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William Bagley and Casandra Denning was married July the 15th A D 1852

Ann Eliz. Denning and William Roberts was married March 13th A D 1856

Reuben Hiser & Eldora N Bagley was married on January the nineteenth A D 1871

Henry T.? Williamson & Emma G Bagley was married February the twenty second A D 1880

Benoni A Bagley and Addie R Mason was married January 1st A D 1885

Irman? Whisler and Lydia Bagley was married September the 12th A D 1886

R B Walter Bagley was born April fourth 4 A D 1887


William Bagley was Borne August 2_ A. D. 1828

Cassandra Bagley was Borne August the 27th A. D. 1855

Eldora Neoma Bagley was borne December the 13 A D 1854

Lydia A Bagley was Born March the 7th A. D. 1858

Binnonia Adicus Bagley was Borne August the 20th A. D. 1860

Emma Getta Bagley was born December the 28th A. D. 1862

Minnie Eulala Bagley was Borne January the 16th A D 1864?

Ann E Denning was Borne May the 13th A D 1839

Josuah B. Denning was Borne January the 1st A D 1842

Priscila Elizabeth Bagley was born February the first A D 1869

Augusta Mab__? Bagley was Born July the 23rd A D 1875

Casandra Bagley Jr was born Nov 20, 1885

Rezben ? Couman Williamson was born June the 14, 1886

L?annie Prabt? Hiser born December?

John R Bagley's daughter Margaret Catherine Bagley was Borne January 23rd of AA D 1856

Cornelius Bagley Son of John and Mary Bagley was Born August the 16th A D 1857

Rufus Bagley was Borne June the 20th A D 1859

Delaria Alice Bagley was born June the 3rd A D 1861

Mary Bagley daughter of John R and Mary Bagley was born April the 26 A D 1863

Martha? Florence Williamson was born April 14enth 1864

Marion Hiser was born the 15th of February

Joseph P Hiser was born May the 2enth A D

Sydiney P Hiser was Born January the 25 A D 1878

William Jessy Williamson was born November the 28 A D 1880

Lydia Mary Hiser was born September the 23 A D 1881

Laura Edna Williamson was born November 20th A D 1882

Dilard Bennan Hiser was born June 17th 1889?


Ann Eliz Roberts departed this life August 17th in the years of our Lord 1856

Josiah B Denning Departed ths life August A D 1864 in Andersonville a prisoner of War

Minnie Eulaha Bagley Departed this life February the 26 twenty sixth 1881 Death caused by measles

_____? Irvin Whisler died Jan 31st 1896

Mary Bagley wife of John R Bagley and daughter of David and Susan Sorrels Departed this life the first day of May A D 1863

John R. Bagley Departed this life March the 23rd A D 1873

Delarah Alice Bagley Daughter of Mary & John R Bagley departed this life October the 25th A D 1865

Joseph P Hiser Departed this life December the 29th 1876 aged 9 months and 21 day

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