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Jackson County, Illinois


10 July, 1891


Ben RIPLEY was the first to commence hauling in new wheat to ship.

Miss Rosa TREMBLEY, of Murphysboro, was the guest of Miss Mary McCLURE Tuesday.

Barney McGUIN returned home last week from New Port, Ark. to remain a few weeks with his family.

Miss Zora YOUNG returned Sunday from Vergennes where she had been visiting the past two weeks.

Miss Nellie and Mr. Elliott WHEELER spent last Saturday and Sunday in Murphysboro celebrating and taking in the sights.

Mrs. Sarah LOVEJOY and daughter Lucy, of Carbondale, visited friends in this place Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Ida WILLIAMSON made a trip to Ava Wednesday where she is having her eyes treated by Dr. RITCHIE, who is now located at that place.


W. D. FERRILL, age 30 to Fannie HAPPY, age 28.

Jno. MASSEY, age 24, to Fanny SANE, age 24.

Jos. K. KILLION, age 20, to Nellie D. GILBERT, age 16.

Jacob DAILEY, age 27 to Francis E. McBRIDE, age 20.

Amos LIPE, age 23, to Emma ETHERTON, age 18.

W. H. JACOBS, age 40 to Hanna C. SEELEY, age 37.

Geo. L. CRAIG, age 33, to Alice BURNS, age 25.

Wm. H. PENROD, age 28, to Clara PARENT, age 30.



Ed PARRES left for St. Louis Tuesday.

Wm. WAGNER threshed the wheat in his field south of town on Monday.

Mr. Sam'l CHEATHAM, of Murphysboro, ran up to Ava Tuesday.

Mr. H. C. HOLMAN and son Chas. of St. Louis were in town the first of this week.

Mrs. BLETTE and son Frank of St. Louis, accompanied by her daughter Mrs. RODLEDG also of St. Louis came down Friday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Jacob BLETTE. They returned Monday.

Van BAGWELL and Joe DAVEPORT spent the "fourth" in Campbell Hill. Joe came on down to Ava and stayed over a day or two. Both the boys are making first class wages carpentering in East St. Louis.

Mrs. Jos. CHARTRAND and her sister Miss Kate CAHILL, of Red Bud, and two children, Nellie and May, spent Friday and Saturday here, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. CHARTRAND.

Mr. Howard BURR, local editor of the Era, has gone to St. Paul, Minn., to spend a few weeks having a good time and to attend the C. W. Convention at that place. In his absence Burt R. BURR edits the local Era.

Homer DEAN was riding his bicycle Tuesday when suddenly the sidewalk flew up and struck him on the nose. The sidewalk escaped uninjured. Homer says the sidewalk took advantage of him or he would have dodged it.

Wm. DISHON, formerly in the employ of the M. & O. RR as night agent at this place, but who has for the past year been working on the Northern Pacific RR, in Kansas, stopped in Ava a few days this week on his way to St. Louis.

Yesterday's telegraphs contained the news that the ocean steamer SERVIS, had returned to New York in a disabled condition, having a broken crank pin. The SERVIA sailed from New York with 1153 passengers on board among them many notable persons. Mr. James ALEXANDER and daughter, Miss Mary and Prince George of Greece, together with 473 others made up the list of the first cabin. It seems as though Murphysboro always occupies a prominent part in almost everything.


JULY 17, 1891

Mrs. John MIFFLIN of Sato is much better now.

Will CHEATHAM went to St. Louis Monday on business.

Glennie KELLER is suffering from an abscess on his right thigh.

BRETT, KELLY & Co. are having their store front repainted.

Born - Last Friday night to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor GORDON - a boy.

Mr. Jesse JOHNSON, of Sand Ridge, was in town the first of the week

Miss Birdie MOORE, of St. Louis, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Belle DETRICH.

Johnnie PITTSFORD is over from Chester on a visit to his mother, Miss Mollie GRIZZELL.

Mrs. Mattie WAYLAND, who has been working in St. Louis for some time, returned home Monday.

Mr. Arl ZIMMERMANN's little five year old girl has just recovered from a severe attack of flux.

Mrs. Ella WHITE, of Murphysboro, spent a few days with her sister Mrs. J. J. HARKNESS last week.

Will HENSON (better known as "Jack") was in Murphysboro from Saturday till Monday visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs. J. R. HOLMES and little daughter Gay, returned home to Murphysboro last Sunday, having spent several days among friends in Ava.

Miss Ollie ROBINSON who has just finished teaching a term of music in Ava departed for Kansas City last Monday. She will remain here a short time after which she will accompany Hon. T. T. ROBINSON and wife of Pomona on a pleasure trip among the Rockies. During her short sojourn in Ava, Miss ROBINSON made many friends, and they sincerely regret losing her but join in wishing a pleasant summer among the mountains.

Mrs. Jessie MASSEE, nee GRANT who was so seriously burned some time ago and who has lingered thus far without material improvement, by the advice of her physician, came to Ava to take advantage of the fresh county air. She was accompanied by her sister Mrs. W. G. WAGNER who went to St. Louis a few days before to see her.   Mr. WAGNER met them at Sparta. Mrs. MASSEE is now comfortably located at her sister's house Mrs. W. G. WAGNER

New Teachers in the Ava Schools: Miss Kittie WOODS, Principal; Miss Mattie WOODS, Grammar Department; Miss Emma BARROW, Intermediate; Mrs. Sam'l BROWN, Primary; Mr. A. H. HARRIS, West Side School.

Mrs. YOUNG of California, formally of Shiloh Hill, has spent the past week or so with her sister in Ava, Mrs. P. J. WAGNER. She is accompanied by her daughter, Miss YOUNG. They will also pass some time with relatives in other states and return to California early in the fall.

James HENSON is confined to his room.

Mrs. HUNTER of Sato is rapidly improving.

Howard WEAVER of Sato is a sufferer of bronchitis.

Squire DUFF steps very tenderly of late owing to a sprained ankle.

Uncle Henry HUNTER of Degognia was on our streets Wednesday.

Miss Bessie PHOENIX of Murphysboro is visiting her sister, Mrs. Matt WRIGHT.

Mesdames HUSBAND, WRIGHT and RUSSELL went to Murphysboro Tuesday.

Miss Belle DAWSON of Campbell Hill was down from "the Hill" Wednesday.

Mrs. Jane GRAMMAR of Carbondale is here the guest of her nephews the RUSSELL boys.

Miss Alice SMITH of Sparta is visiting her sister Miss Lena who is teaching short-hand here.

Uncle Henry WILLIAMSON is not improving as rapidly as his friends had hoped he would.

Wm. JACKLE of DuQuoin and his bright little son, Gus, were over Wednesday on business.

Miss Jennie HIGGINS, of Percy, who has been visting family of Jos. HIGGINS, returned home last Sunday.

On Wednesday eve Mrs. and Miss YOUNG were the honored guests of select party at the residence of Mr. G. O. DEAN.

Mrs. Kittie JOHNSON spent several days last week at the Chataqua in Chester. She reports every thing in elegant shape and every body more than pleased.

Johnnie KELLER returned home Saturday from an extended visit with his sister Mrs. Jennie SMITH of Cutler. Miss Ellen went back Wednesday in his place.

Mrs. ROSSON and Mrs. CURTIS went to Chester last Saturday. Mrs. CURTIS returned home Monday evening very much pleased as every body else is who was visited Chester. Mrs. ROSSON remained over till yesterday evening returning with the Doctor and son Chas., who went over to hear Talmage yesterday morning.

Dr. Tom TAGGART who has spent the last five years at Delamo, Cal. returned home Monday night to see his mother who is very sick at her daughter's residence, Mrs. Fred LINER, of Sparta. He was accompanied by his youngest sister Miss Bret who just a month previous had gone to California to visit her brothers Drs. Chas. and Tom (twins). The Doctors lately formed a partnership and are now both located at Tulare. They have been very successful, as in fact, most all of the Illinois boys are who go west.

Mrs. Otto KAESBACH is seriously ill.

Frank CHEATHAM's little child is sick.

Authur GRAMMAR is the guest of Harmon KNAUER.

Miss Stella WALDO visited friends in Ava this week.

Mrs. Don E. DETRICH has been suffering from Cholera Morbus.

Mrs. Wm. JERNIGAN is sick at the house of her father, F. W. BROWN.

Mr. Cy MONTEITH, of Campbell Hill, spent Sunday last in Ava.

Mrs. Monroe MARTIN, of Sato, is convalescing after a hard spell of sickness.

P. S. B. MILLER is visiting his son-in-law Chris JENNINGS our hustling merchant.

The Rev. SHEPHERD preached to quite a large congregation at the Presbyterian church last Sunday evening.

Miss Birdie MOORE and half brother Master Kent MILBURN of St. Louis are the guests of their Aunt Mrs. D. E. DETRICH.

Miss WALDO the popular "school marm" of Campbell Hill has spent last week the guest of Mrs. G. A. DEMPSTER

Mr. and Mrs. Al LAKENAN of Hot Springs, Ark., are here visiting friends and relatives. Al used to be "one of the boys" of Ava and he is always welcomed back by many of his old friends.


JULY 24, 1891

Campbell Hill Items (Correspondence July 22).

Mrs. Emeline DAVIS is on the sick list this week.

Miss Stella WALDO of Benton visited here from Saturday until Monday.

Mr. HUSBAND of Ava spent a few hours in town Monday.

Misses Anna and May BROWN, of Pana, Ill., visited relatives here Sunday.

Mrs. J. S. TATUM and sons, of Percy, spent Sunday here.

S. L. MONTIETH and Miss WALDO visited the former's parents near Percy Sunday.

Miss Bertie MOORE of St. Louis, was visiting relatives here the first of the week.

Dr. and Mrs. Dave TAGGART of Birmingham, Ala. are in town this week.

Mrs. Geo. UNDERWOOD has just recovered from a severe spell of sickness.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. GLORE are in town now.



Dr. DAVIS of Ava called on Dr. WHEELER today.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert FORSYTH of Murphysboro spent Sunday here.

Miss Bessie PHOENIX of Murphysboro was the guest of Miss Maryetta RIPLEY Saturday.

Miss Jennie CREATH spent Sunday with friends in Carbondale.

Mr. and Mrs. N. F. ROLENS of Murphysboro are visiting friends and relatives in the country this week.

Miss Mary McCLURE returned Wednesday from a short visit with friends at Olmstead, Ill.

Tommy GRIZZELL is very low with brain fever. Dr. C. C. GRIZZELL of Vergennes is attending physician.

M. S. CHILDERS has sold his interest in the store of CHILDERS & GRISSOM to John R. JOUBART.

Dr. E. H. WHEELER has been very dangerously ill the last week with an abscess but is slowly improving. Dr. C. C. GRIZZELL of Vergennes and Dr. ROSSON of Ava are the attending physicians.


Wm. H. PENROD, age 23, to Clara PARENT, age 20.

Jasper O. PHILLIPS, age 21, to Anna GOTCHER, age 18.

Chas. W. BARNHARDT, age 27, to Eary E. NORTH, age 23.

Edward YALL, age 21, to Lizzie OWENS, age 19.

Fred BUTZ, age 28, to Luella GRAFF, age 22.

Harvey HAUGH, age 29, to Rosa GIPSON, age 22.

Elza GENNINGS, age 29, to Macy MITCHEN, age 21.

Wm. J. SORRELS, age 23, to Eugenia FINOT, age 17.

Gus P. KIMBALL, age 22, to Rosella HAWKINS, age 21.

Harvey WATHERFORD, age 26, to Charlotte YOUNGMAN, age 20.

Anthony F. KNAUER, age 32, to Mary Mina SEIFERT, age 21.



Mrs. Joanna MELVIN is reported sick this week.

J. W. JONES little child has a severe attack of whooping cough.

Whooping cough is now ripe and our children are having an unpleasant feast of it.

Judge BORDERS of Sparta, died Wednesday. He is well known all over Egypt.

John DUNHOUSE returned home from Pittsfield, Ill., where he has passed sometime visiting relatives. He is greatly improved in health.

Mr. John L. CLENDINEN, who works on The Republican at Carbondale, visited his relatives here Wednesday and Thursday.

Harmie KNAUER talks rather loud. It is said he was heard in Deanville when he whispered a reduction on "blind robins" to one of the boys.

Henry HENSON's folks, who have been living in the Spring House, moved back to Missouri the first of the week. Henry will follow soon.

Louis GRAMANTS of St. Clair County was in Ava last week. He was hunting a farm to rent and wanted a place near a creamery.

Frank LIENERT, who went to Idaho last fall returned home Sunday night. He is looking first class. Twenty pounds heavier, lots prettier and in shape all round. He has conducted however that Ava is about the best place under the sun and intends staying here in the future.

Uncle Matt EDGAR is paid up till March 22, 1893.

Wm. HOLTS little daughter is suffering from whooping cough.

Little Cora PIERSON is suffering from a severe attack of whooping cough.

There is one certain sawmill over in Kinkaid where report has it that Saturday nights and Sundays are spent drinking whiskey and acting as drunk men do. Report also comes as one young man, a minor, who was so drunk that the vile "rats bane" which he drank, came near killing him. If this be so, which we can hardly doubt, it is a disgrace of which the interested parties had better wash their hands at once.

D. R. WILL is just now on the high road to recovery from a long siege of slow fever. Mr. WILL was not affected by the typhoid fever which prostrated his entire family last spring but has lately made up for that respite. He is now able to eat half a squirrel at a meal which is doing pretty well for a sick man. Mr. WILL is one of the best supporters of our creamery movement. His fine herd of cattle will be made of greater use by this.

JULY 31, 1891


Henry Clay BROWN of Degognia was in town yesterday.

Evansville, Ind. was visited by an earthquake on the night of the 26th.

Village Trustee Ves. CULLEY is recovering rapidly from an attack of typho malarial fever.

John V. MUSGRAVE and J. J. TATUM of "the Hill" were down Wednesday. Mr. TATUM is to preside at the Tangen school next winter and teach the young idea to shoot.

Will THOMPSON is to teach the Harrison school near Murphysboro next winter. Will is a first class teacher and will give the people of that district complete satisfaction.

Dr. E. A. DAVIS was continued to his room one day this week. The Doctor will go down into Tennessee soon where he will spend a short time hunting and fishing in the mountain region.

Wm. BENNET of Pinckneyville is visiting Wm. ROBERTS

Mrs. Anna SNEED CERENS, President of the Forest Park Seminary was in Campbell Hill and Ava Wednesday looking after some prospective students for next year.

W. A. PINKERTON of Chester was around selling tomb stones the first of the week. Mr. PINKERTON is not only a mover in his especial line but is one of the most energetic citizens of his little city and did more to make the Chataqua the success it was than any one else except Mrs. SMITH.

Wll. S. OWEN of Murphysboro was drowned Sunday after noon while bathing in Big Muddy. he took cramps when attempting to swim across and sunk. He was twenty two years of age and was accompanied by a company of much younger boys who were unable to render any assistance. The body was rescued and the Coroner returned a verdict in compliance with the facts.

The upper Mississippi bottom was treated to a prize fight the other day. Two women, one a grass widder and the other a Miss had a lively time pulling hair, scratching and yelling. The prize was a young man. Now he had best find out which one did the best scratching and hair pulling, and marry the other one if it is a case of pushency. Otherwise he would do his hair and complexion a favor by marrying some other girl.

Dr. J. B. ROSSON is treating Uncle Henry WILLIAMSON for consumption with the celebrated Gibbes-Shurly inhalation of Chlorue Gas Method used in connection with Iodine and Chloride of gold and Sodium hypodermically. Dr. ROSSON is in the company of progressive physicians and does not hesitate to cast aside old failures for new successes.

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