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February 6, 1891

WALTER HUSBAND is quite ill this week.

MRS. FRANK CHEATHAM is unable to be out.

EDDIE SCHMITZ had a bad spell of croup this week.

An out house belonging to D. R. WILL burned Sunday night.

LOTTIE, daughter of DR. WHEELER of Ora has diphtheria.


MISS DOLLIE WILLIAMS is contemplating a visit to St. Louis in the near future and hints that she may reside there permanently.

MR. and MRS. WM. JERHIGAN returned from Murphysboro Tuesday where they had visited since Monday a week ago.


Married at Dry Hill Church House, January 29th, 1891 at 7:30pm by LEVY DAINS, JP...MR. WM. J. ALLEN and MISS MATILDA JARRET, both of Kinkaid township.

J. CONNOR went to DeSoto Tuesday night.

HAMILTON PARKHILL of Campbell Hill was in town Tuesday.

MRS. MATILDA BRADLEY of Chester is visiting MRS. DETRICH.

The ever jovial CHAS. HUNDLEY was in town Tuesday.

MRS. KITTIE JOHNSON went to Murphysboro Tuesday.

Genial JOE CANMANN salesman for JOS. BAUM was in town Thursday

MESSRS. W. C. DEAN and J. CONNOR listened to Talmage Wednesday evening.

MISS EFFIE WILLIAMSON returned Saturday to her home in Sparta

RILEY CULLEY is holding down counter for J. CONNOR & CO. in Campbell Hill.

MRS. DORA JONES returned home from Steeleville Monday where she passed Sunday with her sister MRS. DR. KELLER.

MR. and MRS. WILL UTHOFF and MRS. W. A. WHITE, all of St. Louis, were the guests of MR. and MRS. JAS HARKNESS Saturday and Sunday.

Married on last Thursday evening at 7:30 at the residence of the bride's father, MR. WM. TAGGART, were MR. WALTER E. GOODMAN and MISS BECCA TAGGART, the REV. C. W. EASTERLY, officiating.  


J. H. HASKINS has sold his farm to REV. MOSES SHREWSBERRY and expects his future home to be in Arkansas.  J. H. is a good neighbor and citizen, perfectly reliable.  We are sorry to lose such a man.

The probabilities are that McCluresville in our township will be incorporated as a village shortly.  A. J. SAMS holds inside track.


MR. DAN YOUNG who has recently moved into one of the suburbs of our town, has been suffering from an attack of winter fever, but at this writing is convalescent, and it is sincerely hoped that he will soon recover his health.

J. D. HUNTER one of Degognia's many enterprising merchants, spent several days in the county seat last week.

GEO. LOONEY came down from Bradley township last Saturday and spent Sunday with relatives and friends.

MR. GEO W. JOHNSTON will shortly begin the erection of a dwelling house to replace the loss inflicted on him by fire on January first.

MR. JAS. CLELAND is furnishing milk to the Shiloh Hill Creamery.

FEBRUARY 13 1891

MRS. W. C. ROGERS was in town Thursday.

ELLEN and BOBBIE KELLER went Tuesday to visit their sister MRS. SMITH near Cutler.

P. F. KELLER Tuesday bought the RILEY WARD farm from JAS. ETHERTON.  This joining his other farm as it does make a very valuable property.

MISS MARY ALEXANDER, the accomplished daughter of MR. ALEXANDER the iron founder of Murphysboro, was the guest of MRS. EUGENE JONES Saturday and Sunday.

UNCLE FRED PHOENIX is around this week among friends.  He has sold his property in Carbondale and we rather expect him to locate in Ava.  We would surely welcome him.

UNCLE JACK DAVIS has moved from his old place, where he lived for fifty years, to a mile south of Ava, what is known as the ISRAEL JONES land., which he purchased.

MISS OLLIE ROBISON of Murphysboro is the guest of MRS. EUGENE JONES

LITTLE GEORGE, son of W. H. CARTER, is recovering from a sever attack of pneumonia.

AUG. VALENTINE went up to Monroe County to visit old friends and relatives Tuesday.

MR. MADDEN is moving his restaurant to the room adjoining LEINERT BROS. BUTCHER shop.

W. H. KELLER has been collecting taxes in Ava all this week.  Saturday will be the last day in Ava.

MESSRS. A. BORRENKOTT, Liquor dealer F. KORSMEYER Cigar dealer and a hardware man were in town Thursday.

MESDAMES W. GILBREATH, W. C. DEAN and GEO. O. DEAN attended a dinner at the residence of MR. E. BARBER in Sparta in honor of the sixtieth birthday of MRS. BARBER Friday.

FEBRUARY 20 1891

MR. GEO. HANNA of East St. Louis is visiting his cousins ED and BEN PARRES.  He arrived in time to take in the hop last Friday evening.

MRS. THOS. CARROLL living five miles north of Ava is very seriously ill.

MRS. HANNA of East St. Louis came down Wednesday to visit her sister MRS. PARRES.

MRS. SARAH TURNER came over Tuesday from Du Quoin on a visit to her brother W. B. HARRIS.  MRS. TURNER is one whom all gladly welcome to Ava when ever she may put in an appearance.

MISSES DOLLIE WILLIAMS and ETTIE HENSON went to St. Louis Monday morning.  They expect to remain there permanently.  Both have good situations.  We are sorry to have them leave Ava but wish them all the success possible.  They will be missed by the young folks here both being general favorites.

SICK LIST:  MRS. J. HUSBAND, MISS MAY KOEN, MR. BLETTE'S BABY, MR. FRANK CHEATHAM'S BABY, MR. JOHN EASTERLY'S BOY, AUBRY, MR. A. MARTIN'S GIRL, KATIE, MRS. SAM PUGH AND LITTLE SON, GRANDMA TALBOTT, JEROME DIXON, JOHN CALDWELL, SAMUAL SEAGRAVES(our section boss, is recovering from a siege of pneumonia), EMMA DEAN (sick from Friday till Monday), MRS. LEWIS SHCELLINGER is quite sick, MRS. GEO. SPATH is improving...**On last Saturday DRS. DAVIS and NEWELL removed a fatty tumor from MR. RUEBEN HISER's head. MR. HISER would not take an anesthetic, but bore the painful operation without any sign of suffering.  He is doing exceedingly well at this time.

SATO SICK LIST:  BRIDGET MASON, SAMUEL WARD'S LITTLE GIRL, JOHN MIFFLIN, MRS. HARRIS HUNTER, MRS. TAYLOR AND DAUGHTER, ADA WEAVER, THOS. MASON (suffering from Rheumatism), MONT KILLION**hoe was so seriously injured at the mines by falling slate is thought to be improving.  Fears were entertained that the thigh bone would have to be cut down on and the broken ends sawed off before union would take place.  He has had a hard time but hopes of his ultimate recovery without an operation are now entertained.


B. F. STROH went to St. Louis on business.

C. E. SCHWARTZ, editor of the Journal, visited his home at Elkville Saturday and Sunday

J. CONNOR will soon remove his goods here back to Ava

UNCLE HENRY GORDON preached last Sunday.


MR. SAMUEL BOWERS one of our leading and most respected citizens purchased the Free farm south east of your village this week..

MR. KIMBLE JONES and family are visiting relatives and friends in Randolph county.

ECKERT has more pups than he knows what to do with.

McClureville is a prosperous little village.  Quite an accident occurred last week in that place. GEO. LEDBETTER off bearing at the saw mill got his hand badly lacerated with the saw.

ORLANDO MIFFLIN of Sato is visiting relatives and friends in our township.

No sickness worthy of the attention of a doctor.

MR. JOHN CARROTHERS expects to build him a barn this coming Spring and Summer.  JOHN is a hustler.

Rumor had it that our friend DISNEY JARRET had joined the bond of holy wedlock and our young men far and near electrified with a desire of a little sport, assembled at our friends residence with tin pans, horns, bells, guns, etc. to welcome  MR. JARRET in his new sphere of life and have a general jollification.  After the boys made several rounds with their monotonous music, the boys concluded they were too fast or MR. JARRET was too slow.  Now which?

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