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Ava, Illinois Friday, June 5, 1891

Murry DEAN is visiting in Jackson, Mo.

Will DIVERS is acting polite to the young ladies.

Louis JENKINS, the Advertiser "devil" manages to keep moderately cool.

Our new street commissioner, Peter CARR, is putting the streets in first class shape.

Uncle Jesse ELMORE looks very dignified with the Policeman's star on his vest.

Mrs. Lydia REEDER accompanied by her daughter Daisy and son Charlie, passed a day or two in Ava this week returning home Wednesday.

Clint SHELDON eats lettuce.

Dr. HOPE is "mending" teeth.

Herb BRICKEY is the boss diver.

Dave ELMORE is the boss street worker.

Ed MEADS stands behind a black mustachios.

Master Harry BLACKBURN is visiting friends in Anna.

Uncle Geo. TOPE milks a cow early each morning.

Sam RUSSELL seems to have monopolized the shaving business.

Wm. TUCKER and his two children returned home Saturday.

Walt HARRIS is bound to go west in the near future.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BRETT are very cozily quartered at Stroh & Dannenbrinks.

Miss ROBINSON's music class is doing splendidly.

Everybody far and near attended Decoration Day exercises.

J. CONNOR rolled into Ava in time for Decoration Day.

Dr. ROSSON goes to the mines every morning.

Ben STROH makes milkshakes for pastime.

Eugene JONES is keeping batch.

Dr. DAVIS is blowing for St. Johns Day.

Jas. MILLER is troubled with sore eyes.

Joe KOEN is located in Auxovasse, Mo., and seems to like his location very well.

Don E. DETRICH says this is miserable weather for spring fever.

Miss Anna WILBARKE and brother are visiting at Neal DUNCAN's.

W. C. DEAN is looking more like President Harrison every day.

Miss Eliza ERWIN of Campbell Hill was in Ava Wednesday on a shopping expedition.

Mrs. Eugene JONES and little daughter Ina are visiting relatives in Murphysboro.

Mr. Roland HARRIS is visiting his son A. H. and daughter Mrs. A. J. KELLY.

Fish are dying in lower Kinkaid. Some of the boys have been swimming in the upper part of the creek.

Miss Ollie ROBINSON made a little visit in Murphysboro form Tuesday evening to Thursday morning.

Miss Mollie KNAUER returned home from Steeleville Wednesday where she had passed a few days visiting.

Rev. J. L. MEADS and Saml. KIRKPATRICK went fishing Tuesday on Kinkaid. They tramped eight miles and caught one poor unfortunate little fish. Better try Wednesday next week boys.

Chas. EDWARDS has moved his saloon into the lower part of WRIGHT's Opera Hall building which has recently been fitted up for that special purpose.

Jos. VILLARS has put a new floor into his building from which Chas. EDWARDS recently moved and is rigging it up preparatory to opening up a saloon of his own.

Mrs. J. C. LENTZ of Dongola is visiting her daughter Mrs. F. W. MEISENHEIMER. She is accompanied by her son Master Earl.

Dr. STONT who recently graduated from the Philadelphia Medical College is located permanently at Sato.

A few of the Ava boys went to Kinkaid for a bath Wednesday evening. All of the boys thought the hole of water was bottomless until the editor of the Advertiser waded in it.

Geo. O. DEAN has been afflicted for two weeks with paralysis of the right side of his face. It is hoped that it will soon come round alright again.

Clay and Charley BROWN have a hundred acre field of wheat which if no bad luck happens will make four thousand bushels of wheat or near that.

On last Friday, Mr. Frederick PHOENIX removed the body of his wife from Looney Springs Graveyard, where it had been laid a short time ago to the Ava Evergreen Cemetery.


Mr. Chas. BRETT and Miss May DAVIS, daughter of E. A. DAVIS, both of this place, were united in marriage last Sunday, May 31st, at the residence of Dr. C. C. GRIZZELL at Vergennes, Ill. Rev. J. L. MEADS officiating. Mr. Wm. BOWER and Miss Madie CRAIG were groomsman and bridesmaid. The party were accompanied to and from Vergennes by Mr. and Mrs. G. A. DEMPSTER.

June 12, 1891

Sam'l DOUGLAS and James SIMMONS are visiting at Baldwin.

Don E. DETRICH and wife and son Robbie are visiting in Steeleville.

Miss Nora DUFF returned home from Sato Wednesday. She was accompanied to Baldwin Thursday by her sisters, Clara and Anna.

It is reported that triplets, boys, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. QUALL on Saturday. Two were unfortunate in being so delicate that death took place Sunday.

"Jack" HENSON who has been employed by the M. & O RR as Newsboy on the Accommodation, has resigned and is now making quite a salary playing ball with the boys in Ava.

W. G. WAGNER has an orange tree in full bloom. It has formed and ripened fruit during the past year seems to be prepared to out do itself this year. It is beautiful and quite a curiosity to those who have never seen a real orange tree.

Uncle Sam'l DERRINGTON had a severe sick spell last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. GLORE spent the first part of the week visiting relatives in Ava.

Mr. John CHEATHAM of Murphysboro ran up to Ava Saturday, returning home Sunday.

Eeron WILSON and John CARUTHERS sold seven cattle to Murphysboro butchers Tuesday.

Dr. RITCHEY, the healing medium, will be in Ava on Saturday, Sunday and Monday next.

W. G. WAGNER's house looks quite gay in its new spring dress of pea green with dark green blinds and red trimmings.

Mr. BLETTES horse collar man is back at work again.

On last Saturday morning a young gentleman and lady put in an appearance at the residence of Sam'l CARUTHERS. Of course they were twins.

Valley HARRIS, Gus KELLY, Walter HUSBAND, Robbie DETRICH, Lee JOHNSON and Shirley GREGSON composed one set of enthusiastic base ballers.

Married - Mr. Richard GREGORY to Miss Georgia ELEM at the residence of Rev. C. W. EASTERLY, the Reverend EASTERLY himself officiating, on June 4th, 1891.

Late TAGGART, formerly of Campbell Hill, has taken up a permanent residence in Ava. He buys hogs, cattle, sheep, etc., and will on a pinch trade some in horse flesh.

Peter WAGNER, the twelve year old son of W. G. WAGNER, sports the finest bicycle of any boy in Jackson County. It is the Ajax ball bearing and is a beauty. Peter makes the speed.

On last Tuesday Henry SCHELLENGER was returning home to Sato from Dick YOUNG's, with a heavy load of lumber, accompanied by Frank, the seven year old son of Israel JONES, when the horses took a fright and giving a lunge threw the boy and SCHELLENGER off the wagon. The wheel passed over the boy's left arm crushing the elbow into pulp. Amputation may be necessary.


Geo. DAVIS was up Sunday from Murphysboro.

Miss May HODGE made a trip to Ava Tuesday.

The CLARK Bros. show was well attended here last Friday night.

Wm. BRADLEY, wife and daughter went to Ava Saturday for a short visit with friends.

Mr. P. P. BENNETT of Olmstead, Ill. spent from Friday until Monday visiting friends at this place.

Mrs. Elizabeth LIVELY of Campbell Hill who has been visiting her son Wm. LIVELY the past week returned home Tuesday.

Miss Jennie CREATH of Lincoln, Neb. arrived here last Friday for a couple of months visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Geo. CREATH.

Wesley COX was up from Murphysboro Monday. We will have him with us again this coming winter as he has been employed to teach our school this coming school year.

June 19, 1891

Campbell Hill Items (correspondence June 10th).

Born! Monday, June 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert CROCKER, a fine girl baby.

Dr. TOWNSEND has moved into the property vacated by Lacy TAGGART.

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel STEELE have a new girl at their house, born Tuesday.

Messrs LUTHER and WEDON are building a house for Walter KELLY.

J. J. TATUM has a position in the creamery now.

John BUTLER's little girl was quite sick this week.

N. C. CASH of Carbondale, was in town Wednesday representing GOELITZ Bros. of St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. Will GLORE spent part of this week visiting Rev. and Mrs. G. A. GORDON.

Robt. DETRICH of Ava spent a few hours here Monday.

J. L. TAGGART will ship a car load of stock next Monday.

Herman WERRE, formerly of Shiloh, but now representing Hirsch & Beadheim, ST. Louis, was here Wednesday of this week.

Miss Clara EDMUNDS visited at Ava Monday and Tuesday.

Campbell Hill...Later (Correspondence June 17th).

Benj. STROH spent a few hours in our town Monday.

Mr. H. PARKHILL has been very busy putting up machines for the last few days.

Jeffrey Bros. have a coal mine one mile north of town on Mr. WARD's land, and are now prepared to furnish coal at reasonable prices.

Mrs. J. H. MONTEITH, of Percy, mother of S. L. MONTEITH, our grain dealer, spent Saturday and Sunday in our town.

Rev. G. A. GORDON is assisting at a meeting at Creal Springs now.

Messrs. John and Hubert TOWNSEND, of Steeleville, spent Sunday here..

M. MOHLENBROCK spent the first of this week in St. Louis.

An Irish wedding in town Monday evening. Participators: Fred MYERS and Sam BARDMASS.

Mr. Eric MOHLENBROCK has returned from Carbondale, where he has been attending school.

A new girl to report this week at August REMCROFT's.

Mr. J. M. HANNA will take two boarders at reasonable terms.

Local News - Ava

Clara DUFF went to Bryden yesterday.

Mrs. Wm. JERNIGAN and Goldie are visiting in Ava.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph YATES, a daughter, on June 13th or 18th.

Mrs. PICKET of Chester is visiting her mother Mrs. BUTLER

On June 14th a daughter presented herself to Mr. and Mrs. Eli CARR.

Mrs. Kittie JOHNSON and Etta SPIEGEL Sundayed in the "Hub".

Miss Addie CRAIN of Murphysboro visited her many friends here one day this week.

Uncle Tommy WOODS after visiting a while in Murphysboro went to St. Louis Tuesday.

P. J. WAGNER is putting the finishing cost of paint on his new house which he built last fall.

Miss Cora KERN, of Elizaville, Ind., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. H. C. CURTIS. She will remain a few weeks.

An addition to the family of A. D. FENN in the person of a new girl baby was recorded on June 10th.

Mrs. Geo. O. DEAN, Fred, Stella and Mina went to St. Louis Tuesday to visit friends and relatives.

Uncle Jessie ELMORE is going to collect dog tax "anyhow."

Misses Etta HENSON and Dollie WILLIAMS returned home from St. Louis Saturday where they passed the spring months. Welcome back.

Mrs. W. GILBREATH has the most beautiful cactus we have ever seen.

Mrs. W. C. DEAN and little Bessie left Ava, Monday, for East St. Louis, where they will be joined by Miss Carrie who has spent the past year in the Seminary of Godfrey. The party will go from there to Texas where they will spend the summer visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. WAGNER went to Murphysboro Sunday. They were accompanied by Corinne CLENDINEN, son Peter and little Gertie and the young gentleman who lately put in his appearance and who was christened Wm. Edward WAGNER in the Catholic Church in Murphsboro Wednesday morning.

On last Wednesday, Dr. E. A. DAVIS, reached the forty-second milestone of his existence. Some of his friends arranged a surprise. They gathered very quietly at the residence of Mr. J. HUSBAND.

MARRIED - Mr. Wm. E. KNAUER and Miss Ollie MANOR were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David MANOR, three miles south west of Ava, on Wednesday, June 17th 1891 at 3 o'clock p.m., A. H. HARRIS, Esq. officiating.

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