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MARCH 6 1891


MRS. JACK NEACE(?) is very low at this writing

MR. LON GORDON was down from Campbell Hill Sunday.

MR. WM. GLORE of Shiloh Hill, paid Ava a short visit Sunday.

MR. LEE TESSIER of Denmark, spent Sunday and Monday in our village.

MISSES MOLLIE KNAUER and ADDIE PARRES paid a visit to friends in Oraville last Saturday.

MISS BERT TAGGART of Campbell Hill, called on Ava friends the latter part of last week.

HARRY GORDON, one of the Advertiser force, spent Saturday evening last in Campbell Hill.

MR. JOHN BENNETT, who is in the employ of the I. C. R. R., visited MR. WM. ROBERTS and family this week.

Tuesday night the Engine house and dump frame at the Bryden Mine burned down.  Considerable damage was done.

MISS KATE BLACKBURN, one of Ava's attractive young ladies, enjoyed the latter part of last week visiting friends in Campbell Hill.

MISS NORA LEWIS is visiting friends and relatives in Sparta.

MR. JOHN STEBBINS, who has been visiting relatives and friends here, returned to his work in St. Louis, Monday.  He was accompanied by his brother Charles.

March 1st, DRS. ROSSON and DAVIS performed a surgical operation upon the person of MRS. HEINES, removing dead portion of ninth rib, near it's attachment with the breast bone.


ELLA MCBRIDE walks with a firm and classic step now.

W. F. CROSS' kindest regards is in the Mississippi Bottom.

J. H. HASKINS started for his future home in Arkansas.

W. B. THOMPSON feels very jubilant...his school will soon be out, and those muddy roads will soon be something of the past.

CHARLES P. JONES looks so pleasing and good.  Something in the air we fear Charles?

We met SQUIRE JONES recently; didn't recognize him at first, his face was elongated, his lips protruded, said by a few inquisitorial of the change in his countenance, he exclaimed, "By jack, another girl (birth of daughter)!"

MARCH 13 1891

RICHARD THOMAS of Thomastown is seriously sick.

L. A. TAGGART, Campbell Hill's hustling stockman rode down Wednesday.

W. H. CHEATHAM has been suffering severely from heart trouble since last Sunday.

ARCHIE GRENEWALT, wheat buyer for M. MOHLENBROCK of Campbell Hill spent a short time in town Tuesday.

DR. DAVIS has been unable to attend to his practice a part of the week on account of ill health.

JOHN ELMORE, our genial fat man, who, having passed three years in the west, returned to his old home last December and has spent the winter here, started on his return to Idaho on Wednesday morning.  He will wait in St. Louis till today, when MR. MILLER, one of our coopers, will join him.  They will locate in Idaho just across the line from Washington.  Their Post Office will be Palouse City, Washington.  They go to stay probably several years.  We wish you all sort of good luck boys and that you may come back as soon as Ava takes a boom, which is not so far off.

MRS. WM. ROBERTS is seriously ill.

WM. DIVERS, went to Murphysboro Tuesday.

MADIE GILBREATH was confined to her bed the first of the week.

MRS. CHAS. BROWN, was in Ava the first of this week.

MR. FRED BROWN, wife and son, went to Murphysboro Tuesday.

MR. WM. GLORE, of Shiloh Hill was in town Tuesday and Wednesday.

MR. W. D. JOHNSON came down from Campbell Hill last Sunday.

MRS. JOHN FENN, of Murphysboro, visited her sister, MRS. WM. BRETT, this week.

GUSSIE KELLY, VALLEY HARRIS and ROBBIE DETRICH all had sore throats this week.  This is almost epidemic.

MR. BEN BISHOP, who is working at his trade of cigar maker in Murphysboro, came home Sunday last, remaining over till Monday.


B. F. STROH adorns the puny list.

REV. G. A. GORDON and wife have just returned home from a visit to the State Capital and other places in Central Illinois.

MARCH 20 1891

MR. KAESBACK's baby is sick.

JOHN HATFIELD is sick in bed.

MRS. JOHN CONNOR is reported sick.

MRS. SAMUEL BROWN is reported sick

NELLIE GILBREATH has malarial fever.

MRS. SAMUEL KIRKPATRICK was confined to her room again this week.

MRS. J. W. JACKSON will open a school for primary and intermediate grades on Monday, March 23, 1891,.  All pupils of third reader grade and below will be admitted.

MRS. GEO. A. DEMPSTER and MISS MAY DAVIS went to Campbell Hill Monday.

The arrival of the following five new young gentlemen is announced to us, and we greet them...unfortunately, the dates of birth were not given:  TO MR. AND MRS. FRANK RIEBLING, a boy, TO MR. AND MRS. WM. ROBERTS a boy, TO MR. AND MRS. JOHN CARRUTHERS, a boy, TO MR. AND MRS. JESSE ELMORE a boy, TO MR. AND MRS. SMITH, a boy.  This is not a very good week for boys either...can the Independent must five girls to match?


Since JOHN KORANDO has appointed WM. CHILDERS as guardian we have not seen MR. RICKLES in the bottom.  We suppose he is offended.

ROBT. KESSELL's geese are rather greedy, "By Jangs" they steal corn from the hogs or run over them and take it away from them.

JOHN VANOVER has moved to the MANNING place with his young bride.  He says he was tired of living alone.

WM. KORANDO is a spry young rooster.  He is putting up a saw mill on Nigger Ridge.

BROTHER DIXON had a siege of sickness, but after changing doctors and getting DR. MEYERS everything went well.

SAM BARDMASS has gone to Texas.  A young lady in these parts is weeping.  Cheer up, there are plenty of widowers and bachelors around the country.

GUS RIED has received three months payment for carrying the mail.  He will now redeem his farm.

F. J. RADDLE attended private prayer meeting at the TRIPP school house last Wednesday night a week ago.  After meeting just as F. J. was about to remark to a pretty young lady that "the moon give light the stars are bright...the nimrod from the big lake stepped in and walked away with her.  But it is reported that WILL was scared at a hoot owl coming home that night and Frank was so excited the next day that he made various mistakes in doing up goods.  Poor MIFFLIN and RADDLE.

RICHARD THOMAS is getting better.  He has had a hard time of it.

MRS. COX died Feb. 24th.  She leaves a husband and four little daughters to mourn her loss along with many other relatives.

JACOB TOPS and wife were baptized the 3d Sunday in February.  there are eleven more to be baptized soon.  Thomastown church is improving rapidly.  REV. JOHN HICKS the pastor is assisted by his brother the REV. RICHARD HICKS.

UNCLE TOM seems well pleased since DAVE and ANNIE moved out of his house.  there was not enough room for all three.  MR. WHITE is going to work for F. J. R. this summer at $26 a month, that is pretty good wages.

SICK LIST:  LITTLE FRANK BRUSH is very sick, but there is a prospect of his recovery, MR. COX and his little daughters KATIE and PEARL are all down.  MRS. HERNITZ is sick, MRS. RIED has heart disease.  There has been four deaths around here the last six weeks.


CHAS. LUTHER has purchased material to build a fine residence in town.

MRS. J. L. TAGGART is dangerously ill at this writing.

PINK THOMPSON has removed to Murphysboro.

PROF. FAGOR was in our midst last Sunday attending the Sunday School convention.

MR. W. H. BULL has again returned to the city where he is slinging the jack plane.


MRS. JAMES PRICKEY(?) is on the sick list.


R. A. MCCORD recently purchased FREEMAN KING'S farm west of town.

WESLEY COX and family moved to Murphysboro Monday.  We are sorry to lose them from our society.

FREEMAN KING purchased JOHN STRIGERS farm one mile west of town.

MRS. COTAVA KEANEY of Jonesboro returned home Monday after a short visit with relatives and friends.

MISSES IDA WILLIAMS and OLLIE BUTCHER went to Carbondale Tuesday, where they are having their eyes treated by DR. EDWARDS.

MR. HENRY COX left last Saturday for Cape Girardeau, MO where he will remain some time attending the Missouri State Normal at that place.

LUTHER BRADLEY steps high, smiles and says "it's a boy!".  Mother and child are doing well.

MRS. JOANNA HOLLIDAY received a message Tuesday calling her to Murphysboro to attend the funeral of her brother, JOSEPH WHIPKEY

R. A. MCCORD and family have moved into the ROBINSON property just vacated by MR. COX.

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