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MAY 29, 1891

Marriage license issued for two weeks, ending May 27, 1891.

Jesse WATSON, age 55 and Eliza GIBEANT, age 56.

Milas WINCHESTER, age 27 and Paralee CHAMPION, age 21.

Thomas WALKER, age 22 and Mary HEINES, age 20.

Ben ROBINSON, age 22 and Laura REEVE, age 17.

Samuel M. CROWELL, age 19 and Mattie J. BREWER, age 15.

Charles FULGHAM, age 23 and Daura BAME, age 16.

James BUTCHER, age 24 and Jerusha TYLER, age 14.

James W. GRIFFIN, age 22 and Harriet I. STACY, age 15.

James NORRIS, age 23 and Hattie COLLIS, age 20.

Fred J. MEYERS, age 23 and Letha HAGLER, age 24.

Thomas MASSE, age 22 and Nannie WORTHEN, age 17.

Irven J. RODDEN, age 18 and Mary A. BALEY, age 15.

Charles KRAUS, age 21 and Lizzie HOFFMAN, age 19.


Don't forget the festival tomorrow night.

Citizen's meeting tonight at Wright's Opera Hall.

Uncle Tommy WOODS returned home from St. Louis on Friday.

Mrs. John FENN returned home to Murphysboro Monday.

Mrs. Van BAGWELL of East St. Louis visited friends here on Sunday.

Mrs. Jos. BATES is visiting her mother near Murphysboro.

Mrs. Samuel CHEATHAM is in Murphysboro for a few days.

Captain BLACKBURN and son Joe, are passing a few days with his daughters in the Egyptian Chicago.

Rev. PELTON preached the Decoration sermon Sunday returning home Monday.

Mr. Fred'k PHOENIX and his daughter Miss Bessie, visited his daughter Mrs. Matt WRIGHT Saturday.

Lost - The plat of Evergreen Cemetery. Who ever has it will please return it to the party from whom they borrowed it.

Rev. J. L. MEADS, Fred'k PHOENIX and daughter Miss Bessie, Wm. SMITH and wife, Mrs. P. L. GORDON and little Nora, and Mrs. Wm. WEEDON, attended the May meeting at Campbell Hill Sunday.

Married - Mr. Thos. MASSEE to Miss Nannie WORTHEN at the residence of Mr. W. E. RUST on last Sunday at 2 p.m., Pleasant McBRIDE, Edq. officiating. Good luck be to you.

Murry WILLIAMS, who has been sick for the past year and a half and was thought to have consumption was mingling with old friends here yesterday. He looks like himself again and will soon be able to resume his former activity and jollity.

Bessie CHARTRAND is very ill at this writing.

Hilda BLETTE went to Waterloo Friday.

Jacob WAGNER was in Murphysboro Tuesday.

Jos. VILLARS returned from St. Louis Friday.

Frank REIBLING went to Columbia last Thursday.

J. M. WIEBUSH of Percy visited Neal DUNCAN Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon while we were out little Miss Effie HUSBAND deposited on our table a beautiful and large bouquet. Thank you Effie, we like everything that is pretty and especially flowers and little children.

Wm. C. DEAN returned yesterday from his trip to the National Presbytery at Detroit. He reports a splendid time and will doubtless be able to tell us of his experience next Sunday

In our last week's issue we saw fit to give a gentle hint that two of the boys were intoxicated and slept past the station when returning from Murphysboro. This we find to be a mistake, and take this method of exonerating the parties referred to, W. H. CHEATHAM and Jos. KOEN.


Mary McCLURE spent Sunday in Murphysboro.

R. A. McCORD made a business trip to Ava Monday.

Most of the strawberry pickers returned home Tuesday.

Miss Mirta ROLLINS of Murphysboro spent the latter part of last week visiting relatives in the country.

Frank IMHOFF shipped a car load of hogs to the National Stockyard East St. Louis Monday.

Mrs. R. A. McCORD spent the latter part of last week visiting relatives and friends in Murphysboro.

John JOUBART and Edna BRADLEY attended the May meeting at Campbell Hill last Sunday.

Miss Lulu JENKINS of Ava was the guest of her cousin Miss Dollie JENKINS last Saturday and Sunday.


Mr. H. STERNBERG was in our part of the country last week soliciting orders for the Harrison Machine Works.

Born, on Tuesday May 19th, a boy to Mr. and Mrs. August NAGLE.

M. A. DENNIS and son, Alan, spent Saturday and Sunday here.

Mr. W. H. McLAIN and daughter Estella and G. P. LOONEY took a trip to Franklin county on Thursday and returned home Monday.

Mr. J. PARKHILL has taken some nice carp from his pond recently.

Aunt Polly HOLMAN died on Monday 25th, after an illness of about three months, was buried at Millcreek Cemetery Tuesday 26th at 11 o'clock a. m.


Mr. SIMER and family, of Sparta, visited relatives here Sunday.

Mrs. P. L. GORDON, of Ava, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. WEEDEN.

Rev. J. W. McMILLAN has returned from DeSoto, where he has been holding a meeting.

Our school board met last week and employed the following named teachers for the ensuing year: Principal, Prof. RUDE; first assistant, Miss Mary RICE of Perry County; and second assistant, Miss Anna CLENDINEN.

Mr. J. R. WEEDEN has a position as teacher of the Elkville school the coming term.

County sup't. BRYAN holds an examination for teachers certificate here tomorrow (Thursday).

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert TOWNSEND, of Steeleville, visited their brother, the doctor, here Thursday.

Miss Bertie TAGGART left last Sunday for California. She accompanied the family of Dr. WHITTINGTON.

Mr. and Mrs. Ora GORDON, of St. Louis, visited relatives here Sunday.

Mrs. Frank HALL and son Sam together with Mr. Frank MASON and Miss Sena MILLER, all of DuQuoin are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. J. TATUM.

Rev. J. L. MEAD preached Saturday night, Rev. H. S. GORDON Sunday a.m. and Rev. G. A. GORDON Sunday p.m.

The ladies of Ava came up last Friday and reorganized a W. C. T. U. association at this place. Officers elected: President, Mrs. J. C. THOMPSON; Secretary, Mrs. J. M. HANNA; Treasurer, Mrs. J. J. TATUM, Association will meet at the church, Thursday at 2 p.m.

Judges SWARTZ and ROBARTS were in town Tuesday eve shaking hands with the boys.

Mr. and Mrs. Cye BARDMASS are in receipt of a fine boy baby, who made his arrival this week.

Mrs. J. W. McMILLAN has been quite sick but is now better. She was attended by Dr. DEAN during her illness.

Miss Clara EDMUNDS, foster daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. GORDON has returned home after an absence of two years or more.

James and Silas HALL have purchased a new steam thresher and are preparing for wheat threshing in great shape.

Mr. Lacy TAGGART moved from here to Ava last Wednesday. Lacy was an active businessman and we always regret to have such men lave us. His father, J. L. TAGGART will continue to buy and ship live stock.

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