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Barton Free Press 1882

1 July

Hattie, little daughter of H. E. and Emma LIGHTFOOT, aged twenty one months, died Wednesday after an illness of three weeks.

Sam REDDEN, the negro who murdered ZIMMERMAN at Mounds Junction some two or three years ago was sentenced to hang in that place the 15th of December, 1882.

Dr. Heber ROBARTS very skillfully removed a small tumor from the face of Dr. AITHISON last Tuesday.

John BULLINER, sentenced to the pen for 25 years for the murder of George W. SISNEY, was pardoned by Gov. CULLOM on Saturday last...8 July 1882

A young man named HORSTMAN was injured on an excursion train on St. Louis Coal Railroad, near Beaucoup on the fourth.  The car ran off track and turned over, both his legs were broken at the thigh and his spine was severely injured besides other severe hurts.  It is thought the injuries are fatal...8 July

15 July

Died at Carbondale, 11 Jul 1882, Mary A PRAY, in the 82nd year of her age, buried in City Cemetery.  She was born in Philadelphia, married her husband there.  They celebrated their 60th anniversary on the 16th of June, last.  She was the mother of eight children, all of whom survive.

22 July

Anderson(?) JONES who recently killed a man in a saloon in Jonesboro, was himself killed last Monday by a runaway team.

Mrs. Mary A. PRAY was the wife of Michael PRAY.

Died at the home of her parents in Stockton, MO, Carrie MORGAN, aged fifteen years, born Carbondale, came to Stockton with her parents about a year ago.

Frank MCCULLOUGH was killed in Champaign on Tuesday trying to board a train. He had lived there two years, working in the Post Office.  He was born in Carbondale in 1861, his father served in the 81st Illinois Infantry, died Montgomery, Alabama of disease while on return at the close of the war.  Mrs. MCCULLOUGH did not know of his death until his comrades returned to Carbondale.  She had prepared a reception for him.  Frank MCCULLOUGH was engaged to Clara WALKER, daughter of Rev. S. WALKER and the marriage date was only a few months in the future.  His remains were brought to Carbondale.

5 August

Thursday, an eighteen month old child of Mr. BAIN of South Wa (?) st Street, fell into a cistern 21 feet deep.  The cistern had just been cleaned out and the top left uncovered.  There was about 18 inches of water in the cistern.  The child was not much hurt.

12 August

Died at the residence of his parents on 28 July 1882, John D., son of Rev. J. H. and Clarinda CULLEY, aged 14 year.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. BOYD they have a pair, a boy and a girl.

Charley BOYD of Manhatten, Kansas visited old friends earlier in the week.

19 August

Capt. George W. GODDARD of Marion, fell dead on the street there on Thursday afternoon.  He was in apparently good health and was on his way to perform a marriage ceremony.  He received a severe wound in one of the battles of the late war, from which he never recovered.

26 August

Married at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. T. JENKINS, Grand Tower, Ill., August 21, 1882, by Rev. James G. BUTLER, Mr. James DRYDEN of Perry County, MO and Miss Julia E. ABELL(?) of Grand Tower.

Mrs. Mary Frances HULL, wife of Prof. John HULL of Southern Illinois Normal, died 19 August 1882.  She was born in Bloomington, IL, 3 Jun 1841 and was the only child spared beyond infancy to her parents, Amasa C. and Ann WASHBURN.  She graduated from Northern Illinois Normal in 1860, taught one year, married on 3 Apr 1862, had three children, two are left with their father.  She died of consumption, and at her bedside were her aged parents, husband and two daughters.  She was united with Visible Church of Christ at age twelve and a half.  The funeral was at the residence Monday.

2 September

A nine pound daughter was born last Monday to Mr. and Mrs. G. L. BOWYER.

Jennetta, daughter of Charles KIRKHAM, died the 18th, age of about 3 years old.  This is the second time death has entered their door and two little ones have gone before them.

Early in the month of May, last, Fred SELGAR killed John ERHART.  They were neighbors living in the north part of the county.  Horses belonging to ERHART got in SELGAR's enclosure, the latter had driven them out and across Little Muddy creek.  ERHART came to SELGAR's place to see about it, and SELGAR struck him over the head with a heavy club.  SELGAR was sentenced on Wednesday to hang.

9 September

Mr. Edward BURBANK desires us to return his thanks to his neighbors who were so kind to his wife during her sickness and who rendered such timely assistance after her death.  (found elsewhere) Emma BURBANK wife of Albert, died last Sunday of consumption, aged 28 years, 7 months, leaves a husband and 3 children.  She was buried in New Cemetery.

There is, in the south wall of the Normal building, a jug of whiskey, bricklayers brought it from Murphysboro and FINNEGAN, the boss of the brick work, slipped it away and walled it in.  It will probably be quite aged when it is brought to the light again.

Rev. J. C. GILLILAND of Cobden, lost a daughter a few weeks ago, a bright and promising young lady.  His wife also died on the 31st ?.

Oliver T. PRICKETT died suddenly Thursday in St. Louis, body brought here.

Calvin W. HOPPER, colored, was killed last Sunday after an attempt to arrest him.  City Marshal, A. D. HUNDMAN, his father, Elias HINDMAN, his brother Marion HINDMAN, his brother in law John DAVIS and D. A. CONNELL, a printer in the Free Press Office were arrested.  HOPPER tried to help his friend Henry WOODWARD, who was being arrested.  William HOPPER is Calvin's father.

16 September

Lieut. H. T. REED returned to us after his summer's vacation with a brand new wife, a fair specimen of Hoosier loveliness, grace, intelligence and goodness.  Miss Sallie E. FERGUSON, daughter of Clem FERGUSON, Esq., of Indianapolis.  The ceremony took place there on the 5th instant.

23 September

Fannie, infant daughter of George and Fannie ROSS, died at her parent's residence in Benton, on Wednesday.

Ben L. WASHBURN, of Carterville married Miss Ella SPILLER of Marion on Wednesday evening, last week.  She is the daughter of Elijah SPILLER, Esq., formerly of this place.

Dollie, three year old daughter of W. H. and M. R. WOODWARD died Wednesday.  Mr. WOODWARD was in Chicago.

Married Tuesday evening at the residence of the bride's aunt, Mrs. DOUGLAS, of Jonesboro, Will E. TOLER of Anna and Miss Annie JOHNSON of Jonesboro.

30 September

Dr. O'HARA on Monday, received word of the death of his aged father near Kingston, Canada.  The old gentleman had reached the age of eighty five years.

Annie Bouton, age 7 years, daughter of Dr. F. M. and Hattie E. AGNEW died at the home of her parents near Makanda Saturday of diphtheria.

Mrs. KINDORF informs us the population of Carbondale was increased three during last week.  On Wednesday, a boy was born to Mr.. and Mrs. J. H. FINNEGAN, on Friday a girl to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HARVEY and on Saturday, a boy to Mr. and Mrs. E. MICHELS.

7 October

Married at the residence of Isaac KIMMEL, Esq., Elkville on Wednesday, October 4, 1882, by Rev. S. WALKER, Mr. Isaac DILLINGER and Miss Mollie KIMMEL.

28 October

Died, on Wednesday, October 25, 1882, Bessie, infant daughter of John H. and Joanna BARTON.

Two weeks ago today, in Williamson County, Southern Precinct, Anderson THETFORD cut Richard GASH in a horrible manner.  THETFORD was not arrested yet.  GASH is still living.  Friday of last week, near Western Saratoga, Union County, George HOUSE stabbed and killed Steven MALLATESTA.  HOUSE had separated from his wife and was in the act of forcibly taking away his babe.  MALLATESTA, a brother in law of the wife to recover her child.  Last Tuesday at Mt. Carbon, Joseph ROWAN and his brother in law, Samuel TWEEDY, living near Makanda, were returning from Murphysboro with a wagon load of empty barrels to be used for cider.  Both men were drinking. David HAGLER began to taunt them because they had lost a barrel.  A fight broke out between ROWAN and HAGLER, HAGLER received four serious wounds in the side, neck and breast.

4 November

Mrs. Mattie ROBINSON, wife of Thomas, died last Thursday morning.

Mr. N. B. CALVERT, old and respected citizen of Marion, died Thursday.  Some ten or twelve days ago he was thrown from his buggy and sustained injuries that caused his death.

We hear the report that the murderer POTTS who killed Kelly DAVIS at the fair grounds a year ago, was recently hung by vigilantes somewhere in Arkansas.  It is said he has killed three men since the DAVIS murder.

11 November

Mr. John GILL of Murphysboro is suffering from softening of the brain, his condition is hopeless.

Sam T. BRUSH and Miss Jennie CANDEE were united in marriage Wednesday in Galesburg.

25 November

Thomas COFFEY, colored barber in employ of George PASCHAL, living in the east part of town, died Wednesday.  He had just brought an armload of stove wood when he fell over in a spasm and was placed in bed.  He died within a few minutes and leaves an invalid wife and one child.

2 December

Died Wednesday at the residence of her parents in this city, Carrie, daughter of Charles and Mattie DEASON, aged 3 years.

Married 30 November at the residence of Aug. KINDORFF, by Rev. S. WALER, Mr. John CHAPMAN and Miss Maggie KIEDEL.  Mr. CHAPMAN is a locomotive engineer.  The ceremony was at the home of the bride's parents(?).

9 December

An old man named John KELLY committed suicide in Cairo last Tuesday by throwing himself in front of a moving train.  He was a resident of Cairo for two years.

In Circuit Court at Vienna last week, Rosetta CALLAHAN and Matilda HITCHCOCK were found guilty of infanticide and sentenced to the penitentiary for 14 years.  The first named mother of the child and the last the grandmother, the latter being seventy years of age.

Last Saturday, 2 brothers named James and John PEAIRL (PEARL) were rehearsing for an exhibition at Makanda, the scene being that of a bank robbery.  The gun that was used had one bullet in the chamber.  James shot his brother in the head.  Death ensued in a few hours.

16 December

Joseph BURLESON and his wife Amanda, both had their throats cut with a razor.  He said she did it, she said he did it...from the Chester Clarion.

Capt. David CROCKETT, grandson of Col. Davy CROCKETT, was incarcerated in Chester penitentiary recently, convicted and sentenced for 5 years for counterfeiting.  He lived in Mississippi County, MO at the time he was captured and is said to be well off.

Rev. J. R. WINCHESTER (Uncle Russell), died at his residence Thursday night, about 70 years old.  Burial at the family burying ground.

23 December

Mrs. Catharine INGERSOLL, mother of Mayor INGERSOLL, died at her late residence Thursday evening, aged 75 years.

A colored girl named Martha ALEXANDER gave birth Monday morning to an illegitimate child in an outhouse connected with the residence of Mr. Collins WILSON.  At that time, Mrs. WILSON was lying as a corpse.  The girl was found in the smokehouse and she finally acknowledged the child was in the vault of the outhouse, where it was found dead...(found elsewhere in the paper) Mrs. WILSON, colored, was 50 years old.

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