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Allyn, Robert Birth date 25 Jan 1817 Ledyard, New London, CT 1878 HX
  Death date    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 18 Nov 1841  
Denison, Emeline H Birth date  in Coleraine, MA  
  Death date 1841/45  
  Marriage date 22 Jun 1845  
Budington, Mary B Birth date in Leyden, MA  
  Death Date    


Children 2 children from 1st marriage
NOTES Went to Bacon Academy in Colchester, winter 1834-5 taught in East Lyme, 1836 in Bozrah
  1837 went to Weslyan University at Middletown, CT, graduated in 1841 taught math at Wilbraham Academy
  went to Providence Conference of ME Church and went to Colchester, CT for 2 years, in 1845 in Thompsoncille, CT
  President of SINU in 1874

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