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Barton's Free Press 1882

7 January

Last Wednesday Dave GURLEY a young man living east of Makanda borrowed a gun and accompanied by his dog, went rabbit hunting.  The dog came back about sundown.  The young man was found Thursday morning about 3/4 of a mile from Makanda.  He supposedly sat down on a stump to rest, the gun slipped down the hill in front of him, discharging it's contents into his abdomen, killing him instantly.  He had borrowed the gun from Jay ZIMMERMAN.  Dave was about 18 years old.

John T. CROWTHER, aged 65(?)years, died 31 December 1881 at his residence in this city.  He came to this county from PA some 15 years ago and was a master mechanic at Mt. Carbon company.

Frank J. MONGER committed suicide the Monday following Christmas in KS. He walked out to the country and shot himself.

Charles ST. CLAIR was accidentally shot while hunting near Frankfort with Dr. RAY and his son.  Dr. RAY accidentally shot his son and Chas. ST. CLAIR.  It is hoped ST. CLAIR will recover with the loss of his left.

The case of the people vs. John H. POTTS for the murder of Kelly DAVIS at this place last October was called on Tuesday and a jury secured at 4 o' clock.

14 January

A child was born in Chester prison a few days since, the mother was sent from Johnson County two or three months ago.  The child is of the feminine gender.

John H. POTTS is not guilty of murder.***more news on Mr. Potts later in the year.

21 January

A brand new daughter came to Mr. and Mrs.. Theo W. THOMPSON of Makanda Saturday morning.

James M. DEAN, Esq., late resident of Ava, died at Laclede Hotel in Murphysboro Tuesday night.  He did not appear for breakfast so he was sought in his room and found dead.  He was nearly 75 years old.

Joseph BIRNEY, a miner and John HESSON, a driver, were killed at Harrison Mines near Murphysboro by a fall of coal.  BIRNEY leaves a wife and two or three children, he was about 38 years old.  HESSON was single and about 21 years old.

Zella, daughter of Sam T. BRUSH, Esq., died at the residence of her father Saturday last in her sixteenth year of age.  She was a patient sufferer for eight years after she was attacked by spinal meningitis and lost her sight three or four years ago.

Dr. O'HARA gives this report from the county farm:  Ed HARRIS aged about 35 years was found dead in bed the morning of the 1st of December.  He was sent from Carbondale about a week before his death and was a stranger coming from Edwards County, the doctor thinks.  Also, a German, name unknown, about 40 years old, died on the 16th instant, came from Fountain Bluff. About a week before his death, he gave Mrs. SEDCRIEST(?) sixteen dollars for his funeral expenses.  Jacob DODDS, aged 48 years, died on the 23rd instant, his body was sent to DeSoto for burial.  It was received at that place by his brother who took it away behind a team of horses worth two hundred and fifty dollars.

28 January

Romance among the lowly - A romantic marriage took place in our little city on the 17th instant, the contracting parties being two worthy colored people.  Wm. OFFIT of Cobden and Mrs. Mahala Ann MCKERNEY.  Twenty two years ago, way down in the old state of Arkansas, this same couple joined hands and were made one.  They lived together two years and children were born to them.  In the fall of 1860, William was kidnapped and carried into Mississippi and kept within the rebel lines until the close of the war.  Hearing from his wife in 1874, he came north from Tennessee to Carbondale to reclaim her.  She, during this time, had left the south, and thinking that her husband was lost to her, married again and settled down to a quiet life in this place.  so when William reached here it was to find her the wife of another.  He then made his home in Cobden, plied his trade, and after a while, married a young girl of this place, the daughter of the late Edmund GAINES.  His wife lived but a year.  A few months later, the second husband of his first wife (Wyatt MCKERNEY) died.  Mrs. OFFIT was well known and highly respected among all classes of people.  And now, after reading the above, will not all pronounce it a romance in real life, especially after it is known to them that Mr. OFFIT is a thrifty, sober and industrious man, and a property owner?  For some of the above facts, we are indebted to the Cobden correspondent of the Jonesboro Gazette.

25 February

Mrs. Sarah Ann TYGET, wife of Hugh TYGET, Jr., died at the residence, near Zion Church, Makanda Township, Tuesday last, aged about twenty-five years.  She was a member of the M. E. Church the last six years.  The funeral was preached by Rev. J. J. MAXEY Wednesday.  Those who remain to follow her to the grave are her husband and two young children.

Charley ST. CLAIR taken to St. Louis last week for treatment of his gun shot wound.  Little encouragement for recovery of his sight and he is now, no doubt, hopelessly blind.  Such a misfortune for one so young and full of promise.

11 March

Shocking case of wife beating, if not murder!  At Sparta one day last week, Frank RAYBOURN beat his wife with an iron poker.  He life is despaired of.  Both arms are broken in vain attempt to ward off blows and her head is terribly bruised and lacerated.  He was captured.

Sunday night last, Mrs. Alexander MILLER, formerly Miss Ella OWEN, living some two miles west of Makanda, carrying a lighted lamp from one part of the room to another, dropped the lamp, setting her clothes on fire.  Those present tried to help but she ran out of doors.  She lived in the most fearful agony until death relieved her Tuesday evening.  She leaves a babe.

C. M. EDWARDS, Esq., died at his residence in Marion last Sunday.

Mr. Monroe KERSTEINE, a merchant at Ashley, Ill., was married in the ladies parlor of the Lindell Hotel, St. Louis, last Tuesday to Miss Annie BRUNN, of Murphysboro, Ill, by the Rev. Dr. MESSING of the United Hebrew Church.

25 March

Belton L. MAHAFFEY, who for some eight or nine years made his home here, was killed in Eldorado on the Wabash railroad last Sunday morning.  He was a brakeman, and was in the caboose when it jumped the track, throwing him in front of the wheels which cut him in two.  His parents moved to Cairo some months ago.  He was married about two months before his death.  He will be buried at New Cemetery here on Monday.  The railroad furnished a free train for the body and friends.

1 April

We are deeply pained to learn of the death of Nellie, a sweet and intelligent little girl of six years, the daughter of George W. HILL, Esq., of Murphysboro.

Samuel GRINDSTAFF, in a Joliet prison for eleven years and three months for killing his wife's stepfather, was pardoned and returned to Hardin County.

Died March 28 at her residence at Jonesboro, Mrs. Catherine DOUGHERTY, age 74.  She was buried at Jonesboro Cemetery beside her husband, Ex Lieut. Governor, John DOUGHERTY.

8 April

Some time ago, Jennie MASON, eight years old, was attending school at Coulterville and engaged in a contest of jumping rope.  She jumped 100 times without stopping.  The effort was too much and she know lies at the point of death, having ruptured one of the valves in her heart.

15 April

Capt. John C. WHITE, late of Cairo, died at Chester last Sunday.

A girl of about twelve years old named SANDERS was killed in the north bound freight track near Makanda last Sunday.  She was not of sound mind and had strayed away from home before and had not been found.  This time she was found lying on the track in a completely nude state.

A little son of Daniel HOGAN of Mound City was given a bottle containing nitric acid to play with on Wednesday evening of last week.  He pulled the cork out and took a pull.  Medical help was summoned and his life was saved, but it was a close call.

Abram P. PUGH, of Murphysboro, died Thursday afternoon at 5 o'clock, aged 37 years.  The disease he had was of a pneumonial character.  He had suffered for years of disease of the throat and lungs.  Mr. PUGH was born in Wales and came to this country as a child, was a poor, friendless boy.  He graduated from law college at Ann Arbor, MI about 1870 and immediately after began practice at Murphysboro.  He enlisted in the 15th Regt. Ill. Cav.  He was also elected State's Attorney in Jackson County in 1872, and was defeated in 1876 for County Judge.  He was appointed Master in Chancery last summer.  He was buried in Murphysboro Cemetery.

22 April

Sam HAZEL, who brutally whipped to death a little girl named Mollie DALTON at the home of her mother in the southeast portion of Union Co. last fall, was brought to Jonesboro Sunday by officers.  He had been recognized at Poplar Bluff, Mo by a former resident of Dongola.

29 April

During the preparation for the burial of Mr. John W. YOST on Monday at the Kennedy burying grounds, a few miles east of Nashville, it was thought by some that perhaps his life was not extinct, because during the services at Beaucoup Church the face of the deceased was covered with drops of perspiration.  As a measure of precaution, the body was not buried, but brought to the house of Mr. JACK, in Nashville, and there kept until the following day.  Doctors HENRY(?) and TROUT applied an electric battery but they detected no signs of life.  A thorough examination was made by those competent to judge, and all doubts were removed as to the death of Mr. YOST.  As is always the case at such times, there were all kinds of rumors afloat which, being traced up, had no foundation in fact.  The appearance of the body was such as is sometimes seen after sudden death where the person had been in general good health, and the physicians had no doubt in their minds as to the reality of death in this case.  Mr. YOST was buried on Tuesday by the side of his first wife, who was the daughter of the late Dempsey KENNEDY.  Nashville Journal.

Chester, Ill, Apr 27 - W. C. DOWELL, purchasing agent of the Southern Illinois penitentiary was stabbed fourteen times by a colored convict named George THOMPSON.  Hope is expressed for his recovery.

13 May

Died at his residence in this city Saturday, May 6, 1882, William DEASON, aged 50 years.  He was born in this country on a farm near this city, six years ago moved to Carbondale and engaged in the livery business and as a butcher, also a member of the Knights of Honor and Mutual Aid societies.  He leaves a wife and quite a family of children.

27 May

Six culprits from Williamson County passed through the city yesterday, destined for the Chester prison.  Among them was old man BOREN, and CONNER, who killed METZGAR.

I am selling choice Buckwheat flour for $3.50 per 100 pounds and pure Maple syrup for $1 per gallon.  T. T. DAVIS.

3 June

A brakeman named HOBBS was killed while coupling cars at Elkville on Friday last week.  His residence was Centralia.

Wesley COUNCIL, saloon keeper at Carterville, drank two ounces of laudanum last Sunday evening...about forty years old, married and in good financial condition.

Charles BRATTON and Alfred BRIDGES, two young men from Vienna, had been to Stonefort last Monday evening.  For some reason they were put off the train and it is supposed that they both went to sleep on or close to the railroad tracks and another train ran over them, killing BRATTON and seriously injuring BRIDGES ...both have relatives here.

Died at her parent's residence in Carterville Friday 26 may, 1882, Lena, daughter of T. C. and Emma WHITE.

10 June

A few days since we were let into a secret that has been kept close for nearly four years.  Many will recollect one JEFFRIES, or as he was more popularly known, "Davis Jefferson".  He was drum major in the old 18th regiment, and after the close of the war, married Mrs. Allie MURPHY, daughter of Mrs. BRANCH, who kept hotel here until about 1867.  For some reason, JEFFERSON and his wife separated, and afterwards, Mrs. JEFFERSON was supposed to be married to a man named SPENCER.  It was given out that SPENCER badly used the woman.  This report reached JEFFERSON's ears, he took summary vengeance upon SPENCER by shooting him dead in some town in Missouri.  Jefferson was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to a term of twelve years service in the Missouri penitentiary at Jefferson City.  He had not yet served a year when he made his escape.  He was engaged as a carpenter on a public building and was not closely watched.  Procuring a suit of citizen's clothing, he donned it and boldly walked out to freedom.  He made his way to Murphysboro, where he remained several weeks.  He visited this city, and had an interview with one or more prominent citizens whom he hoped to enlist in procuring his pardon.  he went from here to Springfield, where he sought to procure the influence of Gen. John A. MCCLERNAND to the same end.  He was unsuccessful, however, and left the country.  JEFFERSON was well liked, while SPENCER was universally despised, therefore the secret of the escape from prison was safely kept during all these years.  His present whereabouts may be known to his friends, but will never be given to the authorities.  We believe Mrs. SPENCER JEFFRIES MURPHY is at the present with her mother in Hot Springs, Ark.

24 June

The wife of Rev. Mr. HOUSE, pastor of the M. E. Church, Murphysboro, died suddenly last Sunday.  About fifty years of age, her remains were taken to Richview for burial.

Alonzo GLORE, former resident of this place, died in Los Angeles, Cal. on the 9th inst.  A few months ago he visited his old home.  His home was in Texas, but after the death of his wife, less than one year ago, he took his children and went to live with his mother in Los Angeles.

Rev. J. P. DAVIS, resident of this city a number of years, died on the 15th at Chillicothe, this state, leaves a wife and three children.  He was in his 69th year of life.

During the storm Saturday, Cyrus POULSON, living at Beech Ridge, Pulaski County, was crushed to death by a falling tree.

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