as yet, has not traps on fur-bearing animals.

MR. ROBERT WILSON and MISS BERNICE PIKE, both students at the Normal from Degognia, spent the holiday vacation at home.  MISS PIKE returned last Monday; but MR. WILSON, who is in bad health, has gone to St. Louis to secure the services of an expert physician in order to recuperate his health as soon as possible.  He will re-enter school as soon as able.

JUDGE DILDAY, of the Degognia supreme court, has been kept almost consistently on the bench for the past few weeks, while our practicing representatives of the legal profession have been kept busily employed in competing for the rights of our people and positively forbid the introduction or submission of any "supernatural" evidence.

JANUARY 16 1891

W. C. DEAN is in Jackson, Tenn. to sell flour.

WILLIS JOHNSTON of Murphysboro formerly of Degognia was up Tuesday, returning the same evening.

MR. W. E. GOODMAN is running a stage line south from Ava, at 8 o'clock a.m. and 8 p.m. except Saturday and Sunday.

BRYANT, the accused wife murderer of Carbondale, will have a new trial.  the jury hung.  From the looks of things it ought to have been the man instead of the jury.

Our mercantile friends in the Mississippi Bottom, from the number of indictments against them, seem to have only sold whiskey and bitters for "revenue only".

GEORGE O. DEAN has been appointed agent for the Murphysboro County Fire Insurance Company of Jackson County.

REV. J. L. MEADE is passing a few days with his relatives here, having a good time snowballing and talking with friends, both of which JOE enjoys very much.

MR. N. W. KELLY of Rockwood is visiting his brother A. J.

MISS OLLIE VARNUM has been confined to her bed for three weeks.

Some of the Ava ladies are so fond of men that they make them out of snow.

J. S. MCCLURE, general agent of the Jackson County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, was in town yesterday on business.

FRANKLIN, the Fountain Bluff cattle thief, received four years in Chester as a reward for his cussedness.

MR. JAS. HARKNESS, our druggist, was called home Wednesday by the sudden death of his father in Chester.

The snow storm which visited this section on last Saturday night, continuing most of the day Sunday; was the hardest seen in this locality for years.  The depth of the snow on a level was 8 or 10 inches.

Quite a sociable little crowd gathered around the fireside of MR. and MRS. JEROME CROOK last Sunday evening in honor of the birthdays of MRS. CROOK, nee CHARTRAND, and sister MISS FELICITY.  A nice supper and refreshments were served in proper time.

MR. HENRY ASBURY and family who have been visiting his daughter, MRS. DAN WELLS, of Fort Payne, Ala. report everything in good shape down south.  Plenty of progress, civilization and push everywhere.  UNCLE HENRY says that new railroads are being built on all sides.

MISS MAMIE KELLER, of Pleasant Hill, MO. eldest daughter of the late DR. KELLER of Steeleville, accompanied by her half sisters, MISS LULU, little Misses, HATTIE and BELLA and half brother JACOB, were the guests of the latters aunt, MRS. DON E. DETRICH, this week.  They returned to Steeleville yesterday.

A revival was begun in Ava last Saturday night under the Auspices of the Freewill Baptist Church. REV. G. A. GORDON will conduct the meetings, assisted by sister CARRIE NICKOLS and REV. J. L. MEADS.


J. L. TAGGART is able to be out again after two weeks confinement to his room and looks himself again only somewhat bleached.

MR. WILL BULL, a former resident of Campbell Hill, has just returned from St. Louis where he has been working at his trade as a painter.

MRS. J. L. TAGGART is visiting her daughter at New Palestine, Randolph County, Illinois.

A. O. GENUNG lost a fine brood sow from cholera.

REV. HAWK assistant of  REV. G. A. GORDON, is holding a series of meetings here.

JOHN BUTLER came to the mill not long ago all's a fine boy.

J. CONNOR, Ava's clothing hustler, is behind the counter here in his store.  Stay with us JOHNNIE, we welcome all energetic business men.

FRED LOVELADY has gone, and left someone to mourn his departure.  Wonder who?

MR. W. MOHLENBROCK has been remodeling and repairing until he has one of the best mills and turning out some of the finest grades of flour that is manufactured in Southern Illinois.

HARMON LASSE drove over from Wine Hill Saturday.

SAMUEL HINDMAN, a former resdient of this vicinity, but now a resident of Independence County, Ark., is here visiting friends and relatives.


MR. MOORE'S house is almost completed.

LUTHER BENSON has a new violin.  Wonder if he can ride it?

DICK says the butcher season is about over.

H. WEERE is in St. Louis this week.

MR. MONTROY'S man failed to come to help MR. CROSS butcher.  What is the matter John?

Look out girls when the next snow comes.  MR. L. BENSON's sleigh is about done.


J. C. NEACE makes two strokes at one lick with his wooden leg; he is buoyant over the's a boy!

JAMES CASTEEL says the winter is too rough for him to work, and he's going to "hoss swop" for a livelihood.

A. J. CROSS, one of our leading citizens, made an extended trip in the vicinity of Murphysboro, visiting relatives and friends.

SAMUEL CARRUTHERS is doing an extensive business with his saw mill and we understand anticipates building a new barn and house on one of his farms in the near future.

HENRY AUSTIN, one of our leading farmers, expects to build a new barn on his farm where he resides in the spring.

Some of our young citizens have been attacked recently with a disease known as "blind staggers".  It seems to be spasmodic with some symptoms of hydrophobia.

JANUARY 23 1891

ED PARRES is on crutches, on account of a sprained ankle.

P. J. WAGNER is now settled down to business in the KNAUER drug store.

MRS. W. A. WHITE came down Saturday remaining till Tuesday the guest of MRS. CHAS. EDWARDS.

It is suspected that MR. T. V. DUFF is suffering from "night mare".  When asked what he sees of nights, he replied absent mindedly, "see graves".

MISS MAGGIE WILSON of Sparta, daughter of MR. GEO. WILSON visited MRS. J. F. WAGNER and MISS CRAIG Saturday and Sunday returning home Monday.

JAS. H. HASKIN, living one mile south of Dry Hill, will sell his personal property on Friday Feb. 18th (or 13th?).

Married Jan 11th, 1891, at the residence of the bride's mother, MRS. ANN METCALF, MR. FRED GROSVERNOR to MISS  MARTHA METCALF, LEVI DAINS J. P. officiating.  Both the parties are of Kinkaid township.  

MR. THOS. GRAY nephew of MRS. J. HUSBAND, and his newly wedded wife both of Bloomington, arrived in Ava Wednesday. They are the guests of MRS. HUSBAND.

The young folks gave MISS LEATTIE MCCORMACK a very pleasant surprise Wednesday in the form of a party, suddenly gathering as if it had just dropped down.

"Yes, it is a fact.  We were married two weeks ago today", said HENRY BERRY on yesterday.  This is a little late, but we have an old shoe to throw at you first time you both pass.

MR. and MRS. G. A. DEMPSTER after passing a very pleasant week with relatives and friends in Hot Springs, Ark., returned home last Saturday.  They report CHARLIE BRETT as having a "big time".

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